Do you have any spell you would like o share OR any ideas for spell casting = PLEASE note NO spells to harm anyone and any and all post are under the expressed scrutiny of the Witch's Council

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this was taken off the internet I don't know if it works fortunatly I come from a long line of women who ook pretty darn good but it's a nice on to start with .

You will need the following:
1 rose quartz crystal six rose petals small bottle of witch hazel

Look at your face in a mirror and all of its flaws. Visualize your face changing into the face you want and desire. Rub the rose quartz lightly over the problem areas and say the following:

"Stone of Beauty, Stone of Love,
Erase imperfection as I rub,
Bring to me the face I see,
As I will so mote it be!!!

Open then the bottle of witch hazel and insert the rose quartz. Take the six rose petals in your right hand and say...

"Venus, One of beauty rare.
I offer you these petals fair.
Bless them with your loveliness
and bring the beauty I request."

Rub the petals over any line, wrinkle, imperfection etc. Then drop them in the witch hazel. Cap the bottle tightly and give it six good shakes a day for a week. At the end of the week, use it everyday as a toner after face washing. As you apply it say...

Imperfections, go away. Beauty of Venus, come forth this day.

for me , my own personal spells I tend to write in " ghost writting " or "tongue" and most times comes out in egyptian but I will put some up here later.
This spell has been passed down to me from my great great great grandmother. It's to help you recall all dreams when you awake.

The Dream Recall Box.

Supplies needed: 1 box (any type you want to use), one white quarts crystal, lavender oil, super glue.

1. cleanse and charge your crystal in the moonlight for 3 nights.
2. Once charged, anoint it with the lavender oil. Then super glue it inside the box in the middle of the box floor.
3. Cast circle. Call the elements. Call your Gods/ess if you wish. Pass the box through the elements. (earth= salt/dirt, air= incense smoke, fire= through the candle flame, water= blessed water)
4. Once charged by Spirit and the elements

Say this chant 3 times:
"Into the dark and out of the shadow
Opening doors to the unknown. This is
the box which holds all my knowledge.
This is the box that will bring light to
the forgotten. As I will it, so shall it be."

5. Release the Elements, Spirit, and the circle.

Keep the box ether under or close to your bed. Before you sleep open it and it will capture any dreams you have. When you awaken close it quickly so none of the dreams can escape, and you can remember them/recall them without difficulty.
thank you raven shadowflame for your family spell - i hope for all of you out there it will work well for you - sounds like it will


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