~Poet's Corner~


~Poet's Corner~

Poems , Poetry and everything in between. This is for any poetic writters who love the expressional outlet named poetry. This is an open group for members to find inspiration, help ,and encouragement. Use this group as you outlet for all of your inner feelings .From free Verse to iambic pentameter; Come share your work or come just to veiw others presentations of their inner self.

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"WHORES OF THE U.S.A.(A controversial poem meant to make ppl think, not intended to offend)

Started by moonwitch Dec 26, 2014. 0 Replies

With soulless eyes and care less hearts they fuck without emotionWith promises, propositions, and false dreams for the futureThey prey upon the needy and the hopefulThrough bondage and domination…Continue

Tags: thought, provoking..., controversial, political, content

creative writing some fun

Started by hippiechic. Last reply by hippiechic Dec 20, 2014. 1 Reply

topichere your trying to express the beauty you feel inside for magiclike you could write…Continue

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Comment by Spiritual Cosmic Embrace on January 26, 2019 at 9:38pm

A single drop of ocean water flung from a wave may, for a moment ,start to think of itself ,as merely a drop of water, then, quite beautifully,.. naturally, it falls back to the rest of the sea and merges!, then remembers it is the entire ocean.

Comment by Kristi V on January 31, 2018 at 10:12pm

Hey if your not already you guys should check out theProse.com. It is a place for writers to share and they have neat writing challenges. Would love to see you there. https://theprose.com/VACKristiV

And don't worry it is not a promotion of sales pitch. I have a free account and just love to hang with other writers. 

Comment by Kerne Rayvenstorm on January 7, 2015 at 9:38pm

Shards of a Shattered Dream

My spirit, it darkens... becomes cloudy.
Obscured by the mist that is society.
facades that are angry, happy, pouty,
these misty facades that are my sobriety.

The future that is unclear, hidden, opaque.
Teeming life all around me, they vanish...
Shards of a shattered dream in their wake,
these myriad shards that are my sanity.


Comment by moonwitch on December 19, 2014 at 10:30pm

As she walks among the shadows of a valley called death

She secretly longs to take her last breath

So tired of hearing religious men preach,

“Believe in our God, trust what we teach!”

So she reaches out to lonely men who worship her pleasures

with praises of, “Oh God!” as they lay.

She’s found a religion of service for pay.

As she sucks dry their souls she feeds her power,

Momentary satisfaction, getting paid by the hour

They don’t ask for much, just her time for a day

Leaving their money when they go on their way

She satisfies their lust and desires,

Then sends them home to their wives,

Where they feel no guilt over living as liars

So called “good Christian” parishioners call her a whore,

Citing Gods loving forgiveness, as they sneer then slam their doors.

All of them lending their hands to her hurt and her pain

Nobody bothering to ask from where it came

Inside her cold stare and empty glare

There’s a story of a “good Christian” woman who once lived there.

Night after night, day after day

Parishioners come and reward her with pay

Then one lonely day her silent wish comes true,

She draws her last breath

Succumbing to death

Nobody comes, nobody mourns

She’s known only as, the woman who loved an angel with horns.

The men who once came pretend she never existed

When they give their confessions she’s not even listed

Now, she’s a shadow in the valley called death,

Waiting for the next whore who takes her last breath.

Comment by Tsathoggua on September 4, 2013 at 8:51pm

 a poet and looking to share-something I wrote a while ago for starters

[ The sea was green ]

The sea was green

Or gray, or

The value of troubled sky

Made of pulsing green-gray water;

Perhaps the froth made it

Seem clear when it was


Blood she could have been;

that warm,that living and lively,

And  deep up into my verdant mouth,

Blushing teem in my teeth

And ash eyes.

I could feel her

Through my skin-

The cleansing of the sky;

Was whim

In her heaving mind,about me

The sea was sobbing

In waves from her watering heart

The expansion of her flowing chest

Pressed me pearl-weary-

Pressed and pulled us both apart

To threads the tinct of nothing

We lifted,both,in lucent roil

In pierced spheres and tearing tides

I fed the sky my own green waves

And slaked the sea in droplet wind

Drank, through my mouth, her bare breath

My eyes a-sea with wide sky

My essence ebbed out

Poured out and pounded,we were

Of a cast,caught

On low lifts, I rose-

Fell frothed on her breathing bosom

I was helpless in hoary water

My face against the troubled sea

And my shuddered blood sap-salt

Or gray or

Clear and feeling

Cloudy;softly in the deep sky

Drowning-air in air-


Lapped and heaveheld

Washed away to sleep

Tossing,I only lay asleep.


Comment by Owl on June 27, 2013 at 6:51am


When you're in my life the sun shines down

Upon us a warm glowing feeling

That lives inside us


So cosy and snug next to you

Never wanting to let go


Arms made of steal around me

Feeling so safe curled up next to you

I could stay their for a life time


Your always be my man

I will always run to you

You will listen to me hold me tight

And I will never want to leave

Your arms


Your so strong and hansom

My heart melts at sound of your voice

Just looking into your eyes I melt

Into your arms


Running my fingers thro your

Jet black hair

Falling asleep in your arms

Safest place I know


Looking into your eyes

Like looking into the deep sea

I could look forever

I will always look up to you

Comment by Owl on June 27, 2013 at 6:49am

Beauty of nature  

As the sun beats down its rays gently all in its path

Flowing thru the trees as the wind rustles the leaves


Down to the grass as swishes and moves the wild flowers

Glow with their bright vibrant colors attracting the bees


Little fluttering bees going from one flower to the another

Gathering pollen and in itself bringing new life as it goes around  


And makes everything bright and colorful to the eye

A spectrum so beautiful to the eye of the beholder

Comment by Owl on June 27, 2013 at 6:43am

The silvery moon

Silver light drifting down from above


Floating in the sky drifting down


Glittering as it falls all around


Sat quietly looking up for what seams seconds


Felling tranquility and harmony fall all around


Staring in wonder in ore of its beauty


Secondes that turn into hours with pure delight


In perfect peace and harmony looking up


A feeling of pure wonder of the sky

Comment by Owl on June 27, 2013 at 6:41am

Last nights whirling mind

whirling heavy head.

Head all heavy, like a cloud of musk.

dusk has fallen,

all around everyone asleep,

i'm in a heap curled up tight,

my body lay's all still,

wide awake.

for god sake,

aching mind,

all wired up,

wireling ,stirring

back and forth, too and throw.

moaning mornings,

darning threads tearing at the sides.

minds winding hiding

winding out of control,

stolen moments,

hopes and dreams.

sezzes moments

by their feet ,

heat of life rolling on past.

I'll soon get their

staring at what will be,

I can see what can be.

Comment by Owl on June 27, 2013 at 6:38am

sweet sorrow 

from blushing lips that lend to each other

comes sour lips that fail to lend to the other,

wishing hoping to see the other empty feeling left in limbo not knowing where to turn,

such life sorrow opens wounds of a far,

the empty wind pushing away leaving the leaves on the tree lost and lonely,

cast out a far up and down side to side mist breaks away,

rivers flowing but a trickle at first leading to deep gloomy pools staring into the abyss,

the dark emptiness no voice or cry can be heard only an echo of what has been,

it twists and winds like the roots of a tree,

raising up those roots hoping they'd be rested again finding natures happiness,

which feel lost never to be found again only combined forces can make all right once more. 

the sound of the wind no longer rings as often laying heavy on the ground

voices echo to the ground but the sweet tune is suttle rather than strong. 

the strong force that was there before is but a distant memory

only time can tell where this winding whirling thing will go   


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