Ñúlendur SilentMajhic's Groups (21)

  • Shamanic_Ways

    696 members Latest Activity: Jan 21 A list for discussion Shamanism, cultural aspects, individual responses, etc

  • Sacred Text Exchange.. Ebooks and PDF files

    1468 members Latest Activity: Jun 25

    This is the place to exchange,discuss and share books and pdf files on all pagan and occult topics.

  • The Bookworm

    150 members Latest Activity: May 7

    Online library with links to lots of online books to read

  • Genealogy

    16 members Latest Activity: Jun 25, 2017

    This is a group for folks who are into family history research.

  • Mead Makers Guild

    95 members Latest Activity: Apr 1

  • Pagan Metal Thunder

    19 members Latest Activity: Apr 1

    This is for anyone & everyone into pagan & viking metal (of all genres)... from Bathory (R.I.P. Quorthon) to Amon Amarth, and everthing in…

  • The Chaos Outlet

    151 members Latest Activity: Jul 23 Pertaining to all forms of Chaos magick, discussing how the 156-current/Chaos(and all of its lovely names) has intergrated itself upon your…

  • Temple Of Chaos Magic

    156 members Latest Activity: Feb 6, 2018 Just a Gathering of Chaos Mages, and beginners, which wish to enrich their knowledge and beyond..

  • Satanists of PS

    229 members Latest Activity: Jul 21

    "Satan is the poetry of the world...And Nature is its Church" -…

  • Vodou

    402 members Latest Activity: Apr 1 Here will discuss New Orleans style Voodoo, hoodoo, Haitian Vodou, Santeria and Ifa.

  • Southern Conjure (hoodoo-rootwork-conjure)

    836 members Latest Activity: Jun 19

    ONLINE STORE COMING SOON - We are one of the Internets largest suppliers of religious, spiritual and occult supplies around today. Southern…

  • Conspiracy's And the New World Order

    442 members Latest Activity: Sep 11

    WARNING! The knowledge one may acquire by reading this material may prove dangerous to authoritarians as well as the user who is unaccustomed to…

  • Tarot studies

    2141 members Latest Activity: Jul 27 A place to discus tarot, history, symbolism, intuition and the universal consciousness as it relates to tarot. Basically anything to do with the…

  • Hail Poseidon

    5 members Latest Activity: Jun 29, 2017

    I have been drawn to him from a young age he is my favorite greek god and i love the sea. This group is for those who honor him.

  • All Thing

    160 members Latest Activity: Jun 28, 2017 For Those Naughty Norse Heathens!!! All Hail the Aesir and the Vanir

  • Wotan Folk

    363 members Latest Activity: Jan 31 For all Folkish Odinist and Asatru

  • Pagans for Spiritual Freedom & Tolerance

    62 members Latest Activity: Sep 1, 2018 "I believe in all Pathes to God" For those who feel that religious and spiritual freedom and tolerance should be a right not a privledge. A place…

  • Slavic Traditions

    99 members Latest Activity: Jan 31 learning/sharing some of the slavic traditions you know or are interested in.

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