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destination truth

Started this discussion. Last reply by Dream Oct 8, 2009. 17 Replies

did any body see last nights episode of destination truth the first part of it when they went to peru and found the body


Started this discussion. Last reply by Lightwolf Sep 24, 2009. 6 Replies

what are the different paths for pagans???


Started this discussion. Last reply by Maewryn Sep 24, 2009. 6 Replies

are there any symbols you can put on a candle to improve a spell?


Started this discussion. Last reply by SIN Sep 17, 2009. 3 Replies

does anybody know what a technopagan is?

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lonely wiccans and pagans

this is a group for all the single wiccans to meet and talk
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lonely wiccans and pagans

this is a group for all the single wiccans to meet and talk
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lonely wiccans and pagans

this is a group for all the single wiccans to meet and talk
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lonely wiccans and pagans

this is a group for all the single wiccans to meet and talk
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lonely wiccans and pagans

this is a group for all the single wiccans to meet and talk
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What Real Life Demon Are You?

Belial (The Bringer of Guilt)
Belial (The Bringer of Guilt)
You are Belial The Worthless. You have absolutely no sympathy or regrets and you delight in causing misery in the lives of humans. You are far from being called a peacemaker because you love to watch loved ones fighting. You spread vicious lies and cause great discord then sit back and watch the fire works. Belial was thought to be the father of Lucifer and Belial convinced him to turn on his Loving Master. Though a truly evil figure you never loose your cool and remain calm and collected.
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Dark Dragon
Dark Dragon
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What type of lycan are you

Type 3
Type 3
The best one yet, You change painlessly whenever you want and still get power from the moon. You are weakened by silver anyway :(. you can be any animal from squirrel to dragon.
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Your Power Element is Wood

Your power colors: green and brown

Your energy: generative

Your season: spring

Like a tree, you are always growing and changing.
And while your life is dynamic, you are firmly grounded.
You have high morals and great confidence in yourself and others.
You have a wide set of interests, and you make for interesting company.
What's your inner spirit?
Wolf Wolf You are faithful and cautious. You tend to run with a group of others and like to have others around you. You are brave and also gentle.
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Yes, you survive!
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At 8:46pm on July 13, 2012, Raven Kelly gave Rain Pebble a gift
Happy Friday The 13th my friend!
At 11:37pm on September 18, 2010, Sage Firestorm said…
At 11:23am on March 20, 2010, Crooked Sky said…
(((Rain Pebble)))

At 4:36pm on January 18, 2010, Spider Witch said…
Yay another quiz collector(mine are hiding)
Happy birthday!
At 10:27am on January 18, 2010, Terry said…

At 6:10am on January 18, 2010, ForestWillow said…
At 9:56am on December 30, 2009, Celticwitch said…

I hope New Years is great for you and the 31st is a wonderful night as the blue moon lights a new year in and Magick fills the air. Blessed be Celticwitch



At 9:09am on December 29, 2009, MommaDragonfly said…
At 5:20pm on December 21, 2009, Raven Kelly said…

Name: jodie
January 18 1990
3:33 PM Time Zone is CST
festus, MO

Rising Sign is in 09 Degrees Cancer
Very sensitive by nature, you prefer to be in your own familiar surroundings. Cautious and conservative, you make changes in your life only very slowly, if at all. You do not open up easily to strangers. Friendships are made for life, however -- once given, your trust is forever. Your mother, your home as a child and your early family life in general are very important to you. You are also very sentimental. When you feel self- confident, you are gentle, giving and protective of the needs of others. But when you feel insecure or threatened, you become overly sensitive to criticism, shy, withdrawn and moody. You have a strong need for security -- in the sense that you are being loved, nourished and protected.

Sun is in 28 Degrees Capricorn.
Extremely serious and mature, you are capable of accepting responsibilities and do so willingly. Others expect you to be dutiful as a matter of course. You tend to get angry when people get rewards after not having worked anywhere near as hard as you. You are goal-oriented and an achiever by nature -- you're a hard worker and are justifiably proud of the tangible results of your efforts. You tend to have "tunnel-vision" -- this allows you to block out extraneous matters that might distract others and to concentrate totally on the matter at hand. As such, you are the ideal one to manage or administrate any ongoing project and to be practical and efficient at it. You are not a fast worker, but you are quite thorough. You are known for being totally persistent, tenacious and tireless in reaching your goals.

Moon is in 28 Degrees Libra.
Affectionate, warm and friendly, life must be a "beautiful" experience for you. Unpleasantness should be avoided at all costs. You tend to overlook other people's faults and you would rather give in than fight. You are uncomfortable with strangers, but at ease and sociable with friends and associates. Indeed, you would rather socialize than work -- you can use your prodigious charm to avoid unpleasant tasks. You need the support and assistance of another in order to get you started on any new project -- you are not a self-starter. Be careful of a tendency to be overly self-indulgent (i.e., lazy). Your refined aesthetic sensibilities attract you to music, dance, art and any other cultured activity.

Mercury is in 09 Degrees Capricorn.
You are a careful thinker, very cautious and conservative. You are quite skillful at organizing, directing and planning activities. Practical and useful things interest you -- you are not attracted to abstract thoughts or ideas. With your tendency to be highly focused and very goal-oriented, you have a good head for business. But beware of a tendency to be narrow-minded and dogmatic. Your sense of humor tends toward being earthy and slapstick crude.

Venus is in 28 Degrees Capricorn.
You tend to keep your feelings under control -- emotions are only released in serious or important situations. You are distrustful of others whose behavior could be judged excessive or immoderate. As such, you prefer to relate only to those who are older than you or to those whose position is such that respect and duty are more important for both of you than passion or emotional response. Be careful, however, of relationships that are merely based on practicality or utility or you will ultimately be lonely.

Mars is in 22 Degrees Sagittarius.
Your every action is motivated by high moral standards and ideals. You will work very hard to improve the lot of the world at large, but you demand action about it -- you do not like to just sit around and talk about doing it in an abstract manner. You like to be where the real action is. You resist mightily any attempts to limit your freedom and you will assist anyone who feels put down and restricted. You are extremely restless by nature -- physical exercise is very important to you if you would maintain your health.

Jupiter is in 02 Degrees Cancer.
You must be emotionally secure in order to grow and develop. You are happiest when your family and community support and nourish you and boost your morale. Whether your childhood experiences of love and emotional dependability were positive or negative will set the tone for your emotional growth and stability as an adult. When you feel at ease with yourself, you are able to offer assistance to those who need a helping hand.

Saturn is in 17 Degrees Capricorn.
Very serious-minded and mature, you have the ability to take on responsibilities and to carry out important duties. You can also be trusted to be extremely practical and thrifty. A good organizer, you are the ideal one to be counted on to take a clearly defined project through to its logical conclusion. An achiever, you pride yourself on your ability to focus your attention totally on some worthy goal and then attain it.

Uranus is in 06 Degrees Capricorn.
You, and your peer group as well, seek out practical solutions to a changing society's attitudes to customs, traditions and authority structures. Your logical and orderly manner of dealing with these matters will result in permanent and carefully planned, but sweeping, reforms.

Neptune is in 12 Degrees Capricorn.
You, and your entire generation, will idealize work, practicality and the ability to attain reasonable goals. But, because you will also stress the need to be selfless and giving, you may find it difficult to attain your goals unless you have lowered your expectations on all fronts.

Pluto is in 17 Degrees Scorpio.
For your entire generation, this is a period of intense research and discovery in areas that were heretofore considered mysterious, remote or taboo. The root causes for many complex occurrences will be unearthed due to the intensity and thoroughness of the search.

N. Node is in 16 Degrees Aquarius.
As long as someone else (or a group or organization) appeals to your intellectual sensibilities, you'll try to ally yourself with them in some way. You may find that you always seem to get involved with many wide-ranging groups -- so much so that you find it difficult to fit them all into your busy schedule. Your many friends and acquaintances provide you with needed stimulation. You're loyal and fair-minded -- you try to spend time equally with all your friends, never concentrating on just one or two for any length of time. Although probably quite conservative yourself, you're attracted to those who are a bit offbeat or eccentric -- you enjoy watching their minds work.

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