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"Do as you will, but abide by the hands of fate!!"

Profile Information

Relationship Status:
Astrological Sign
About Me:
Hello my name is Antonius Hywell. I am very free spirited. I enjoy how I practice and I practice everyday. I am a poet, writer, and artist. I live in Terre haute, Indiana. I am single and enjoying myself very much, got out of a really bad relationship most recently. I like to work and read. I also practice what I read. I have been Practicing for 11 years now; it feels more like twenty sometimes, but I am very reluctant to where my path is taking me these days. I am curently employed at a factory and I like to work hard, it lets me know that I should not dare to take my paycheck forgranted. I own my house and I try to maintain it the best I can, yet, it still needs more work and it never ends. I will not claim to be the wisest because I am still young, but I have learned a great deal from my life and I will do my best to help anyone who needs it. I have an earned degree in Astral Projection and I am also a pagan minister as well. So I always try to stay in the nuetral the best I can, but I am a Libra so it is easy for me to get knocked off balanace. I am now curently working on a book and enjoying every part of it; writing I can say is my truest passion of them all.

This is one Poem I wrote

A Dragon Awakens

Through the bristle I hear the steps,
Within my Tiger heart secrets are safely kept.
The wood grows thick and dark journeying,
The volcano of death transpires.
Rustle of the leaves!
Fear of the setting dark!
Owls readying their hoot for the hunt!
CRUNCH! With every branch trampled upon.
Bruising of the thigh as I fall.
What aspires my soul to the great mountain?
Why do I feel a bristle by my side on this narrow path?
The Sun rests it body behind the mountain fading.
The stars set in to welcome me in joyous splendor.
Mystery is my companion compelling my heart.
The soul is one in the mist of the night as the mountain is nigh,
The risk, the reward, the bounty I shall score to the beast.
I see his mighty fire breath enflaming from the mouth of cave,
For it is carved and embedded deep in the rocky steep mounatin.
“For come thou my mighty dragon!
I have come to challenge your piercing might,
For of your blood, it spills tonight.
My village turned to debris and back whole torn to the land,
I shall gather your spirit with my guiding hand!”
My voice rumbled deep in the stillness of the yell.
“I will rather stand and burn in hell!”
I climbed the foot of the mountain vigorously.
My veins on fire, this vengeful desire.
The rocks scrape my hand scratch by scratch.
Dirt staining my clothes that are patched.
Reaching the mouth of cave,
A hot breath engulfs the air above me.
It is so humid and exhausting to my goal
The flames dispense back in the mouth of the dark cave.
I hurry up and rush in the cave and jump to side,
The flame rushes back out revealing unto my eyes the reptile beast.
I raise my blade ready for attack, but there is no sign he sees me.
Something is so very wrong!
The flames did not head my direction.
With each flame that illuminated the beast.
He rested so easily with ever breath.
I could almost feel his heart beat with mine.
How could I attack such an easy lying beast?
What is this connection?
I take one step onward shaking, not by fear?
What is my calling here?
A rock trips me up and I crash on my face.
What is this hell? What is this Place?
He opens his yellow sharp eyes as they meet mine.
I stand awaiting a move of offense from dragon.
Instead he sits there in sarcasm knowing my sword will not do harm.
I felt his calmness I felt his charm.
The beast walked past, no need to attack.
I let him go.
I give him praise as I walk home.
I walk back.
Favorite Books
Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie, AE Waite, Cornelius Agrippa
Beliefs / Practices
Occultist, Spiritual but not Religious, Pagan, Other Spirituality
Other Beliefs/Practices
I am working on my ceremonial magician path and it is very excrutiating and long to follow, but in the end the results are great from precision of study and practice. Working on this path is one that is very precise and needs a lot of meditaton, not just reading a book and grasping it all in at one time. I am also a Freemason and have been for a while now; I am about to make it as a master Freemason and I find it all very exciting. Most of the stuff I really dive into is based of memorization, study, and morals and values. I always put my morals and values up as high as I can because I understand that I will be setting the example.
My first passion I am doing on the side is focusing all my attention on my poetry. I love to do my poetry as it releases all of my frustrations while they disappear into thin air as it seems. I am working on a poetry book at the moment. It carries some occult writings. Then I really love to write in general with any short articles from instruction manuals, any sorts of writing. Right before my eyes my hand starts to type or move and it feels like magick in the cosmic forces take over and my thoughts are endless as the universe. I really like to hangout with my friends as well, they are the best friends a man could ask for in his lifetime. We go out to bars sometimes, camping, concerts, clubs, and just watching movies.
This is a tough one considerinf there were so many people who inspired me to do so much in life. Magically it would be Aleister Crowley, this man was a true genius of his time. Aleister Crowley was an occultist, mountaineer, poet, writer, and spy. I left out a lot about him, but there is so much to say what he did for the magic community. Movie wise it would be John Wayne. John Wayne was a true pioneer of his day in the film industry and did over one-hundred different films made in his entire life. I really have the utmost respect for the the man. Jim Carrey is my fave movie comedian, no more to be said.
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That love be with you
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