"A novice is a person or creature who is new to a field or activity. The term is most commonly applied in religion and sports"Do you have any syggestions for a witch just starting in our craft? If so please leave them here , If you are new to witchcraft and have any questions about how to proceed please leave them here.

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go to a pagan store-feel your way around-find out where you are drawn to in this life-what's your passion for this exsistence? and read! I hated that-I wanted the answers right now. Aries thing. Being a natural that's what I did.I learn as I grow and I grow as I learn. Don't take it so literally-you will learn what you are here to learn-which way did you choose? Why are you here? What about the old gods and goddess that everyone forgot about. What was their job- their purpose? Which one do you like and choose to folllow and why? Never forget you are not alone and out 26,000 people-ask the question and see who listens? Good luck but their is one kooky little witch(kool ass name) who will give you a few things to think about and who is sincere in helping pass on what I have learned.
You'll be okay.
Thank you for your reply- I started this topic thinking there are people who are new to our cratf, and, like ou I've been practicsing since I was very young but some have not -so I hope they learn from ths forum.
(*****I'm leaving this for MORE information and possibly to learn from*****)

What is Cameroon?

The woman who typed this discussion is Cameroon to a series of conferences in Yaounde, Douala and Bafoussam.
The theme is quite long. It is "esoteric African spirituality, and the impact of black magic in Africa's Development". It noted that all the continents grow a little faster, while Africa seems to have stalled on the spot. This is due to a work undermined by what I call the black lodges who do not want the continent develops. Because more people are depressed, most followers of these black lodges thrive. The demons feed on despair, suffering and pain of humans. And these demons are humans like you and me. They launch despair in the minds of people and push them to commit suicide, not to take any initiative to be fatalistic and grow in vice. These desperate people only have negative thoughts. And so, they can not work for development.

Does this mean that at the end of the conference, Africa should have arguments to develop?

I would not go so far, but I just want to tell people to change a country, this is not the country, but people need to change. When managed to remove negative perceptions of the head of a desperate person, you will see the happiness, luck coming back to this person.

You do actually promoting witchcraft through these conferences?

No! witchcraft is a cultural phenomenon, and people would benefit from having a lot of knowledge over to avoid problems. Because there are black lodges everywhere. One example of politicians who buy the clitoris women against a very strong reward. They give the clitoris to a nganga (healer) who is smoking. When a person makes that policy clitoris smoked in his mouth and he finds himself before a mass crowd, everything he said, everyone applauds only. But in the meantime, the woman in question is aging in record time and died quickly. It's all things that I speak at these conferences....

(***** I don not have exactly te same views but some of what she writes is interesting to examine *****)
Read everything you can. Let the path lead you... make it your own... use substitutions, don't run yourself broke ordering rare and hard to get stuff... don't have rice for that money charm? ok... use oats. so what? it's grain! and it works just as well.
The only thing you need, the one thing you must have: yourself.
It's very hard to "do it wrong" unless you're trying to follow a very specific tradition. In that case I suggest you try to find a teacher.
Also... and probably most importantly, ASK ALL of your questions. No matter how "dumb" you think they might be. My grandfather always said to us kids: "The only stupid question is the one you didn't ask."
Very rue Shosha. A finger works just as well as an expensive Athame. The Craft is so beautiful you just want to learn everything NOW ! I am fairly new to the Craft and I have learned to relax enjoy the learning and don't get an ulcer worrying if your doing everything just right. If your heart and intensions are right, you are doing it right.


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