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I love the fall!

Profile Information

Relationship Status:
I am Thousands of years old and have lived many lives.
Astrological Sign
About Me:
I am a fiction writer, the author of Neesa A Vampire story. A lover of Nature, Music, Life,My fans, Friends . I am Working very hard to better myself through spiritual practices and nutures guides. I enjoy drum circles and rituals.I love the beach & walking on the beach at night under the moon with the waves crashing and moonlight reflecting on the water. I like motorcycles, bicycles, hiking in forest trails.I exercise and try to stay with a healthy diet but I like to have fun foods and few drinks on the weekends.I dont smoke or do drugs and I am responsible and work full time and I like my job, Its like crazy fun there and I get paid for it lol.
Twitter URL
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Favorite Books
Twilight series,Earths childrun series, People of the Wolf, The Medicine way, The Secret. What happined to lani garver.Yes I should read more! LOL.
Beliefs / Practices
Spiritual but not Religious, Pagan, Witch, Wiccan, Native American Spirituality
Other Beliefs/Practices
Buddist and just being the best person I can be.
Guitars, Music, Hikeing, Fitness. Body toneing & building. Gothic art and jewery, Vampires,Collecting crystals.Recording.
To me anyone that helps others, the earth, animals and has the guts to stand up to Something or someone that is doing Wrong is a Hero!
How did you find PaganSpace?
A friend.

Some of my new lyrics

I am here

Why cant you see me
Why cant you hear me
I am standing right infront of you
I am everywhere you look
In a cool stream
I am watching you
In the sky I am flying over you
From the trees I call to you
And still you dont hear me
In a summers night breeze
I wisper in your ear
I love you
Oh why dont you hear me

Copyrite 2009 new moon music
By Chuck Todd


I slip into my secret place
It is where I feel safe
See the shadows on the wall
They are the ones that see me fall

Watch me fall
And try to claw my way out of my dark hole
Watch me break down and down and down
Lost and never found
Life is spining me around
I've falling down agan

In my silince I will pray
No one listens anyway
Into darkness I have fallen
To the light I keep crawling

Still the shadows they keep watching
See me now that I am broken
All my peices lay all over
Watch me as I break and suffer

No one will ever put me back togather
copyrite newmoon music 2009
by Chuck Todd

New 7/09 on the dark moon.
Darkmoon Sorrow
I feel like i am drowning
Sufacating in sorrow
Walking in a daze
Hideing in a haze
I cant hear you
Dont even know what you said

I am numb inside
And I refuse to wake from my safe place
And if i wake, i will have to face the pain agan
Time ticks by, every minite last forever
from this nightmare i can see no light
I need a place where i can hide
Just pass the time away

Dont ask me if i am alright
I'll just lie and say i am fine
When inside i have died
And i have no more tears to cry
Sufacating in darkmoon sorrow
Its my darkmoon hell
copyrite newmoon music 2009
by Chuck Todd

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My Book is number 3 out of the 10 best books of the week!

Posted on October 26, 2010 at 8:30pm 0 Comments

Neesa A Vampire Story is making a big hit!
Check out my site
Its on sale at 20% off all week!

Enjoy, I put some cool music up…

Looking for female singer/musician

Posted on September 28, 2009 at 5:42pm 0 Comments

Do you like Green Day, Paramore, Flyleaf, Amberlyn ect. I am seeking a female singer/musician to start a new origianl Alternative rock band with, something on fire and fun upbeat! I have a recording studio and can record a CD from start to finish (mastering to finished product).

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At 1:11pm on October 19, 2009, wicthdragon said…
Just wanted to say hello and say nice page.
At 10:00pm on September 28, 2009, River said…
no problem.. I wonder how close West chester is to harrisburg? Let me guess west chester is in pittsburgh? Everyone on paganspace who is from PA lives near pittsburgh.
At 1:10am on September 4, 2009, River said…
moon Pictures, Images and Photos
At 11:34pm on August 12, 2009, Kythe, The Lemurian Phoenix said…
Thanks for the welcome! =)
At 4:34pm on August 1, 2009, Rowana said…
Seriously? From West Chester? Hello neighbor!
At 12:22am on July 25, 2009, Wildflower said…
Hi there, are you on another site such as this one? Anyway, thank you for the ivite to be your new friend. Peace
At 7:03pm on July 24, 2009, Audora said…
Chuck, I am sorry I must keep this short. My area is having problems with the internet connections, and so my service is out. I will write you back as soon as it is up an running again.

Take care!
At 3:05am on July 18, 2009, Audora said…
That is very possible.. or a past life perhaps.. anywho it's nice to know you now ^.^ any fun plans for the weekend?
At 11:38am on July 17, 2009, Audora said…
Merry Meet my new friend! and thank you for the kind photo comment. this may sound a little odd, but you look very familiar to me.. I don't suppose I would know you from anywhere else?

Merry Meet Pictures, Images and Photos
At 9:36am on February 13, 2009, Raevyn said…

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