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  • Augusta, Ga.
  • United States

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What we need is not the will to believe but the desire to find out.

Profile Information

Relationship Status:
54 (Alright 931 but whose counting)
Astrological Sign
Gemini sun, Ares Moon, Sagitarius in Capricorn rising, Chinese Astrology Year of the Rooster (fire) hour of the Dog, month of the Horse day of the Pig
About Me:
I tend to be moody by nature, though usually outgoing, there are times when i just need to be alone and recharge, I'm deeply devoted to my wife and to those I befriend, and can be loyal to a fault, this has both been a strength and weakness, I live by a code of honor that I expect no one but me to follow, I have been involved in the craft since 1976 when i was formally initiated, at nineteen I was the youngest initiate in my coven (average age was about 25)I have a bizarre sense of humor, very puckish, I'm fond of jokes, gags and puns, love animals, and have had animal companions from most of the kingdoms of mamalia, reptiles, avians, icthiyal, amphibian, insect, currently five cats, and sixteen snakes, and two goldfish, I am probably the least mystical and most pragmatic Wiccan you'll ever meet, I am very liberal in my causes , I am a humanist and rationalist, politically I would be a Democratic Socialist, and a libertine by personality, and have a very skeptical nature, in fact "SKEPTIC" is one of my favorite magazines along with "Pan Gaia" "Free InquiryI" "National Geographic" I have done Clinic defense and Clinic escort, I also have taught women's self defense workshops, i am competent in unarmed combat, stick, and knife also, i firmly believe in the right to arm bears and to bare arms, I also have a keen love of debate, reading, in that I am as voracious as a swarm of locusts, I've have studied the martial arts , I'm also a Unitarian Universalist, and an inactive member of the OTO of course science fiction and fantasy and horror,, my other interest include runes, tarot, numerology, onerology, philosophy, history, are just some of my interests.
Pagan Pulse Magazine
Favorite Books
Anything by H.P. Lovecraft, Michael Shermer, Karen Armstrong, Chris Hine, are some of my favorite authors, also, Susun Blackmoore, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennet, Aliester Crowley, Ronald Hutton, Anton LaVey, Edgar Allan Poe, Ambrose Bierce, Starhawk, Scott Cunningham, Charles De Lint, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, Charles French,Chris Hedges, Choygam Trungpa, James Randi, Freya Aswyn, Dianna Paxton, The Farrars, William Shakespeare, Arthur Machem, J.R.R. Tolkien, Fritz Leiber, Robert E. Howard, Donald Michael Kraig, Oscar Wilde, Robert Frost, Isreal Regardie, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, T.S. Eliot, Morgan Llewellyan, Evangeline Walton, Isaac Asimov, Lewis Carrol, Geraldo Del Campo, Rodney Orpheus, Loren Christiansen, Ker CuChulain, Paul Huson, Lon Milo DuQuette, Rachel Pollock, Rachel Carson, Martin Gardener, Gerald Gardener, Doreen Valiente, Dion Fortune, Starhawk, Ophiel, Paulo Coelho, Anthony Newberg, Eugene D'Aquill , Vince Rause, Jared diamond, Mary Lefkowitz,
Beliefs / Practices
Occultist, Pagan, Witch, Wiccan, Satanist, Mystic, Other Spirituality, Heathen
Other Beliefs/Practices
I am a Unitarian Universalist, a Thelemite, I believe in the dignity of every human being, until proven otherwise, I believe in question, study and rational evaluation, I believe in Darwinian Evolution, Existentialism, I believe that if sufficient, reliable and testable evidence indicates something is true it should be accepted as such, if the evidence is scant, questionable or dubious, then final verdict should be witheld till that time when evidence meeting the requirements of honest testability is presented,and that if the evidence is patently false, the the outcome is completely untrue and invalid.
reading, acting, martial arts, writing, walking, making wands and staves, poetry, teaching and helping all who need me.

My Messenger Screen Name is:
My Grandmother, Obi wan Kenobi,Yoda,Robin Hood, Nasruddin,Ted Volrath, Bruce Lee, Cynthia Rothrock, St. Francis of Assisi, Helen Keller, Clarence Darrow, Charles Darwin, William Shakespeare, Rachel Carson, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklyn Roosevelt, Elizabeth Caddy Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, Cervantez, Dr. Carl Sagan, Harry Chapin, Hildegard of Bingham, Hyptia, Rosaleen Norton, Margaret Sanger, Susan B. Anthony, Benjamin Franklin,Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Madalyn Murray O"Hare, Chico Marx, Spencer Tracy, Gen. George S. Patton, Dalai Lama, Socrates, Albert Schweitzer, Fr.Damien of Molokai,Martin Luther King Jr. Will Rogers, Vincent Price everyday people who strive to maintain their dignity and honor despite the worst that life and other people can throw at them.
How did you find PaganSpace?
invited to join another space went surfing and here I am and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Junius Show

The Augusta Chronicle covered my show - read it here:

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At 9:56pm on July 04, 2012, Bryndis Moon gave Joseph Andrew Zuchowski a gift
At 9:03am on May 1, 2012, Moon said…
At 4:47pm on March 20, 2012, Mark said…

Ostara Comments

At 9:51am on January 9, 2012, Terry said…

At 6:41pm on December 20, 2011, Mark said…
At 10:40am on December 13, 2011, Michael Anthony McClary said…

Thank you so much for replying to my post, Sir. I know some people are blessed with replies but lil' ole me never seems to be the reciever of such luck. Thankfully tho, i appreciate you taking the time to reply to my lil dillema. Hope you have a great day, much respect from Dallas, Texas!

At 6:51am on August 19, 2011, Moon said…

Ive been ok, some changes in my life, last year got married, and at the same time lost my job... so happy moments and bad moments combined together..but anyway have more time to focus on wicca and stuff..

Have a great weekend

At 3:01pm on August 9, 2011, Moon said…


How are u? I wasnt here for a while, but im back, and thought I would drop by and say hi ;)

At 11:00am on June 20, 2011, Irish Shamrock gave Joseph Andrew Zuchowski a gift
Many Blessings to you through this week!
At 11:52pm on May 24, 2011, Leila Raven said…

Birthday Reflections
Your birthday's a time for careful reflection
About your life, and its future direction.
You see where you've been when you look at the past;
Most of it's great; you had quite a blast!
You wonder what's coming, what life has in store;
Will it be just the same? Will there be a new door?
Remember this, as you blow out the last candle:
Life holds no challenge that you cannot handle.
~ By Joanna Fuchs


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