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I am just a normal person trying to stay alive without causing any other living form any problems,what i think believe in is all a matter of opinion and open to investigation
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Osirian Scripts The pyramid texts
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Spiritual but not Religious, Christian

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Posted on September 15, 2018 at 3:00pm 2 Comments

The infinite universe my mind bellows by set factors governed at points of self invention,attention to mysterious subjectivity nothing has true definition station to panel mechanisms we exist within solar rotation state the obvious offer a translation,flesh blood bacterium you riddled truth as a fashion it must have a reason to awaken persistence of vision mass deviation to be objective a religion praise to revelation believing in future intervention there standing like statues surrounded by contradiction one person screaming into reality bound unto glorification illusion hysterical hypnotism to say something unique was that energy derived by a few or is it just being part of a passing attention,everybody every living form make up one mind yes words are written same old linguistic explanations,for a moment just meandering over my life sudden changes isolation all must be that should derive spiritual illumination or else be not accepted as supernatural be happy this could be funny god is an app or apple,who knows about time travel seeing the end of all existence two light sources collided laddering souls strung together as a foundation the witness remembers and remains silent all of creation listens eternity is uncertain rely on false promises of devotion behold ones own requiem turn around to see every execution why desolation are there really any good people alive today that is the question


Posted on September 14, 2018 at 7:00pm 0 Comments

To be alive that question of being a living form the sun a energy,some river light meandering through power of atomic fusion spider manifestation no kidding tentacle threading spinal ignition,i know nothing it is what keeps the heart beating cynic food combustion creation ha ha rendition to pray in monk like devotion me the hypocrite christ was a mystic origins of this planet time traveling fantastic and there to focus on nothing total revulsion action reaction persistence of vision eventual horizon,so days are dawning yawning dying out of fashion torn twisted yeah i give up go to mass reunion complete a marathon exhalt yourself from imperfection seek and find revelation or just sit there mocking everything scale impossible expectation think it then expect a miracle some oracle so what just another mechanism word variation mental delusion soft machine flesh blood saline infestation


Posted on September 13, 2018 at 5:30pm 0 Comments

A time of year the trees are falling monuments to this spiral equation an ever decreasing circle the rot begins,so to my sin an oblivion convex vision  the horizon calling to distinguish what makes up a person a planet shifting in orbit making the seasons equinox and testing my belief in being alive we all got problems some worse than others but why is it that good always has to be overwhelmed by futile repetition,a contradiction i pray to the creator then turn round to find myself infested by variations to smile when faced with evil contention then to just think to myself it is how reality functions a mortal limitation bound by planets in gravitational friction then surely escaping this eventual conclusion,very complicated a bit like growing old if only life was not so cruel to me then writing this would not seem so important anyhow god help me.

The wall on which the prophets wrote Is cracking at the seams upon the instruments of death sunlight brightly gleams when everyone is torn apart with nightmares and with dreams lay the laurel wreath when silence drowns the screams were you there to watch the earth be scorched did you stand beside the spectral torch sorrow turned their face, scattered on the ashes of disgrace every blade is sharp the arrows fly he're the victims of your armies' lie,my epitaph as I cross a cracked and forsaken path reading this might seem like there is a problem faced with oblivion broken when is salvation the only option give up end of mission wounded beyond comprehension faith is a matter of believing in miracles even if a forgone conclusion to accept pain as a lesson pray to be healed even eternal damnation

Damnation (from Latin damnatio) is the concept of divine punishment and torment in an afterlife for actions committed on Earth. In Ancient Egyptian religious tradition, citizens would recite the 42 negative confessions of Maat as their heart was weighed against the feather of truth. If the citizen's heart was heavy…



Posted on August 6, 2018 at 10:30am 0 Comments

At dawn the trees calling a sound communication in homage to all creation,utter silence ten years of online self observation which i shall end in a few weeks and go back to just telephone text messages so i say a final goodbye to this oneness hapless uttering,so many years another year older getting closer the eventual answer there it is as sunlight decoded dream fracture being honest pray to the celestial master it controls all of nature,so the light that fuels the sun what is it where does that energy originate call god gravity a mechanism that seems eternal who knows anything to believe in something,doing nothing a rot that causes living forms to decay this beast of confusion when faced by pressures of emotion,being futile was never my intention i am a solitary person been isolated for decades so what i think or write has never been really words that relate to social situations anyhow it is raining today and i wanted to close this gigantic essay and say to anyone who ever attempted to read my blogs thanks for listening


Posted on August 3, 2018 at 8:30am 1 Comment

Cows can sleep while standing up but only dream lying down then prophetically cross their arms like praying,pieces of eight it is too late the final circle this planet has existed nine times before quartz ticking seconds out generations clock work mechanisms destiny runs out eventually universal light is interpreted a the same constant energy bound by mechanisms of thought two tribes green and red frequency according to individual species,those third eye sciences seeds that sparks a vessel of continuation soul communication,on text thought of the what is syndrome, truth lies within electronic symmetry eyes looking searching crying a sense of purpose the right of creation into existence my dreams are always shattered lost forever replaced by bacteria threaded ramblings teardrop happenings to be a binary the same energy the planet a circuit that is created everyday regeneration dense reflex the gross entanglement point soul of light traveling to a distance particle frequency natural ability point of fact idol banter religious depictions conscience bellows an eternal moment a flippant saline attitude within foundations of destiny meanings of existence vexation own salvation explain angels and titans,

points to a pair of scales to be holding a twin feather, gold down one side and purple down the other vacant or opposing outweighing the combined mass of earth radiance which forms a cone from a point high up in space within our consciousness gradually build up a karmic debt which will haunt f we allow the reverse of positive constructive trial and error, to re-polarize a jewel of numberless dealing with mathematics remain constant different interpretations unprecedented magnitude world-shaking catastrophe within living memory shifting of the earth's polarity is known as the precessions of the Equinoxes and the complete process takes twenty-five thousand years to cover the twelve Zodiacal signs and as its cleansing rays sweep outwards, it sears and discomforts…



Posted on August 2, 2018 at 8:00am 0 Comments

Just then life began the vacuums formed lines shedding color across the universe,moving spheres into motion fragmented into crystal formations,the very existence of evolution within each dimension limitations of movement order of planetary mechanisms,governed by relative position within the solar panel of each to make up the cosmic plan ,the heart of our very motion all entwining through universal planes of existence,coloring each fabric of vibration set into it appointed sphere of understanding,developing towards life eternal giving breath of mind and purpose,feathering by the tides of change moving on forever as insignificance,yet still we are all star dust,regional spheres colliding interrelated movements assimilated speech broken down codes of sunlight,minds in union transforming the reality that grows all around,words cascade forming speech of which seems timeless as old as the very source,

onward inward toward the very light our life's blood we all share the same rays of light charging our site for evermore, the light continues without us until we learn of immortality the to be more a part of what we are here for,the point of understanding reached in this mortal body,will imprint into your eternal soul and reflect through into your next mortal body a speculation,point of fear to be victim of temptation following the weary masses in a deathly rime,questions of conscience to be a animal or human and everything that happens to us,the unbelievable air pressure that effects us a ton of mass victims of gravity,the spirit that entwines and relates through all creation,a view of energy that secret minority ,human reaction the personified image of your facial mask only governs and tells of things learned, inborn inherited confusion influences of television and the dark ages make up that common ground we consider logical happenings sinking falling into nothingness

we are all looking through one set of eyes just an impossible dream,these strange…



Posted on July 26, 2018 at 2:30pm 0 Comments

Act a monument platform accord crystal rock formation that the ancients considered magical to build pyramids masters of the universe we are god as giants the planet was being formed existing when there was no trees illuminating web that anchor dreams the universal force to regenerate a static field heart beat drum sum of our parts stage arena a corridor so familiar too crowded factors variant elements historical existences conditional buoyancy aspect ratio vanity fractions of destiny bound by paradox flux change eternity infinite calculation collective personalities mass density an age of extinction a vessel of continuation soul communication serpent oriented ectoplasm cherished river masquerading interventions individual clouds of memory drowning iniquity moon tide decay oblivion weak cynical strangulation syndromes complex crippling cursed utterances dangerous motivations a final destination soul ship horizon executed revision futile problems animal reactions saline ineffable understanding we all die eventually rejected salutations instinctive motor critical functions a species adapted to self destruction genetic poetry lessons of conscience grappling binary imperfections the crest of being alive defined by a vision striving towards perfection living entity to understand what is mortality in the end there shall be a university there to learn eventually returning back to where it all started

lucky number four pointed compass two faced prefix projective segments spinning spiral filament recoiling boundaries of the universe all existence common spectacles according mortal chains prophecy ark of humanity self ammunition obelisk fluctuations cynical ledges gullible deluge hindsight capsulates flight of fear parchments streams of consciousness real time definiton every religion bio fusion membrane a blood pact cohesion forming synaptic threads magnetic fly trap emaciation the general opinion viral infestations, trend set ramification volatile equilibrium who…



Posted on July 20, 2018 at 2:00pm 0 Comments

Cartoonists word of mouth story tellers remember a time of giants here gods are the first living form fashioned from rock formation from common verse set test theme memory calculation critical observation for those a part of creation forgotten as solemn emotion gravity eroding what remains of humanity familiar liar futile territory mundane physical rebounding reactions a altered monument self protection spoils of childhood arguments philosophical mystery it is where the soul dwells we all know so to continue call it a book of shadows or genius mathematical serious outlook prattling rattling cages of once good people demons in the shape of human beings who are not what they appear to be but simply emanations of Evil they abound in the world this Hell maybe it is a noble thing to suffer an absorbent factor where goodness is in conflict with evil or negative energy,yet there is an element of conscience that variable cyclic thread that captures all our life times reflected in illness or is it a kind of futile war a misunderstanding of purpose,as in deep sleep the body electrics are less effected by gravity the soul bubble then photo synthesis this regenerates the bio static field,bone is living crystal,that energy is held within the bones like a battery giving breath of mind and purpose,feathering by the tides of change moving on forever as insignificance,yet still we are all star dust,regional spheres assimilated speech broken down codes of sunlight,minds in union transforming the reality that grows all around,words cascade forming speech of which seems timeless as old as the very source,onward inward toward the very light,our life's blood we all share the same rays of light charging our site for evermore, the light continues without us until we learn of immortality the to be more a part of what we are here for,the point of understanding reached in this mortal body imprints into your eternal soul and reflect through into your next mortal body speculation…


Animation spider

Posted on July 20, 2018 at 1:00pm 2 Comments

The wonder of creation to answer questions why does rose quartz form a calcium skin,or what is radiation a paradox vision fear and revelation living rock formations inklings of native mythology latent memories that tower of Babel creatures that transformed into what exactly this song is from the album Animation by Jon Anderson about newly born children and ancient dances when we all died Asterism is what they call crystals that form stars really strange


Posted on July 20, 2018 at 9:00am 0 Comments

The full moon calling,gravity warning tides of change and shallow reasoning,so the soul is a point of light created when dreaming it reaches out to the earth's magnetic envelope then channels energy back into the body regenerating,in a perfect world of no problems undisturbed sleep and healthy intentions then why is it always a battle of good and evil,in petitioning the Cosmic,turns the consciousness inward instead of directing the plea to a distant external entity or power. The Cosmic is in each of us, the mystic realizes. It is not just in the reaches of space. The mystic knows further, that our Soul will answer our petition,there are only so many souls that can exist on this planet at any one given time,rebirth is complicated just as a paradox,gravity that force we take for granted has still no scientific explanation,in my experience my objective i have memories of past and future existence yet i can only fathom these as held within alternate Earths,to say what rebirth is from the mortal perspective seems futile everything moves in circles,eternity or infinity there is a difference,yo say this existence the very solar system is bound within a cycle of destruction then regeneration can discount an idea of past lives,to me more of a memory of being alive yet as the classic expression slightly different,yet this planet has only been here nine times before we are facing total oblivion a last cycle

You have purpose. Within you is a spark, a single point of light that is like no other. Look deep within to find direction. All you have to do is open yourself up to the truth



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