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Be kind to friend and kin, and reward not their trespasses against you; bear and forbear, and win for yourself thereby long enduring praise of men - Brynhild, Volsung Saga, ch 21

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Heathen Wisdom

Posted on October 25, 2008 at 10:40am 0 Comments

Yesterday I got into dialog with a salesclerk at Toys R us after he saw the Ansuz rune around my neck (My Mjollnir went missing) or maybe it was the Valhalla University T-shirt, but it came to the question of What do I believe? Usually followed up with comments hoping that is not pillaging and plunder (although not yesterday). I may joke that P&P does have its place and time... but then the discussion ensues regarding the ways of Pre-Christian Germania with a reference to the… Continue

In honor of Erik the Red

Posted on October 8, 2008 at 12:06pm 0 Comments

Many attribute October 8th a day in honor of Erik the Red, credited with the fiest settlement in medieval Greenland. As many (including his son Leif Erikson, famed for his discovery of the New World 500 years before Columbus) in the world at that time were abandoning their roots in favor of Christianity, Erik the Red remained loyal to the Old Gods. Let all heathens raise their horn and honor the stubborness and steadfastness of Erik the Red who refused to betray his faith.

Ramble, ramble Part 4 or Not Being Nothing

Posted on October 4, 2008 at 10:30am 5 Comments

Recently I had a crisis of faith where I shied away from my heathen beliefs. That was mentioned earlier (in Odin and the Thorn) and now that I am back, I feel I need to do something to embrace heathenism and maybe to give back in some way and, well, not let the crisis happen again. My son is in college, which was a path that did not run to fruition for me in my youth (factors outside of my control back then) and I think about what might have been. I was thinking it would be nice to pursue some… Continue

Ramble, ramble Part 3 or Embracing Inner Masculinity

Posted on October 4, 2008 at 9:45am 4 Comments

My brother in law has complained that the mainstream world (at least in liberal Massachusetts) is guilty of emasculating the modern man. I won't get into this issue in this blog post about whether he's right or wrong and whether emasculation is right or wrong (not the same thing) but I can say that it was never a big issue for me personally. You see, I was raised by my Mom and Dad was never around. Some would say that this can create an environment where a male can grow up to be more… Continue

Ramble, ramble Part 2 or Invoking the Gods

Posted on October 4, 2008 at 8:51am 5 Comments

As a fairly new heathen, I am still guilty of mistakes, I suppose in how I invoke the Gods. I have put time aside in the morning and the evening to praise the Gods, but I have not always actively let them lead me during the day. Well, sometimes... but sometimes life gets me too busy and the Gods have slipped to the background. Not deliberately, but when I have foud myself stuck in a challenging situation figuring out some crazy computer problem or an even more difficult parenting situation,… Continue

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Relationship Status:
About Me:
Two years into heathenism. A rocky road, to be sure; not the fault of the Gods but rather an imperfect follower. Single parent. PC Tech. Have books in every room of the apartment. Ancestral heritage is important. My heritage includes English, Welsh, Greek and Danish. The Norse Pantheon calls to me.
Favorite Books
· The Poetic Edda
· The Prose Edda
· The Saga of the Volsungs
· The Saga of Icelanders
· The Saga of Grettir the Strong
· Njal's Saga
· The Saga of King Hrolf Kraki
· Beowulf

And a lot more on the Norse theme. For books outside of the Norse, there is:

· The Mabinogion
· History of the Kings of Britain
· The Iliad
Beliefs / Practices
Other Beliefs/Practices
Pre-Christian Germanic Heathenism. Actually is the belief, not an other belief. Also known as Asatru. Use of the runes (Elder Futhark).
Tossing the kubbs in Kubb. Practicing the I.33 Sword and Buckler sword technique. Very much into RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Might and Magic, and Dungeon Siege. Watching dark ages and medieval themed movies like The 13th Warrior, Beowulf and King Arthur. And let's not forget Ren Faires.
This list starts with the Norse (and Migration Age Germania) as it must:
· Odinn
· Thorr
· Freyja
· Frigg
· Sigurd
· Brynhild
· Beowulf

And in other areas, it pays to begin with an A

· Arthur
· Arianrhod
· Aethelflaed
· Athena
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Recommendation from PaganSpace member and all around great gal Rebecca Hamilton
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You are Odin. You are the leader of the Norse Gods. You are the wisest and always fight evil. You sacrificed your eye for knowledge, as well as hanging for 9 days with a spear in your side. You are the God of Philosophy and Poetry. You will lead the Gods into Ragnorak (the end of the world)













What kind of Pagan are you? created with
You scored as Norse Pantheonic Pagan (Asatru)

You might well be Asatru, or Norse Pagan. With prodominantly Germanic and Slavic roots, the Gods of the Norse are strong, bawdy and passionate. Many men feel drawn to these gods, and this is the faith for those who celebrate courage, valor and strength. Home of one of the most well known Gods of mischief and fire, Loki, followers of this pantheon tend to be full of good humor and also strong in spirit and frequently the protectors of those they care for.

Norse Pantheonic Pagan (Asatru)


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Greek Pantheonic Pagan


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You scored as a You are most like Chaucer
Chaucer is the literary artist in 'A Knight's Tale.' He has a slight problem with gambling(although you, dear reader, might not yourself.) You might have some habit-problems, but you are a true and loyal friend. "All human activity lies within the artist's scope."
You are most like Chaucer 80%
You are most like Roland 70%
You are most like Wat 60%
You are most like William 50%
You are most like Joselyn 30%

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At 1:35am on January 4, 2009, Audra said…
Hi. Just wanted to touch base. Hope you had a happy Yule and a happy Julian New Year. Hope you're doing well. I've been thinking about ya (not in an Internet stalker sort of way).
At 3:35pm on December 10, 2008, Audra said…
Hi. Just shooting you a hello to see how things are going. I haven't been on in ages.
At 4:57am on November 23, 2008, Audra said…
Long time no comment. Haven't updated in eons. Just popping to say hey and see how you are while I am thinking about it.
At 1:27pm on November 5, 2008, Audra said…
Hi. It's me, you're apparent stalker, again. Wanted to know if I could snag a few of your photos.
At 3:43am on November 5, 2008, Audra said…
Well, I inadverantly implied that you were lying... Anyway, I'm very glad you didn't take offense... Perhaps your next quiz will go over better. You are, after all, the Quizmaster!!!! It's like being a lore master only more time consuming. lol

At 12:07am on November 3, 2008, Audra said…
On your playlist, do you know what Track20- Artist is? I really like that song. Do you know what language it is?
At 2:19am on November 2, 2008, Audra said…
Looks like I ow you an apology. I wasn't quite sure what you were doing, but I, in effect, called you a liar. I know you not to be a liar, so I apologize. Too used to the Internet, I guess.
At 5:17pm on November 1, 2008, Valkiria said…
Hey.Thanks for the comment about my Mjolnir :)
At 4:32am on November 1, 2008, Audra said…
Not responding to anything you posted on my page. I just wanted to give you a heads up that the sci- fi channel will be showing a Beowulf movie tomarrow night at 9pm ESTThey'll probably fuck it up. If I could bring a tv in here or my machine into a room w/ a tv, I'd bother you until you got Skype so we coudl do a drinking game! LOL That'd be fun, a conference call Beowulf drinking game!
At 10:42pm on October 30, 2008, Audra said…
I gotta give ya geek points for having Flash Gordon and She Blinded Me with Science! :-D

And I gotta admit, it takes balls to put some of the music you got up here!

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