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For Pagans living in Wales or those interested in the Welsh side of paganism, be it Druidry, Witchcraft or other. Discussions include topics on the Mabinogi, local deities, traditions and even the language. Welsh speakers welcome!

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Croeso i Bawb

Hello everyone! A warm welcome to THE place on PaganSpace for Welsh Pagans. I hope we can have some good discussions and those in Wales can even have meet-ups from time to time. Looking forward to getting to know you all, and please, if you are a Welsh speaker, by all means, please post!--just post a rough translation in fairness to those who do not speak Welsh. Diolch yn fawr i chi, Thank you very much.

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Comment by Cailet Llyntegid on April 2, 2016 at 7:32pm

Hi All, I have always been drawn to Wales, when I had my DNA tested combine with my birth last name, most of me comes from Wales. I have been on a Druid path for about 5 years. I was a member of the SOA before that for about 5 years, and before that I was just in to Celtic Paganism. So I am hoping to find more people interested in the same things. I want to learn more about the Welsh mythology.

Blessings everyone

Comment by James H on February 7, 2015 at 6:38am

Gair i ddweud "Helo" (neu "Sut mae?" os ydych yn y De!).  Cymro Cymraeg ydw i, yn byw yn Llambed.

A word to introduce myself: I am a Welsh speaking Welsh witch living near Lampeter.  Nowadays a 2nd degree Gardnerian, for may years I practised as a solitary witch, Luciferian and Thestic Satanist. I am very interested in pursuing the study of Welsh craft.

Comment by Leitonellos Tarvogenos on June 6, 2013 at 1:44pm
Well, I was born and raised in the US state of Ohio. I've been involved in Paganism, in one form or another for a little over a year and a half now. Brythonic Paganism was an interesting happenstance, actually. Many of my ancestors came from Britain. So, after being a duotheistic Pagan (honoring the God and Goddess of the Wiccans), I looked for something that would, to me, be more personable, to me. So, I thought, okay, my ancestors are from what is now England, so, Anglo Saxon Heathenry must be for me. But, it just didn't connect. I looked online at common samples of blood tests from my family's DNA, their surname (Ball) wasn't given to them until the Middle Ages. Although, there was an Anglo Saxon presence, and a little Norse, Celtic was the dominance. Apparently, they held a seat in what is now Cheshire, on the border, since ancient times, far before 1066. Even if they were early Saxons, they must have mixed pretty well with the Celtic peoples in that area. Which, obviously, would be Brythonic. The same common ancestor with the Welsh. So, I do not claim that I am Welsh, because I have zero proof of that, and would see no reason to do so unless it was proven. Since Brythonic culture undoubtably has survived in Wales, from their language, at the least, I am naturally attracted to their culture, and have taken to try to teach myself Cymraeg. As I learned about gods of the Celts, as at the time, I didn't know that the Brythonic had their own gods, they just didn't connect. Moreso, did the Irish gods connect, but not quite. Enter the Brythonic. It just clicked. As I learned about them, and called them by their names in Welsh, it just clicked. I felt instantly happy and comfortable, and so, here I am.
Comment by Jenny Brown on June 6, 2013 at 11:30am

Hello Chad and welcome to the group!  It's great to have another new face.  :)

In answer to your question, I myself don't have a personal relationship (as of yet at least) with any of the Brythonic Old Gods but I do pay them homage and study their myths since they are the Gods of several of my ancestors and it is important to know where one comes from.  I of course won't refuse personal worship/ relationship if one of the Brythonic deities seeks me out for it, but so far that honor has only been visited upon me by Germanic deities, oddly enough.  I can't say why aside from maybe Germanic being part of my family background also, but a much smaller part than the Celtic background. I certainly didn't go seeking that pantheon out.  We'll just say being approached by a redhead in clothes from a culture you don't recognize and when you finally have to ask who she is being told "I'm Freya of course" when you know absolute zip about Germanic stuffs makes a believer of one.  I mean I thought Thor was the one who crafted the lightning bolts for Zeus, that's how clueless about Germanic lore I was at that time (and Greek for that matter), I kid you not! 

I'm also trying to learn more about the Brythonic Gods because I want to take up a masters degree in linguistics at Bangor U sometimes in the next 3 or 4 years, and would like to have a firmer foothold in the ways of their Old Gods before I do that.  I had the honor of getting to actually walk the land of Britain for about 10 days last month (3 days in London, 2 in Edinburgh, and 6 in Cardiff, Pembroke, the Welsh countryside and Brecon Beacons, and Conwy/Bangor) and I will tell you it was nothing short of awe-inspiring!  Everything from the Forest of Kings to the slate mountains by the sea near Aberaeron to Llyn y Fan Fach to the mounds around Stonehenge (they won't let you go up to Stonehenge anymore, I signed a petition about that), to walking a permanently-laid open (wall-less) labyrinth in a park in Bath, and yes even the Dr. Who museum, was wonderful!  :)  I highly recommend visiting if you ever get the opportunity.

I also pay homage to the Christian pantheon for the same reason (to honor my ancestors and the values of my upbringing) and decorate the altar dedicated to my passed-away Christian family with that pantheon's type of decor as that was the path that was relevant to them.  I paid homage to the Hawaiian Gods when I lived in Hawaii, to the Shinto Gods when I visited Japan, to the Roman Gods when I visited Rome (at the Pantheon no less!) :D and just moved to Maryland so am undertaking the fairly difficult task of mining for lore about the native Gods and spirits around my new home to guide me at least a little bit in how to best honor Them.  Being in the military and now married to a military husband keeps us moving and therefore keeps me on my spiritual toes, so to speak.  :) 

But that's a lot about moi, will you not tell us more about yourself?  How did you happen upon becoming a Brythonic Polytheist, and some of your more significant (and share-able) experiences thereof?


Comment by Leitonellos Tarvogenos on June 5, 2013 at 2:58am
Hello, everyone! I noticed things are quiet on here. I hope that changes. Anyway, I am a Brythonic Polytheist, I wondered if there were any others on here who follow the Old Gods of the Brythons. I'm on and off trying to teaxh myself Cymraeg, whenever time allows. Anyway, I look forward to correspondance!
Comment by Jenny Brown on March 4, 2013 at 6:32pm

Listening to BBC Radio Cymru on the interwebs right now!  xD  I need the listening practice so baaaaad. 

Comment by Jenny Brown on March 4, 2013 at 6:31pm

Is it just me or has no one done anything in this group for about a year?  o.o  Sad times.  (I just joined.)

Comment by Carole Elizabeth Ballard on December 30, 2011 at 10:36pm

Maybe I should introduce myself, I am Carole Elizabeth Ballard, 46 (in a weeks time), a witch, based near Lampedr Pont Stefan in Ceredigion, Mid Wales.  I am a mature student, and I study, Anthropology (mainly magic from around the world) and Archaeology.   I have been a practicing witch, initiated into both Alexandrian and Gardnerian witchcraft for 27 years now having worked with some of the best and I am now practicing a Welsh form of wicca (which is why we are attending the Cali camp), and I am a Druid of the Most Ancient Order of Druids known as The Druid Order or An Druidh Uileach Briathrearchas - I used to run a magazine called The Gates of Annwn which is emerging on the web www.gatesofannwn.co.uk, when I can get round to it and I republished the book Aradia: the Gospel of the Witches and this will be for sale on my web page too.   I write and review books for other magazines now and belong to a small coven here, thankfully now with me not in charge!  I occasionally lecture on witchcraft and I am hoping to go to a camp for Welsh witchcraft with my friend who will be speaking (I will not), somewhere in California later in the year.  Do please add me if you would like to stay in touch and I would be delighted to meet anyone here.

Comment by Carole Elizabeth Ballard on December 30, 2011 at 10:17pm

Someone asked : I have a question that has always plagued me.
First of all I am an American with an obsession for flags.
Why isn't St. David, not represented on the Union Jack. Especially when the Prince regent for the UK is the prince of wales?
Also, why are there two flags to represent each Wales, and Scotland? The Dragon and St. David for Wales. The Lion and St. Andrew for Scotland.

The historical reason for no Welsh symbol in the flag is that England, a kingdom, unilaterally annexed Wales, a principality, while the later unions were treaties between theoretically equal kingdoms.
The Dragon Flag itself for Wales, was not originally red either.   Owen Gydowr's hereldic flag was a Mixture of Gold and Blood Red - with 4 rampant dragons, of 2 gold 2 red.   Welsh Nationalists Mab Ap Glyndowr, Sones of Glyndwr, would in their hay day, have liked the flag to be the Gold Dragon, not the Red, and the country independant as a seperate country - Wales is still going for that now, and has its own assembly but, the dragon, was made soley red and singular after Glyndwr.  Oh and St David was originally Irish not Welsh.

Comment by Carole Elizabeth Ballard on December 30, 2011 at 10:00pm

mmm Can I point out that there are two languages in Welsh, there is the Southern Welsh which kind of starts Mid Wales, and is the language taught at the universities, particularly Lampeter.   Then there is the Northern Welsh, which, isn't often found as a course on line.


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