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About Me:
I prefer to entertain a “Happy Days” approach to life, love & everything else!
"I have found that among its other benefits giving liberates the soul of the giver" -Maya Angelou-
"A Great Relationship Happens When Two People Who Truly Understand Each Other and Love Each Other for Who They Are Come Together and Create Something Stronger Than Either of Them Could Ever Be on Their Own..."
Favorite Books
"Poetry is boned with ideas nerved and blooded with emotions all held together by the delicate tough skin of words."
~Paul Engle~
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Pagan, Wiccan, Mystic, Christian, Other Spirituality, Native American Spirituality
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Wicca...Crystals...Tarot...Virgin/Curious Pagan/Wiccan
Love - Truth - Travelling - Eating - Anything creative & new - Friendship - Art - Singing - Laughing - Animals - Chatting - Listening to music - Beach - Role playing - Drums - Bagpipes - Being weird - Performing - Faerie-worlds - Faeries - Soap bubbles - Extra-terrestrial life - Hugging - The mind - Peace, love & happiness - Jensen Ackles - Zachary Quinto - Nate Burkus - Cheese - Bed - Randomness - Wildlife - Philosophy - Creative thinking - Horse whisperer - Horses - Learning - Religion - Spirituality - Health - Green living - Exercise - Camping - Hiking - Hanging out with friends - Ice cream - Having fun - Out to dinner - Equality - Animal welfare - Thinking - Meditating - Flowers - Artificial Intelligence - Holography - Teddy bears - Beach Holidays - Eating Out With Friends - Dinner Parties at Home - Musicals - Faith - Cuddling - Meeting New People - Long Walks - Bush-walking - Relaxing - Being me - Tropical Islands - Baking - Mythology - Outdoors - Happiness - Peace - Nature conservation - Renewable energy - Resource Protection - Climate change - Community health - Talent - Naps - Socialising - Space - Ocean - Singing - Walking - Sleep - Reading - Cooking - Life Itself - Braai - Watching Movies - Animal rights - African drumming - Graphics...
14th Dalai Lama
Nelson Mandela
Leonardo da Vinci
And so many more...
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The Lovers represents intuition and inspiration. Very often a choice needs to be made.

Originally, this card was called just LOVE. And that's actually more apt than "Lovers." Love follows in this sequence of growth and maturity. And, coming after the Emperor, who is about control, it is a radical change in perspective. LOVE is a force that makes you choose and decide for reasons you often can't understand; it makes you surrender control to a higher power. And that is what this card is all about. Finding something or someone who is so much a part of yourself, so perfectly attuned to you and you to them, that you cannot, dare not resist. This card indicates that the you have or will come across a person, career, challenge or thing that you will fall in love with. You will know instinctively that you must have this, even if it means diverging from your chosen path. No matter the difficulties, without it you will never be complete.

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Sleep Song...By Steven Kroll

How far and wide the fairies fly

On bright and golden wing.

But when they settle down to sleep

A gentle song they sing

Sweet Queen of Night

Soft silver stars

We're glad you are so near

We seek our beds

We rest our heads

Without a moment's fear

On thistledown

In hidden nooks

We watch the waning light

The joys of sleep

Upon us creep

We wish you all good night


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Sexcitations, Good, Good Vibrations...

Posted on April 19, 2011 at 5:06pm 0 Comments

Springtime howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Thank you, to everyone who participated in the Luck…

Midnight Visitations and Visions...

Posted on April 19, 2011 at 4:56pm 0 Comments

White swirls of clouds danced before him. Edges of bone white lace filtered through his mind and settled along his peripheral vision. A cat like purr followed by a yowl brushed his ear. Light, diffused by the cloudy smoke rings surrounding him, pierced the perimeter of his magic circle.

Only one who knew him dared to come this close and seek entrance.…


The Rain-Thomas Kinkade...

Posted on April 19, 2011 at 10:54am 0 Comments

This is a Thomas Kinkade painting. It's rumoured to carry a miracle! I am passing this on because I thought it was… Continue

Music Man...

Posted on April 19, 2011 at 10:46am 0 Comments

Pagan Symbols...

Posted on April 19, 2011 at 10:45am 0 Comments

In the in between times...

Posted on April 19, 2011 at 10:22am 0 Comments


Posted on April 19, 2011 at 10:19am 0 Comments

The only people...

Posted on April 19, 2011 at 9:44am 0 Comments

Glowing Force...

Posted on April 19, 2011 at 9:30am 0 Comments

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At 12:15am on February 27, 2014, Sun Majik said…
At 1:41am on June 22, 2011, Bell Book and Candle said…
At 10:38am on June 18, 2011, Moonheart13 said…

Had such a blissful day hiking along the American River with my son yesterday.  We saw deer, wild turkey, Canadian geese, mallards, and far to many more to list here.  It was one of those "perfect" days.

At 1:45am on June 4, 2011, Moonheart13 said…

Friday blessings to you.  I would like to extend a special invitation to you to join me on a journey of a lifetime.  A journey toward a new era of consciousness as we approach the dawning of 2012.

Lady Moonheart

At 3:36pm on May 27, 2011, Bell Book and Candle said…
At 3:36pm on May 27, 2011, Bell Book and Candle said…
At 10:20am on May 26, 2011, Terry said…
At 8:48am on May 22, 2011, Briaor Dianus gave JoeBlack a gift
Thanks Joe!
At 10:45am on May 17, 2011, Terry said…
At 9:23pm on May 14, 2011, Cordelia (Cordy) McConnell gave JoeBlack a gift
Have a Blessed Weekend! Love and Light to you and yours, Cordy
At 7:04pm on April 22, 2011, Leila Raven said…
At 5:27pm on April 19, 2011, Bell Book and Candle said…
At 4:04pm on April 19, 2011, Phoenix Sky gave JoeBlack a gift
You are very welcome. Thank you for seeking me out to add as a friend. I truely hope that you have a wonderful week as well.
At 2:06pm on April 19, 2011, Moonheart13 said…

Welcome to the 2011 Formula One Season on Pagan Space.  This is going to be an exciting year for F1, so I am glad you joined me.  Lots to share on the road to the Championship.

Lady Moonheart

At 4:27pm on April 16, 2011, Bell Book and Candle said…
Psychic Jokes
Two psychic healers meet in the street - "You're fine - how am I?"
Where do fortune tellers dance? .....The crystal ball
What trees do fortune tellers look at? .......Palms
At 4:24pm on April 16, 2011, TheSilverCoyote said…
Thanks for the request Joe! Peace, Love Empathy! :)
At 11:34am on April 16, 2011, Terry said…
At 10:09am on April 16, 2011, Bell Book and Candle gave JoeBlack a gift
At 10:08am on April 16, 2011, Bell Book and Candle said…
Psychic Jokes
Two psychic healers meet in the street - "You're fine - how am I?"
Where do fortune tellers dance? .....The crystal ball
What trees do fortune tellers look at? .......Palms
At 7:03pm on April 15, 2011, Jim D gave JoeBlack a gift

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