Dr. Gareth Pengwerin
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  • Caeredin, Yr Ogledd Hen
  • United Kingdom

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Welcome, Dr. Gareth Pengwerin!

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About Me:
I am an 80 year old retired classical scholar, teacher & lecturer in musicology, recitalist & conductor but still involved in research, giving tutorials in Keltic Metaphysics on line and composing music (mainly choral & organ by commission). I have now been married for over 30 gloriously happy years to Sîan - a most wonderful, loving and caring lady whom I love most dearly.

Old Gareth lives in a wheelchair with no legs & multiple health problems but I'm still breathing and adapting spatially so life can't be all bad. lol

It's 70 years since I had the old Welsh legends recounted to me as a 10 year old and my whole life has been centred around the major pantheon therein.

My website "Kaer Dathyl" has been on line since early 1990s - an exposition of the generational family of Y Plant Dôn - The Children of Dôn who revere the pantheon from the Fourth Branch Mabinogi. Those who read this profile and take my invitation to enter Kaer Dathyl may savour the Keltic spirit therein.

Now after considerable expansion, it may be seen at the following URL:- http://www.yplantdon.com. Here you can meet "the family" and learn a little of this Welsh tradition with access to a lengthy taxonomy of the Major Deities, philosophical approaches and texts, etc. unique to Y Plant Dôn with some tangential references to Sanskrit & quantum physics.

It is a VIRTUAL TEXTBOOK on theoretical & practical Keltic Metaphysics! I try to provide some inspiration to the few Kelts who study this website. It may be used, however, for the microscopy of other pantheons via the Metaphysical Law of Analogy.
Favorite Books
The Mabinogion; Red Book Hergest; White Book Rhydderch; works on psychology (especially Jungian) and the works of the German philosophers. The Cranwell Lectures. Indeed when it was not only fashionable but also mandatory to be a Freudian, I was a confirmed Jungian!
Beliefs / Practices
Other Beliefs/Practices
I am neither a Druid, witch nor Wiccan (although I have had much interaction with the Sanders and one of Gardner's early High Priestesses) but class myself as a mystic & metaphysician. When pressed to hang a label around my neck, I usually say I am a Keltic Cosmotheist who works with his wife as a pro bono Consultant Metaphysician, hypnotherapist & hypnoanalyst.
Composing - choral and organ music by commission for various festivals, recitals, etc. Researching and refining more methods of attuning to the various Keltic protyles and writing metaphysical poetry.
The mighty dead of Y Gwerin Gwynedd
Owain Glyndwr
Joseph Campbell
Robert Anton Wilson
Michael Blewitt (my late and deeply missed father-in-law)

Radovan Karadzic
Ratko Mladic
Vladimir Putin
Geert Wilders
Debbie Robinson (Oz politician)
How did you find PaganSpace?
Invited by a member many years ago.


The Dark Matriarch

Cimmerian of hue
Th’enduring Matriarch;
Corporeal yet incorporeal
Dwelleth She
In glorious mansions infinite,
Bedecked in swirling melismas
Of kaleidoscopic brilliance
And in deep dark wells
Whence none may egress find.

Her fingers yet caress
Each bright assemblage
That be Her jewellèd form
And venerated disposition - aye too,
In spaces all that linger well
As soundless sentinels
To bed Her children down
In quietude secure,
Her lovely life liveth She.

Constant in growth She moves,
Outspreading All within The One,
An everlasting wonder iridescent -
Veracity in resolute perfection.

We see, we feel and understand
The pledge of life profuse;
And all our yesterdays,
Our years extant,
Yea all our firm futurity
Are bound as one
In ageless perpetuity.

Within my soul roameth She ~
My silent spirit Her sweet breath,
Until She summoneth me
From paths of consummation
To swiftly homeward steer
For Kaer Pedryfan,
The celestial bliss
Of Gwynfa Gorawen.*

(* Paradise of Rapture)

 copyright ©  Gareth Pengwerin 2014

Jewels for the Mother of Eternity

October 2014 - Our 30th Wedding Anniversary

Filaments of the Vela Supernova Remnant

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At 11:39pm on June 24, 2016, Jonathan Mashburn said…

Thank you for the comment sir. I do appreciate that. 

At 10:13pm on October 10, 2015, Sakura said…
Namaste! Thank you!!
At 9:25am on October 4, 2015, NovaSurya said…

I saw you on another new person's page and enjoyed your site :)

At 9:42am on September 28, 2015, NovaSurya said…


I'm glad you're here, I will enjoy reading your site.

At 1:12pm on September 26, 2015, Wil twomey said…
Thank you
At 2:52pm on September 18, 2015, Vonlia said…

Thank you kindly for your welcome!

At 2:33pm on September 14, 2015, Ashtoreth Dew said…

Sir Pengwerin , I found you by intuition here on PaganSpace.

At 2:02pm on September 1, 2015, Desyre said…
Thanks for the add :)
At 1:51pm on September 1, 2015, Desyre said…
Namaste - Thank you for the warm welcome. Many blessings to you.
At 4:10pm on August 31, 2015, Leona said…
Thank you for the wonderful welcome. I am excited to read about your research and writings . BB
At 10:02am on August 2, 2015, RhiSabella said…

Thank you for the very warm welcome.

At 9:57pm on July 30, 2015, Morgayne Emrys said…

Many thanks for the lovely greeting!  I am certain that I will learn much on my sojourn here if all are as welcoming as you!   Blessings.

At 6:16am on July 1, 2015, lorna said…
Merry meet Gareth and thankyou for the kind greeting x love&light to you and yours x lorna x
At 10:32am on June 7, 2015, Leda Moonstar said…
Thank you much for the warm welcome Gereth! I already feel like I've come home here. Blessed be, Leda
At 9:03am on June 5, 2015, Amethyst Fireheart said…
Thank you very much for the warm welcome.
At 10:10pm on May 13, 2015, Sam Yaotzin said…

Thank You

At 8:53pm on April 25, 2015, James Jacks said…

Thank you for the kind blessings. I would like to wish you warm blessings and happiness as well.

At 5:46pm on April 24, 2015, Zuli Bryan said…

Thank you very much for the warm welcome. :)

At 1:21pm on March 9, 2015, Lea Wiggins said…

Thank you for extending the friend request, I am honored to accept! 

At 9:12am on March 8, 2015, Maggie Brown said…

Thank you, I have been a member for while now but not active, busy raising two granddaughters and studying to be Priestess too.. Brightest Blessings for Ostara! 


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