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I am a Gothic pagan who celebrates the sweet caress of the night. i know various magical systems and am ecclectic in practice.
Favorite Books
goth craft, by raven digitalis; any silver ravenwolf and scott cunningham as well as raymond buckland
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Occultist, Pagan, Witch, Wiccan, Mystic, Shaman
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writing, swimming, hiking, camping
Lilith, my Goddess and Queen
How did you find PaganSpace?
here's a poem for u all!
The end

Life leaks out slowly as I stare
cant remember the last time that I cared
a familiar darkness washes over me
one I haven't seen in many years
I feel comforted by its presence
calmed and assured

I am ready
I feel closure settle in
a sensation of love greets me
in this veil of black
she calls to me with open arms
and I fall into her embrace

she has known me longer than I can remember
but here she is queen
all the pain has vanished
all the despair gone
this is her work
preparing me for the life beyond

I look back at all I left behind
a small part of myself will live on
but my journey has found its end
my love is moving on
my life continues in a new form
my closest have accepted this

to her I cling
she is my all
she is my reason
she is my life
she is my death.

a new poem folks !

darkness rests within me
soft whispers of the night comfort
twisted voices sing praise to this event
peace within the depth

love without loss
joy without pain
the hunt of love
the joy of the prey

in the beginning it was there
in the end it will be there
forever and never
one with us all

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Posted on June 17, 2010 at 2:19pm 2 Comments

recently i discovered i was related to Roman Gypsies . to what extent , i dont know but i do think that this explains my psychic abilities . last week i held a spirit channeling for 30 minutes and though it was draining , i felt excited by the experience . i have studied a broad array of magic forms and systems and have done my own personal journey as well and to know that i am that capable is amazing . i feel that the more i learn about my past , the more i learn about my present abilities .… Continue

recent events that strike me as odd

Posted on May 30, 2010 at 4:38pm 1 Comment

as many of u kno i live in arizona and here in this state they passed a bill making it legal to pull someone over and ask if they are here legally . if they're not they can be arrested . here's my view . that's racial profiling . i don't think i'll get pulled over because im white and there would be know suspicion of my being here legally . who's to say that i am? plus , i can't think of one mexican or indian or black for that matter that has blown up a building here . this is all just an… Continue

what I'm thinking about

Posted on November 12, 2009 at 11:25pm 2 Comments

U ever get confronted by people on the street who claim to be pagan or wiccan only to turn out to be fantasy readers and new age christians? That very thing happened to me and i thought to myself how messed up is it that after they pervert our customs during the Dark Ages and now that we are back and strong the pervert them again! I'm in no way offended but when a pagan or wiccan calls themselves a witch but continues the prejudicial ways of christians than they are nothing but wanna-bes that… Continue

Lilith : the Goddess not the demon

Posted on February 23, 2009 at 5:48pm 1 Comment

Ok i want to make something very clear: Lilith IS a Goddess not a demoness. the very term demon comes from Greece where it iconized dark or unwelcome spirits. Lilith has her roots in Summer where she was hailed as a storm Goddess bringing much needed rain. The Jews would later become enslaved by the Babylonians and would fear the Gods of their captors. In the dark ages Semetic priests would seek to explain the role of the first woman and inserted Lilith out of ease. The Babylonians hailed her… Continue

The true history of real vampires

Posted on February 19, 2009 at 9:50pm 0 Comments

Vampires can be traced back to primitive man noticing that blood loss caused death. In some cases, as early as 2000 B.C.E. primitive man concluded that blood held the power of life. They would later attempt to replace lost blood which inevitably led to the fear of the dead rising from the grave to feed. It was widely believed that dead souls would drink blood to keep from fading away. Or if they drank enough of it they could come back to life.

These early accounts involved spirits rather… Continue

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At 5:07pm on September 9, 2011, Queen~of~Hearts~&~Spades said…
heyy hunni ive been busy..how r things? mr. mercury..
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left u a msg..

At 7:42am on May 17, 2011, Queen~of~Hearts~&~Spades said…
Hello, friend. I enjoy reading ur thoughts. Very insightful..don't be a stranger..
At 10:12pm on April 17, 2011, crazyfrogg said…
hi for no logical reason:) Nice to see you here. I dont expect anything back but if you need me , im in the bookshelves..... under the dust and spider corpses.
At 6:04am on February 03, 2011, Staginger-FenyxFireWolf gave TiGerHawk a gift
Thank you so much for the gift !!!

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