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Reading books

I have been reading this book for the last 6 to 8 months. It is the book "Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal" by Peter Moon. I am now down to the last two chapters and can't seem to make myself to finish it. One reason it has so much information it that it can be overwhelming at times to get everything to sink in. The book starts by introducing you to Synchronicity and the unified field, it talks about the master key (King Solomon and his master builder Hiram Abiff), it talks about the well of… Continue

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Strangle the Man!!!

My guy is driving me nuts today. I don't even want to go into the specifics of what happened today. The details are boring and mundane and no one will give a shit. The only thing I want to know is why he feels entitled to fun? He's laid off and works 2 days a week at his part-time job. I work full-time and get 2 days a week off. My interpretation of the situation? He gets mad because I have to play catch up with chores on the weekend. Today my refusal to go along on his adventure squashed his… Continue

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a lame joke I made up

How can you tell the differance in a male or female car..

The male car has a tail pipe always straight..and the females is always spread


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Got accepted into Dragon Rouge

I'm pretty happy, I got an email back from Dragon Rouge (see previous blog) saying they've accepted me as a member. I'm going to register my account as soon as I get to Fort Drum so they can send me the publications and courses.

I leave Korea on the 8th. I'm taking 2 weeks of leave, I'm going to spend a week at home in Wichita and then drive up to Fort Drum in New York. While I'm tired of Korea and eager to get back to the States, it's overall been a good experience, especially the… Continue

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Love Collection in At Sacred Paths Center

Photo above is: Love Sweet as Candy - Candy Jade carved hearts, Rose Quartz carved hearts and rounds, Cherry Quartz, prehnite, blue opal, green fluorite, gold plated heart clasp on necklace, Sterling ear wires on earrings, Sterling clasp on bracelet. This set is now in the shop at Sacred Paths Center in St. Paul. This design was fun to make - the colors are fun and soothing at the same time. Like smooth, fruity sherbet, or a pastel… Continue

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Interesting observation

So I'm still fairly new to actually practicing the craft, but I made an interesting observation after snuffing out my candles tonight. The smoke from them actually circled around me in almost a deliberate sort of way. It made me feel very content and safe and that I was actually being heard. It was very interesting and I felt the need to share. If anyone has similar stories I would LOVE to hear! Thank you!

Blessed Be
Raven SpringDreamer

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I have a really hard time keeping my opinon to myself.I've been this way all my life,If I feel it I say it,and I'm not real careful what words I use.Tends to leave me by myself howling at the moon! Yea I know-no sympathy for self-inflicted wounds-But I'm not looking for sympathy.I think if people understand that I have 3 decades of witches,blood kin.In my memories,I know things I don't remeber doing or learning.If you want to chew me out,here I am,I… Continue

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To Keep Silent

Nothing succeeds like a secret.

That's what one of my teachers shared with me. "To keep silent" is one of the tenets I was taught with my coven. And like the tundra of the North I have kept my secrets and done my work away from others' eyes and ears. Sometimes I get the urge to talk about it and share with someone the kind of workings I'm doing. I can hold it in when I'm around mundane folk, but when I'm with my witch friends I want… Continue

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I should charge for my services!

psychic test, psychic development and psychic readings

But I thought the "test" was a load of old baloney *lol*

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Spirirt of the Earth Church 2010 News and Events

Spirit of the Earth Church Inc.


Happy New Decade….


* NEW for 2010: introducing our Festival Pass , with these passes you gain admission to all three of our 2010 Festivals for one special discount price. For more information and to ge t y our Festival pass visit: festival pass - Passes are only available through May 3rd.

Our Next Celebration:

* Imbolc: In the… Continue

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The Day of the Bear

While the Wolf has no less than 35 days during the year in which it is celebrated, the Bear has only two: the 2nd of February and the 1st of August. These two days divide the year in two perfect halves – when the great change in the wheel takes place.

Bearing the same duality as all the other symbols in the Dacian mythology, the bear has a chtonic…

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Open letter to the Pagan Community,

It is hard to communicate my gratitude for all the support from the Pagan community for Haiti Community Support. We are in the middle of a transition to having local providers doing all the medical care for the NGO. Long term the solution to this crisis lies in the hands of locals. Haiti Community Support continues to administer funds and provide logistical support and we are considering sending more medical providers. Our major consideration now… Continue

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My disclaimer- This post deals with intense, uncomfortable and (probably) controversial things. If you don't want that, close it now. Otherwise, it's here partly as a part of the quest for my own healing and partly for others who may be at the same point in their journey. You're free to disagree with me, but I ask that you be gentle. Obviously I have no power here to stop you if you want to excoriate me.

And I won't fall over dead if you do, frankly I've survived far worse. I am a… Continue

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The Inevitability of Change

Growing up in the Midwest I learned that change always comes. No matter how cold it gets in the Winter ... the sun comes back to heat things up. No matter how much rain falls in the Spring the clouds fade to allow warm rays. No matter how hot the dog days of Summer the clouds gather to make bright sky's grey. No matter how beautiful the leaves in the Fall brisk cold winds will take them away. The change of the seasons is proof positive the wheel never stops turning. Attempting to halt the cycle… Continue

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Vendetta and Nemesis

Understand some things, because I really don't think many people have a good idea of what it means to have a vendetta.


1 : blood feud

2 : an often prolonged series of retaliatory, vengeful, or hostile acts or exchange of such acts

The Goddess Nemesis/Invidia

When one embarks into vendetta, you're not there to prove yourself right or the… Continue

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Pagan Spirit Webzine Edition 8 Imbolg

Pagan Spirit Webzine Edition 8 Imbolg


Pagan Spirit WebZine is an online magazine that explores Pagan an Earth-based religions and spirituality. Pagans of the World eZine is a free ezine sent out eight times a year providing information and articles on Metaphysical/Pagan topics. Ideas, thoughts, comments, and feelings expressed on this site are in… Continue

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Not a Moment too Soon

“Life is all about timing…the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable becomes available, and the unattainable becomes attainable. Have the patience, wait it out; it’s all about timing.” ~ Stacey Charter

While I was driving, yesterday, I noticed a small fly on my car window. It walked the length and width of the glass several times, occasionally stopping as if to think of a new plan of action. Suddenly, it took off from the glass and flew around the car for a while,… Continue

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A strange dream

I've just woke up from an unsettling dream and yet now that I think about it. It should not bother me so much because it wasn't that bad from the events that occurred. The dream started off with me and my friends working for the company that I work for now, but it wasn't the company that I work for now. It was the Olive Garden as opposed to Wal-mart. Things were changing in the company which I expected and it just seemed to get worse. Friends who used to work with me would come in and talk to… Continue

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Ah, new ventures

With the new year, came new jobs. I'm working hard at one job, which I love; the other, I can't seem to get off the ground. Selling Avon when you have no car, is harder than you think. Yet, I keep trying! =)


Stop by. :)

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Any North Florida Pagans looking for a group?

I've been wanting to start a local Chapter of the Black Hat Society Network (like the Red Hat Ladies, but for guys as well as girls, all of a pagan variety), but I wanted to know if there's enough people in the area to get a decent group going?

I'll be spreading this message around, and I'd love if you'd forward it to anyone you might know in St Augustine, Jacksonville, or somewhere close enough to make meetings convenient.



Also, here's the… Continue

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