just wondering where people feel they are: New to all of this, learning, teaching, etc.

As I've said I've been in the community for awhile now and would say I'm pretty grounded over all. But I'll never pass up an opportunity to learn. For exampe, I am finding re-reading the Sagas now, in my 30s, a wholely different experience then when I was in my teens.

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Hail Hildigunna! I have 19 yrs or so under my belt,and still learning,I have mentored a few,but as they say "Asatru,the religion with homework!"
Very much new to this.
As it turns out, I'm currently reading through the Penguin Deluxe edition of "sagas of Icelanders." Pretty fun stuff. I'm working my way through the Saga of the People of Laxardal currently. Quite interesting. This group of sagas seems to throw a new light on the Eddas and the Saga of the Volsungs. I mean, it's interesting to see the similarities between the Icelandic sagas, that are so rooted in Middle-Earth, share such affinity with the cosmological stuff in the Volsungs and Poetic Eddas. Anyways, I'm rambling on.
Incidentally, the "Sagas of Icelanders" do seem like 1000 year old "Days of Our Lives" and the "Bold and the Beautiful."
The deluxe Sagas of Icelanders. One of my most treasured books. And I will always encourage "rambling" on that subject anytime.
I've picked up the Havamal and the Voluspa again in a different translation of the Poetic Edda by Lee M. Hollander. I've found that I missed a lot on the more scholarly parts of it and am notw attempting to cross reference and compare it with other sources. So far I'm having a problem finding a translation of the Codex Regius itself. If anyone can help me out with pointing the way to one it would be much appreciated.

In reading the literature over again and again periodically, I always glean a better understanding. In a way it shows where I'm at in my head and heart. New thoughts, Ideas and feelings as well as life circumstances allow me to see things that I passed over when I was in a different "space".
Although i found this path(or more appropriately it found me) nearly a decade ago I still find myself kind of new to this, Every thing about it still confuses me greatly because everything seems to contradict itself. I find myself wanting to learn more but not having a single clue on where to start looking for the answers, and when i do find what seems to be a decent book on the subject, it's almost as if the one book says don't listen to anything that this other book i read says because it's all garbage. I mean seriously I read a book, and just when i think I'm starting to get it another book completely throws everything away. I realize alot of this is because each other writes from a different perspective, but how am not supposed to be confused when one book says hagalaz is a symbol frought with chaos, and bad omens, and another tells me it's handy in a good luck spell.
LOL i know what you mean Herger. Hagal is both. Think about hailstones. They are made of water which is a needed thing for crops. But they have a destructive side. If the hailstones fall before the crops have sprouted it can be a very beneficial thing but if they fall after....it could mean disaster in the form of destroyed crops.

If you've been looking into this path for a while you shuold have a pretty decent concept of it. What it comes down to is what you feel in your heart to be true. The infighting among different groups or ways of thought is horrendous. It does nothing to promote rational thought or a sense of community. It only hinders our efforts to regain and expand upon the knowledge of our ancestors.

For whatever my advice is worth... I say that you should weigh both sides and take the one that you feel is right. Remember, there are always 3 sides to a story. one perspective, the other perspective and the truth. I've found that the truth usually falls somewhere in the middle.

If you have any questions, please feel free to zip me a mail or something. I don't have all the answers but maybe those answers can be found when those of like mind share their thoughts. There's a group called The Frithstead where a discussion on the cosmology of the world tree and it's significance. Check it out.
I am fairly new to all of this and the learning. Finding the time to read is difficult currently, but well worth the effort!
I did/am doing the same. I read them [a few of the sagas] for the first time when I was young, about 13 or 14, I was fortunate enough to have exposure to this material at that young age thanks to a local "occult" bookstore, but needless to say I find that I understand it better now. I also find that I can connect with them on a more personal level, given the experiences that can only come with growing up. As to where I am, I am always learning, but am happy to pass along any knowledge I may have obtained along the way.

I'd say I'm still new to this, but as with all things in life, when you decide to stop learning, you stop living.  I expect it to be a lifelong process, with plenty more to do once this life is done.


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