I am considering the way of Asatru after recieving guidance from Odin. I was never one to be interested in this folkway (I never felt it called to me) until now. As I've been researching, I've seen that many Asatru groups and followers believe you must be dedicated completely to this way and practice no other.


Therein lies an issue for me. I am a follower of the Faery Religion, and I continue to practice Native American (Mohwak) spirituality. They are an integrated part of who I am. These beliefs/practices/identies cannot be departed from. So the question is, can I be these and Asatru? I think Asatru is very community oriented, and if I decide to follow this calling I'm concerned I will not be accepted within the community because of these othe aspects of me.


I would love to hear anyones thoughts and recieve guidance too. I'm looking for websites and books...any resources, really, that will be informative. :)

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I just saying that the Æsir and Vanir are two different sets of gods, You have Asatru, and Vanatru, so what you did is pick two sets of gods (again so they do work together, but are different), and said you cant worship any others. I do not see a difference between this and any other two sets of gods. Keeping in mind that the two, or more, should not be in conflict.
"Keeping in mind that the two, or more, should not be in conflict."

Understood. But for me that is a conflict.

Let me put this way: If my marriage was insufficiently meeting my needs I could:
1. Leave and abandon my oaths.
2. See other people and abandon my oaths.
3. Get counseling to make me feel better about the situation and adhere to my oaths.

My relationship with the Gods is whole, right and well. I have no other needs. But if it didn't meet my needs I believe I would have to find a solution that would but my Troth in harms way.
unless you take an oath to it, you can not realistically compare this to a marriage, If you are going to go around telling people they can only follow one path, you should just call yourself Christian. She does not say anywhere that she took an oath. People have there own path, Wyrd, who are you to say hers is wrong?
"unless you take an oath to it, you can not realistically compare this to a marriage,"

Fair enough.

"If you are going to go around telling people they can only follow one path, you should just call yourself Christian."

That's convenient and pejorative thinking. Opinions were asked and I offered mine and my reasoning. You wish to attack me for my opinions then go nuts. But if your going to attack me why not just get it over with and call me a nazi?

"She does not say anywhere that she took an oath."

True, but having a connection assumes a relationship. That relationship grows with time and becomes stronger. An oath just formalizes that relationship. One can have a significant relationship, without an oath, and therefore have a conflict of interest.

"People have there own path, Wyrd, who are you to say hers is wrong?"

The name is David Carron. I didn't say it was wrong. I said, it's not for me and my reasoning. I said you could have a conflict of interest. You don't like that? Then get stuffed.
Relax there was no intention of an "attack", If I came off that way I apologize. just saying one of the things I hated most about Christianity is the Lack of tolerance for peoples personal believes, no straddling the fence, and I sick of people calling everything "Nazi", you will never see me call someone that!!!
Perhaps coming off the other threads around here I'm a little tweaked...
I really don't want to sound rude here, but that is a cop out, all gods are NOT the same, That is just P.C. crap, and I do take offense to it. there is way too much diversity in different religions, and comparing Odin to Yahweh will open up a nasty can of worms!!!
Well this is a good topic :) you dont need to be dedicated ...... >< who ever told you this needs to lose there head no offense >< but yeah asatru is a way of life, its the air we breath the breath of life from odin, its our kin our every step. to be Tru has nothing to do with being dedicated the only book that evens talks about a dedication is "The rites of odin" and yeah that book is umm.... anywho hahaha Practice what you feel is right. I am Asatru threw and threw but I also practice shamanism and some faery craft aslo but by no means am i wiccatru! maybe you need to try and figure out how to intergrate it all into your lifestyle of asatru. for instace have you looked into Germanic Shamanism m and seidh craft?

YOu are free to belive and practice waht your heart tells you shame on anyone who says otherwise, most likely you where talking to white pride asatru group >< they are filled with sorts of bull shit ideas >/body>

Thread necromancy coming in........


Here's my question: do you really have to keep on those other paths?

If you read the Slavic vedas, Odin (one of his incarnate avatars) originated in the Indus valley and traveled the world, up through Troy, into Europe, and Asia to Siberia.  Odin is, among other things, a shaman god.  As such, with their Asian DNA, there is no wonder that the Norse, Celtic and American Aborigine shamanism is much the same -- he probably initiated the practice with those groups.

As for the fey, you do realize that the Norse recognize the Alfs, Svartalfs (dwarves), trolls, wights, ettins, etc?  You'd not be leaving anything behind.

Also, the idea of Vanatru is somewhat funny to me, as it seems an attempt to exclude the Aesir in one's workings.

Asatru on the other hand, is actually honoring both Aesir and Vanir, as both have intermingled since the end of the Aesir-Vanir war, and the Vanir are considered basically to be a subgroup of the Aesir.

You can study all paths, the gods have many faces and names. I believe you can be Asatru yet still practice varied paths and Odin would appluad you as he is also a seeker of wisdom.


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