I am not a practitioner of voudou by any means. But I have discovered a profound respect for the Lwa. It is my misfortune that I live in a predominantly Christian part of the United States and have little contact with different cultures. This leaves my access to information fairly limited and this is very disheartening. What little I have been able to glean about the Lwa and the Ghede family in particular has come from wikipedia. Wikipedia is not a bad source for information but it can be incorrect and the information presented on Voudou is sparse so I came here to make a heartfelt request. If you are a practitioner of voudou, a follower, even if you have more information than wikipedia can provide I would love to talk with you. I do wish to learn more about the Ghede, all of them, and the Lwa too. If you can help me at all, I beseech you message me or leave a comment here.

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There is a wonderful site that I spend lots of time on that I found from here called Planet Voodoo.
The focus is on New Orleans style Hoodoo/Voodoo but there are many traditional Vodou practitioners as well as many of the other ATRs. and there is deff alot of info, discussion on the Lwa/Loa the Ghede family and many wonderful things. It is a very welcoming place as well. here is the link if you have any trouble with it please message me, I would feel blessed to help you.
AHh, YES THE GHEDE THEY are quite a fascinatating bunch literally there are thousands upon thousands everyone who wroks in vodou must serve 2 lwas and that is papa legba and ghede casue it is said each person has a ghede or more than one ghede lwa with them, they are fun, can be a bit hard to control, not for the faint of heart, they are natrual clowns., they colors are purple, black and white, number 9, saints often kept on altars to them are saint gerard or saint expedite although the latter is most used to rep ghede in dominican vodou. They like offerings of candies, rum, cigArs, candles( white or purple), black beans and rice cooked with no rice, black coffee( plain) or with sugar, un salted peanuts, to name a few most of the ghede are male however they do have some female ones, they are very sexual spirits and often at fets when they come down and possess someone they dance very sexually suggestive, oftne taken a cane and placing in area of their crocth and go around brushing it against people, like i said not for the faint of heart, they are known too to like to go after prudish folks and they well tell everyone their secrets form their bedroom, for all the wild party animal actvity that is usually presetn when they come down and possess a person, they give true advice, are great healers it is said if someone is low sick and a appeal is made to ghede and he accpets the perosn will not die, they are known for fertlity matters too being good for, they love children too, but one must still hold in mind these are spirts of the cemetery and some caution is in order when wroking with them not soo much from them but when calling/working with them at times there are trickster spirits with sinister intents that sometimes come in, so its good idea to cleanse your area in your home where you invoke them, be it incense, florida water, sage, etc,, holy water.....
They in appearence are known for wearing sunglasses with one lens poked out, oftne on shrines to them you will see those present, they love to cuss, talk about sex, and joke around BUT are known to when you really need their help/advice to be some spirts you can count on.
The ghede differ form some other lwas in that they were all once humans who when died were claimed by the baron and his wife mama brigette to be their children henceforth they beocme ghede lwa.Many of the other lwas DO NOT and should not be kept near them at all in partciular ezili freda and danbala keep any shrine you have to ghede far as possible from freda or danabal and to be honset any of the other lwas the ghede can be more than an abudant handful to deal with and quite rude, crude, and nosiy and many other lwas find that irritatating at times.
They dress in black tuxedos typically with white shirts , and a black top hat, veyr much like the appearcne their father The Baron gives. when you work with them pay attention to dreams or mediatations where you see people looking like that appearing if so they havbe made your aquitance...they dont like salt so dont add any salt to any food you leave for them.
heres another good site

Well that was incredibly informative and I did learn a few new things. I guess I had never realized that there were thousand of Ghede, I was thinking more like thirty or fourty, it's no wonder I couldn't find more information on anyone specific. Still I should add that I would like to know more about a members of the Ghede family such as Ghede Nibo and anyone else you all have had business with.
Also when feeding them food.drink you leave the offerings one day/overnight and then dispose of many throw by some bushes away from their home or you cna bring it to the cemtery their natural, the pic is the table i set up when doing a service to them their favoured day are said to be saturday or mondays

Nice Ghede altar!
That is wonderful...



This might help, too.... the Ghede service section of my teaching blog (DONT limit yourself to just the ghede or things will become... unbalanced, yes, that's a good word for it.)

kinda nervous these days workign with them w/o belonging to a house but over and over iam told  mama brigette is with me evne ancestors told me about her, and about 3 yrs ago did small service to legba skign for in a dream to show which lwa walk i know its not written in stone but papa gede in a cadillaic in dream drove me to a big nice hosue and when i wlaked in was greeted by a navy man, then a big man with a machete gently laid the tool ot my left and right then a woman in pink was paining mines and everone else nalis pink i dont maintain altars only on day i serve i put up a table




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