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I Am (God)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ronald Dale Caple Mar 19. 29 Replies

As a whole new topic, I thought I would repost something that Ashkoreth Dew stated in response to a comment by Sin Jones on the discussion "Is Reality An Illusion..." The title is really just I Am,…Continue

Tags: existence, afterlife, immortality, awareness, God

Clinton's speech changed my mind. How about yours?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Níos Sine Dia Sep 16, 2012. 85 Replies

Please post your experience if Clinton changed your mind. I watched Bill Clinton give an incredibly good speech at the Democrat Convention last night, and it gave me pause.  His masterful rebuttal of…Continue

Tags: Republican, harmony, Democrat, conservative, Romney

The next 12 months will be unforgettable.

Started this discussion. Last reply by Níos Sine Dia Dec 23, 2011. 29 Replies

Some people are convinced that the world will practically end in one year, on 12/21/12.  Theirs might, but mine will still be here on December 13th, and for at least another quarter century, which is…Continue

As we shine, we also illuminate.

Started this discussion. Last reply by Gilfur Ashardi Dec 10, 2011. 27 Replies

I am personally committed to cultivating an extraordinary presence.  In so doing, it is my belief and conviction that my light improves not only my immediate relationships, but also my community, our…Continue


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About Me:
You might have guessed, but Gilfur Ashardi is not the name I grew up with (I like a certain level of privacy.) I chose the syllables for the feelings elicited by the sounds, and I put them together in a way to evoke a certain personality. The first name Gilfur signifies a down-to-earth, Hobbit-like identity, friendly and familiar. The name Ashardi, though, sounds of intelligence and sophistication with a presumed family history. I've grown into the name over the decades of its use, and I think it describes me better than my official name.

I'm an active participant in this greatest of all amusement parks, having discovered the "secret" a long time ago. However, I advise others against trying to see what's behind the curtain, because we're not here to discover how to get out of this wondrous creation. On the contrary, we're here to express our individual uniqueness and thereby improve God's self-experience.
Favorite Books
The Book of Urantia, Ishmael, Conversations With God, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Celestine Prophecy, Time Enough For Love (Heinlein), Jane Roberts' The Nature Of Personal Reality (Seth books), The Teachings of Don Juan, Unto Thee I Grant, as well as The Lord Of The Rings and Dune.
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Other Beliefs/Practices
I look for, expect and appreciate serendipitous clues to show me my best path forward. It's exciting to be continually teased, tickled and tantalized by the world around me. The more you allow Serendipity into your life, the more amazing this Wonderland is! (Occasionally I have to consciously suppress my ebullience in order to maintain a semblance of calm control.)
I believe the art of appreciation is the key to the feelings of success and happiness that result from achievement. The Art of Appreciation is characterized by the expectant tension of anticipation that the next thing to happen is designed just for you!
(You who understand, get it. You who don't, will get it eventually.)
I make music on dozens of different instruments, and I've learned how to really value the mediocrity of my meager talent; it allows me such wonderful thrills every time I touch perfection. If I were more talented, it would be more difficult to achieve relative greatness. You see, all happiness is context-specific. Keeping attainable goals gives me the incentive to persevere and thereby maintain that ticklishly orgasmic feeling of success!
Anyone who tries to achieve anything against the odds. Heroism may not involve physical effort, and many truly heroic acts cannot be measured by societal standards. Only the individual knows the sacrifices genuinely made.
How did you find PaganSpace?
I was invited by a relatively recent gift from All-That-Is. In a real sense, this site is dedicated to her; my cousin, my friend, Alana.


I've discovered the wondrous value of serendipity in my life. 

Like most things, when your awareness of something becomes stimulated, your experiences of it increase. In both amplitude and frequency. In other words, the more you perceive the serendipities around you, the more powerfully they happen...and the more often.

Serendipity is very much akin to Providence; an unexpected Godsend. It is the child of synchronicity.  A serendipity occurs when the accidental [some say it's only coincidental] confluence of unrelated events coalesce into a nexus of new meaning that provides the answer you didn't know you needed, and your reality takes an alternate path. 

And, it's always good.

There's a trick to it though, as serendipities are both fragile and fleeting. They occur around you all the time, but if you don't notice them, they can't help you. On the other hand, every time you recognize one, it adds a measure of quality to your experience in Life. The trick is to allow enough random capriciousness [or capricious randomness] so that minor flaws in your reality are able to give you a signal about what your next choice should be. Serendipities are clues to the right path you should take.

For instance, I was chatting with a friend online, and I was about to click the SEND button on a comment I had just typed, when I lost my internet connection. That's when I realized that what I had been about to send would probably have been misinterpreted, and might have caused unwanted consequences. The serendipitous intervention of a poor connection saved me from some awkwardness, to say the least.

Serendipities rely very much on Faith for their strength. The more credence you give them, the more valuable they become in everyday living. It's almost like being guided by that "still, small voice" of conscience. 

Serendipity is God's magnificent sense of humor giving you a little nudge.


(originally posted on my blog in 2010, now a bit more refined.)

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Your Soul's Resident Identity

Posted on March 18, 2016 at 4:33pm 4 Comments

I'd like to introduce you to my theory of Resident Identity, which is the idea that even though all possible realities exist simultaneously, only one contains your current awareness. All other realities that include you help to define your soul's identity, and they are also very relevant, but only to those whose perception involves you in some meaningful way. Your resident identity frequently coincides with and looks like the version of your identity that exists for other people in your life, within their perceived realities, but you're not bound by their definition. For instance, within the life reality of a person who is convinced of your "eternal damnation", who will only see you as damned to hell, this person may be secretly gratified to know that at least one of your identities will certainly be screaming in dreadful anguish for as long as she thinks eternity lasts (smile - different subject), but it won't be your resident identity, because You know better.… Continue

Eternity Can't Be Blissful

Posted on January 16, 2016 at 12:00pm 2 Comments

I hear so many people talk about after death basking in eternal bliss in the presence of their deity. It seems to me that they just really haven't thought about it. Or, maybe I over-think it. Eternity means that time is no longer relevant, which necessarily means that space is no longer relevant since the two dimensions are tied inextricably together. If time and space don't exist in eternity, then there are no physical differences that identify an individual as a unique soul. Even thought itself requires time, because thought happens sequentially. So, all that's left is an idea of the individual,... but whose idea is it? Here's where it gets complicated.

Just a few years ago, I realized that I had stopped thinking of God as an independent personality, separate from me, and to whom I could turn for guidance or an occasional favor. I found that my perspective had changed almost imperceptibly, so that I no longer felt like a created being, but an emerged being.… Continue

Beyond Death?

Posted on March 10, 2015 at 11:23pm 0 Comments

There is no direct evidence for any spiritual existence beyond death. As far as I know, all theories about any spiritual pre-existence are based on faith or philosophy. Past life memories can also be explained philosophically, particularly in light of quantum theory, which essentially says that all possibilities happen simultaneously through an infinite multiverse.

So, what can be deduced from observed phenomena?

Apparently, I see beyond the common illusions of our shared Reality. This perception implies a meta-Reality of some kind, which to me seems more reasonable and consistent than the beliefs I inherited through genes and environment. Therefore, at least for me, the ideas of reason and consistency must transcend perceived experience. If Transcendence is an aspect of Reality, then a self-aware Identity must encompass and define the Reality. Such a meta-Identity may well include me along with everyone and everything else. My immediate identity is determined… Continue

Deadline April 7, 2014

Posted on March 11, 2014 at 10:30pm 4 Comments

03-11-14 Dear Diary, I think it must have been 1972 when I believed I received a revelation of sorts about when I would die. I told everyone close to me that I would not die before April 7, 2041. Thereafter, for several years, on each April 7th, I gave gifts to my friends in honor of my Deathday, as opposed to receiving birthday gifts. I lived every day with a secret assurance that I had a charmed existence.

Looking back now, it seems that I really did, even to the point that I'm still too embarrassed to fully admit. From time to time, I'd give someone a gift, and tell them, "Happy Deathday!" Naturally, they'd always ask, and I'd always tell them I was counting down to 2041. Of course, they all--even my brothers--would just humor me, probably thinking it was a harmless quirk.

It was last year sometime, that my memory of the revelation pushed to the surface, and I remembered that the actual original date was April 7, 2014, but I thought I'd rather live to 86, so I swapped the… Continue

Will and the rules of life

Posted on December 7, 2012 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

I posted the following in response to a discussion started by Ritalin-Bunny entitled "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together?".  It was intended to show that even though we are individuals, we are also all connected.

As I see it, each of us is an endpoint of awareness in an extension of All.  We are the mirror by which the Comprehensive Intelligence regards Itself.  The idea of "free will" is for the purpose of expression by this Entity from any possible perspective.  If all of these infinite perspectives were predetermined, then the potential for Self-expression would be limited by the boundaries of their individual definitions.  As far as I know, there are no limits at all.  The farther we reach, the more we see beyond.

Though I have a sense of my…


Behind The Curtain

Posted on January 6, 2012 at 1:30pm 15 Comments


This is a compilation of several blogs I wrote a couple of years ago on MySpace, before I discovered PaganSpace.  If you're a Christian or have strongly held beliefs of a limited god/dess, this is not for you.  In fact, it is in your best interests to ignore this.

When the Wizard of Oz admonished Dorothy to "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain," he was stating the most basic rule of this game called life. 

Consider this.

Let's say you choose to involve yourself in a role-playing game with strict parameters of play. So long as you play within…


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At 11:05pm on February 1, 2017, Shawn Blackwolf said…

Dear Sir Gilfur...

You do realize , I , Shawn Blackwolf , am in the

male category of beingness , on this plane of

so called existence ?

You linked to my reply , when you said "clever girl"

so just thought I would check and let you know...;)

Good to see you !

At 10:43pm on January 7, 2017, Philonous said…

I remember you talked about serendipity quite often. 

Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way?

Are you of the opinion that there is some sort of providence behind these serendipities?

At 10:05pm on January 7, 2017, Philonous said…

Stoicism is actually a rather robust philosophy that has even made its way into modern psychology through cognitive behavioral therapy; though, I think Rational hedonism/Epicureanism is more in tune with human nature which is a bottom-up design with the limbic system regulating most behaviors

At 4:03am on March 16, 2016, Sunny said…

Gil, it's my honour sir! ;)

At 8:29am on October 13, 2015, Cat Lady Bree gave Gilfur Ashardi a gift
Thanks for the friend request! B.
At 9:22pm on August 15, 2015, Barry J King said…

Hi Gilfur, welcome to my circle of friends.

At 11:53am on March 16, 2015, Dennis Grega, Ph.D said…
Thank you for the gift of your friendship. I also look forward to many discussions with you. Peace to you.
At 11:41am on March 16, 2015, Michelle Szabo RMT said…

My pleasure Gilfur...I am also looking forward to it...:) Many blessings!

At 10:25am on March 9, 2013, Pat Miller said…

Mornin' and a good day to you too. Haven't heard from you for a while.Even Pagan Space has been pretty quiet lately.  Good to hear from you. :-)


At 12:39pm on May 10, 2012, Tea said…

Hi Sweetie, as like you, I though we were friends as well, but I guess that means I really need to keep my Ears Open on who is and is not Friends. lol

But thank you very much for the invite. I do look forward to having mang many chays with you here.

May the Blessings With you always,



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