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Saulf's Discussions

A hammer as a witchcraft tool?

Started this discussion. Last reply by SIN JONES Jun 2, 2015. 15 Replies

Okay, so today I came across this link: Click Here (BTW you won't be able to see it unless you have a Tumblr account)The link briefly mentions using a hammer as a tool, specifically for spells gone wrong. I've yet to hear of a hammer being used as a tool for witchcraft, but I'd be interested in hearing some more about it if any of you guys know something or use a…Continue

Tags: tools, tool, witchcraft, hammer

Describe your craft and/or spiritual path in one GIF

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jason Durham Jun 15, 2015. 34 Replies

Just a silly little thing for fun~! ;PSaulf's Craft and PathContinue

Tags: spiritual path, witchcraft, gif

Anyone seen a chakra do this before?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Saulf May 8, 2015. 4 Replies

I wasn't exactly sure where this topic would fit, but occult as an umbrella term seemed to be the best fit. If I'm mistaken please feel free to correct my error.Still, I saw something odd recently and I'm not sure what to make of it... Has anyone ever seen a heart chakra dripping into the solar plexus one below it? Some input on the matter would be useful.Continue

Tags: wtf, chakras, chakra

Anubis and ???

Started this discussion. Last reply by ΨClydeΨ Nov 16, 2014. 7 Replies

Recently came across this picture when reading about Anubis (Anpu) and have no idea who the bull headed guy is... Does anyone know his identity?Continue

What is this?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rose Dec 20, 2014. 4 Replies

The attached photo is something that an acquaintance of mine came across on Tumblr a year or two ago, knowing that I'd be interested because of the main symbol present...But what is this photo of? Is it come sort of ceremonial magic, something else or something unknown? Are the squiggles actual writing? If so, what language? Where does that language come from and what does the writing mean?Overall, what is this...?Continue

Good witch vs bad witch

Started this discussion. Last reply by Zombie_Mom May 21, 2014. 35 Replies

So, this is something that I've been thinking a little about lately... How the fluffy bunnies freely condemn anyone who uses 'dark magic', and how there are also extremists who delusionally think that they can use magic to get whatever they want.In the most common form of thinking about this, a lot of people take a 'light vs dark' stance... And me? I like to think of myself as grey. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and use some 'dark magic', but I'm not someone who tries to abuse whatever…Continue

Incense Oddity

Started this discussion. Last reply by Saulf Mar 12, 2014. 8 Replies

So I recently noticed that my roomie has been acting a bit off lately (Moody, depressed, etc...) and a thought came to me. Just because spirits know not to bother me because I've chewed them up and spat them back out before, doesn't mean that they won't bother her and it's been a while since I've cleansed the house. So I went out and purchased some white sage incense, and proceeded to burn it in the house.Now for the oddity.I burned it with one of those long incense holders which holds it at an…Continue

Untraditional/Unusual Practices

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jesse Bowsher May 21, 2014. 54 Replies

I've read so many books listing a whole bunch of tools that are traditionally used in the practice of witchcraft, but find many of them incompatible with the ways in which I feel comfortable about practicing my own craft. Take the classic wand for example... I can't use one for the life of me! Most people supposedly find it easier to channel energy through them, while I only find it harder. If I'm not supposed to use my bare hands (Which I've never seen mentioned as a practice in anything…Continue

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Western Sun: Leo. Western Moon: Cancer. Eastern Sun: Fire Rat. Eastern Moon: Monkey. Celtic: Hazel and Salmon. Native American: Sturgeon/Salmon.
About Me:
I've been using magick for as long as I can remember, though I only started to actually look into magick properly and study it about seven years ago. The category that seems to suit me best is 'eclectic witch', so that's what I generally say I am..
I don't add randoms, so unless we tend to comment on each other's discussions/blogs or pm each other every once in a while don't bother sending me a friend request.
Ask if you want to know more... Though my 'Favorite Books' section could probably tell you more about me than anything else.
Favorite Books
Terry Pratchett: 'The Wee Free Men', 'A Hat Full of Sky', 'Wintersmith', 'I Shall Wear Midnight' and 'The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents'.
Suzanne Collins: 'The Hunger Games', 'Catching Fire' and 'Mockingjay'.
Veronica Roth: 'Divergent'
J. K. Rowling: 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets', 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban', 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix', 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' and 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'.
J. R. R. Tolkien: 'The Hobbit'
Charles de Lint: 'The Blue Girl'
Liz Gilbert: 'Eat Pray Love'
Rosemary Ellen Guiley: 'The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft'
Brian Froud and Alan Lee: 'Faeries'
Helen Farmer-Knowles: 'The Healing Plants Bible'
Martin Luther King Junior: 'The Measure of a Man'
Beliefs / Practices
Witch, Other Spirituality
Other Beliefs/Practices
I am:
I practice:
Blood Magick,
Cleansing/Banishing/Exorcism (Whatever you want to call the practice),
Shadow Work,
Dream Interpretation,
Reading, writing, drawing, cooking, travel, studying languages, learning in general, etc...
My Grandmother
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Saulf's Blog


Posted on June 4, 2015 at 5:55am 0 Comments

Been seeing shapes in the fire recently, I think it might be a form of pyromancy.

Last time I saw a turkey and a guest didn't show up for dinner, this time I saw a lunging and snarling wolf. Not sure what that means exactly... At least, not yet.

Chocolate Hearts

Posted on June 3, 2015 at 11:30pm 0 Comments

I had a dream the other night that I was in a store filled with chocolate hearts of all different kinds. I’d gone in with two or three of my friends and they quickly picked out what they wanted to buy, urging me to hurry up and pick what I wanted already. Not being a big fan of chocolate myself, I wanted to buy some for Aphrodite as an offering… But being broke as usual, I couldn’t really buy much. With the amount of money I had I could either buy her a lot of cheap little hearts or…


Dreams Again

Posted on May 8, 2015 at 1:30am 0 Comments

I've been seeing a lot of interesting things in my dreams lately, but I'm also having trouble remembering them when I wake up again...

Some interesting things that I've seen include:

-A half bald woman with several blue eyes all over her head.

-Tongues with holes in the shape of the Saint Peter's cross.


I also had a dream last night that I got back together with an ex of mine. Now, at a glance this might not seem strange but in this case it…


Creepy Dream

Posted on December 20, 2014 at 6:43pm 2 Comments

I had a few different dreams last night, but the last one was kind of creepy... There was an unconscious man lying on the ground and I was leaning down to check if he was still breathing. He was very dark skinned, bald and had a lithe figure. He also gave me a major fright when his eyes snapped open! He just stared at me, his eyes unblinking until he decided to slither out from underneath me and get to his knees. From the moment that he opened his eyes there was also a light hissing sound like… Continue

Dreaming of the Morrigan again...

Posted on November 28, 2014 at 5:54pm 0 Comments

I had two dreams last night because the cat woke me up running around like a lunatic, but in the first one the Morrigan decided to invade my dreams again... I couldn't tell where we were, but it was just the two of us and she was talking to me about stuff that she wanted me to do again. Only, I can't remember what it was again...!
This is getting frustrating as hell very fast!

A foggy dream within a dream and contact with the Morrigan

Posted on November 28, 2014 at 12:07am 1 Comment

It was really foggy by the time I woke up, but the dream that I had last night was really interesting...

I dreamt that I had a dream about the Morrigan and was telling a friend about it a little while after I woke up. In the dream within my dream I was standing in a field with the Morrigan and three other women who's names all started with C (Can't remember their names any more than that)... I was talking with the Morrigan about something that she wanted me to do (Can't remember what…


Weird Ass Dream

Posted on November 12, 2014 at 8:30am 3 Comments

It started out in a hotel bar (Which was upstairs) where I ordered a massive glass of beer, which I drank down in two gulps. After that I was feeling really buzzed, so for some reason I walked downstairs and headed towards the pokie room. Only, since this place was very posh I was stopped by a fancy looking guy dressed like a butler who told me that I couldn't access that area because I wasn't a guest of the hotel and I was disturbing everyone with my drunkness.


I told him…


Things I Hate About The 'Pagan' Community

Posted on October 22, 2014 at 2:20am 8 Comments

In no particular order...

-Christian witches hating on Satanists.

-The repulsive over use of pagan greetings.

-Wiccans hating on anyone who practices the black arts.

-Recreationists who are more pagan than thou.

-People referring to Loki/Moloch as the Norse/Phoenician and Canaanite Devil.

-Atheist witches who troll anyone having a genuine spiritual experience of any kind.

-Sparkle witches who act more pagan than thou.



First Visit to the Akashic Records

Posted on October 10, 2014 at 5:57am 0 Comments

It was a few years ago now, but this is what happened the first time I went to visit the Akashic records...


I was in what I later would later come to call 'the land of the dead', which was a place with buildings, paths and people of all different types all thrown in together. Some bits of the paths were pavers, some bits were stone slabs, some bits were cobblestone and some bits were dirt. There were people from all different ages, races and time periods going about their…


You Scored as Hearthwitch
A witch who practices his magick and rituals in the home, with the household hearth as a focal point. His home will host various household guardians and spirits. He is often a source of hearth, home and fireside folklore, customs and traditions. A hearthwitch is a domestic witch who works closely with the elements and various spirits who may add some shamanic techniques to his practise. He knows many spells for the home, such as protection or purification spells, and kitchen magick as well. He studies how to make a magickal home, kitchen and garden, a witch who practises domestic magick. His tools will often revolve around household chores as well as the kitchen and garden, such as besoms, a garden trowel, smudge sticks, a wooden spoon, and fireplace tools. He will have a shrine/altar set up in his home, probably on the fireplace mantle or by the stove, but may also have one set up in the kitchen and/or garden. His patrons will be deities of the hearth, home, family, fire, agriculture and harvest.




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At 8:17am on April 16, 2015, ΨClydeΨ said…

I saw this Egyptian artifact dating from 305-30 BC for sale and thought of you. Here is the link:

At 5:52pm on November 29, 2014, Kixs said…

Aw how sweet of you to ask me to be your friend Saulf. Thank you!

At 7:55am on November 20, 2014, ΨClydeΨ said…

Hi Saulf, I'm glad you liked my blog post "Dogs of San Miguel." I enjoyed your discussion about Anubis and Bata. Many years ago before I knew who Anubis was I had a dream that he appeared in, probably a collective consciousness experience. I bought a statue of Anubis and put it next to a bull statue before I knew about his brother Bata. I thought that to be an interesting coincidence. Have a great day.

At 1:15pm on October 29, 2014, Tristero said…

Looks like you're the "Welcome Wagon" for this community! Thanks for saying "hello" and the warm welcome... nice graphic!

At 9:58am on October 29, 2014, Barbara Heinsohn said…
Hi, thanks for the welcome. C:
At 10:37pm on October 27, 2014, Harry W Galer said…

Thanks for the welcome. Learning.

At 5:11am on October 27, 2014, Amethyst Samia said…
Hi Saulf! Somehow I ended up on your page. Sometimes that happens when the thumbs get to flying on the smarter-than-me phone. Anyway when that happens I figure there's a reason so I explore the page a bit. I saw on you favorite book list The Healing Plants Bible. Caught my interest of course. Good book? What do you like about it? What kind of info is in it? PM me if you like! Blessed be! *scampers away quickly while cackling*
At 3:03pm on October 23, 2014, danny buyck said…

hi thanks for the advice. happy spring time.

At 7:08pm on October 22, 2014, Randy said…

Thank's for the warm welcome

At 8:31am on October 22, 2014, AJ said…

Thank you!


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