S. M. Brennan's Groups (12)

  • Pagans and Heathens of Kentucky

    122 members Latest Activity: Jun 1 A place where all those of us hailing from the Bluegrass state can discuss what it is we're doing to try and make the pagan community more public,…

  • Dark Magick; Hexes & Curses

    465 members Latest Activity: Sep 14, 2018

    Dark Magick, Hexes, Curses, Protection Spells, Spells of Banishings, Bindings, and Recipes for Oils,Powders, Poppets and much…

  • Path of the Wolf

    142 members Latest Activity: Dec 2, 2018 The wolf is brother, cousin, mate, father, mother, lover, and friend. Sometimes we all seek to be one with such a world as theirs. We are seeking…

  • Wiccan and Pagan Authors/publishers

    211 members Latest Activity: Apr 1 A place for writers, publishers and readers to meet to share resources and ideas

  • Necromancy and the dark arts

    124 members Latest Activity: Jun 27, 2017 A discussion group on chaos magic and necromancy

  • Pagan Poetry

    113 members Latest Activity: Apr 1 A place where anyone can share their poetry, songs spells, rites, rituals or short stories.

  • Central Kentucky Pagans

    37 members Latest Activity: Jan 13, 2018 This group is a meeting and gathering place for Kentucky Pagans in the Louisville and Lexington and surrounding areas as well as those residing in…

  • Spells and spellbound

    1463 members Latest Activity: Oct 17, 2018 A place to share spells, candle magick, stone magick, rites, anything for the spellbound!!

  • Seers

    367 members Latest Activity: May 14 The Seers Place. Discuss your abilities, visions, and dreams and how to influence, train, increase or decrease your abilities.

  • Herb Lore and Holistic Philosophies

    1354 members Latest Activity: Jan 27 This is a place to share your knowledge and usage of herbs and holistic Philosophies in your rituals or everyday life. Whats good for a cold...try…

  • The Graveyard

    475 members Latest Activity: Dec 25, 2017

    All Things Of The Occult, Supernatural, Mysterious and even Interesting 

  • Nocturnal Witchcraft

    803 members Latest Activity: Jun 29 A group for the Dark minded people to share with others of the like about Nocturnal Witchcraft. This group is based on Nocturnal…

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