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Welcome " One & All, As I'm always in search of a new friend, And friendslist is the best way to network ! Please do feel free to add me as a friend" Papa Raven !!!

Profile Information

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Astrological Sign
Virgo with many Virgonian Attributes
About Me:
I'm an Old Pagan very Eclectic extreme Activist towards patience
and tolerance towards Individuality.
Twitter URL
Favorite Books
far too many to list.
Beliefs / Practices
Occultist, Spiritual but not Religious, Pagan, Witch, Wiccan, Satanist, Mystic, Shaman, Other Spirituality, Native American Spirituality, Heathen, Druid
Other Beliefs/Practices
collecting things, like online Art,PsP, the Studies of Archaeology/Anthropology, Philosophy, Theory, Applied Theory
Politics, Religion, However the Latter two I shall only discuss
with the educated???
Budda, Kiva, Kwan yin, Jesus, (this guy was a fantastic teacher)
Benjamin Franklin, The Kings Sr,&Jr, JFK, Susan B. Anthony.
and any other that made positive changes in our world???
How did you find PaganSpace?
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Time & Temp

M'Ladies & Lords I would very much, enjoy to have each and everyone of you as Me Friends !!! So Add Away?
Papa Raven
Apologies for Networking
Ladies & Lords
I'm sorry to have offended you? some how? As for having A personal email addy of yours, I do not have personal email addies, What Happens when two people become friends we are placed on friends list, and so when I send out Invites to network ourselves, I send it to all on my friend list, As I'm not sure as to where I have met and became friends with you I'm not sure, As I'm a Member of forty or more sites And cherish each and all of the over 500 and still counting Friends? And so I can only say that If you wish to stop being on my friends list, to which I can only say I do wish It wont come to this. My hurt from the loss of just one friend?to me is hurtful, Might I suggest to do as I often do and just delete the unwanted Invites. If this is too troublesome! You please, need to find where exactly we've crossed paths"at whatever site, and delete yourself from my list of Friends As I previously have said to lose just one of my friends Hurts , But I will respect your decision?
Papa Raven
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Engaging personality, sensitive, modest, occasionally narcissistic, but can rise above vanity. Colors: male: violet, female: rose
Compatible Signs:
Set, Horus
Feb 12 - Feb 29, Aug 20 - Aug 31
Role: God of the earth
Green-skinned man, with leaves all over his body and a goose on his head. Sometimes he was shown laying on his side under his wife, the sky goddess Nut.
Sacred animals:

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"Shakespeare Once said What's in a name ? A Rose by any other shall still smell As SWEET !"
So many through out the last 2000 yrs have argued and even went to Battle over the Understandings of Just one Book " The Bible " Blood has been spilled from so many through out the History of this Book? And Yet here we are in a new millennium, And We as Pagans are coming to Blows over simply what is what, who is who In Paganism, Some feel this way some believe that way, One thing of Commons " As the Christians Have their Bible to argue over to what it say's to what it means" Pagans Are beginning to follow down I'm afraid the same Path, Wicca is a religion, Wiccan are Pagans, Witches are Wiccan, Pagans are all Witches, Anyone beginning, to see Some similarities here as yet??? Again Why can't Individuality find it's Home to Race, Religion, Sexuality, If more would but only accept the fact that there are no two Individuals going to be Identical, Not in their eating habits, their sexuality, and most of All not in Their Religious Beliefs. We are as Individual in Religion as our very own DNA, our fingerprints, there are no two going to be the same? Want/need proof I/E an Example? Just look around you and your communities, There is almost a church, on every street corner And the worse of this is the fact that 98% percent of these Churches are all teaching and believing from the Very Same Book ! " The Bible " Whats even worse is through out history lives have been lost over the fact that simply put, No two Individuals, Are going to believe the same way! Oh yeah there are Beliefs and Ideas to which a few may feel comfortable with I/E you have the Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, Same goes for Us as well " And Mind you I'm speaking to me as well as I've on a number of times forgetting all of this, myself? " you got your Gards"theirs is the only true way, the Alexandrian's, Witches, Wiccan's, Pagans, I don't know what is expected to happen but we have history to look back upon to realize no path is the one and only true path, Christian or Pagan We are all Individuals and we have truly only one true Commonality that is " We're Humans" outside of that box, there are apples and oranges " perhaps even a cpl Bananas as well, But We are in need of some real Decision making are we to repeat History and Break Down as other religions have? Are we going to Break Down as other Societies have or are we to make History by accepting the facts as they are ? And these facts Are there can be two mommies or two daddies, their can be Hebrew with Muslims, A Wiccan can be a religion, A Pagan can Be anything outside of other lifestyles? A Gardinerian can be a Gardinerian "smiles" the Words as comical as they sound " Can't We All just get Along" Really needs to be asked amongst Ourselves????
Jest the Ramblings, Of an Ole Man !!!

Look At these Faces?
Embed them to your Memories, Always be looking out for these faces, As they each have loving Families that are in search of finding these faces and their safe and Unharmed Little Being’s Back into the safe and Loving Arms of their Loved Ones !!! PLEASE HELP

"If you take the Bible and put it out into the rain, wind and snow, it will soon dissolve. My religion IS the rain, wind and snow."
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At 7:02pm on June 28, 2014, Lowana Drurey said…

Hi Papa Raven I'm Lowana Drurey from Haines. I sent you a friend request and I'll be in Juneau from Wednesday July 2nd-Monday July 7th. I would like to meet you and your wife.

At 3:19am on June 2, 2013, Brujo said…

In nomine Magni Dei Nostri Satanas, Introibo ad altare Domini Inferi! \,,/

At 2:05pm on October 25, 2011, phoenixtigerheart said…

Papa, the site is celebrating 4 years and on this day I wanted to rememer you and what you meant to this site!

in love and trust

At 4:12am on June 24, 2010, Rasputin Fuerchtegott gave Papa Raven a gift
Per Aspera Ad Astra
At 11:36pm on April 28, 2010, Bell Book and Candle said…
At 6:22pm on March 2, 2010, Brujo said…
Left Hand Path
At 11:02pm on February 13, 2010, Satansbride gave Papa Raven a gift
At 4:49am on January 11, 2010, Ariadne said…
Rest in Peace my friend

At 7:27pm on October 21, 2009, Herne gave Papa Raven a gift
Because I miss you so much, my dear friend :(
At 2:58am on September 16, 2009, sweetstormy said…
do you know of a business that would sell me wholesale pelts. I was in Alaska a few years ago and I can't remember the shop that I bought sliver fox fur, it was the left over fur that was left from making boots. thankyou so much. Sweetstormy

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