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Love's Alchemy

In dealings with other humans especially of the familial variety, the heart can become battered and torn. It can be a difficult path to walk, that of healer and resident sane one (by whose definition I am not sure…). Feeling rather worn today I went out to my resource, the woods surrounding my home. This is where I go to seek comfort and guidance. The trees have always been my friends so when I feel off, I seek trees. While hugging a white pine I was told very clearly not to draw on the living… Continue

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Rationalizing ~ Speed Blog


“When you rationalize, you do just that.

You make rational lies.

Source Unknown






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Trinary approach

My last status likely made very little sense. That would be because it was meant as a reminder to myself.


I've been having a problem with the rational part of myself and the spiritual part. I've not run into too many other people with a background like mine, which might help. I had a thought that perhaps the problem isn't trying to get the two sides to reconcile, but instead, maybe I need a new way of looking at it. One that would involve a third part, perhaps it will balance…


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Snowmagedon 2011 Midwest

So... as some of you know a large portion of the US is under going sever weather warnings for an impending ice storm. Missouri's Governor Nixon called a state of emergency upon Missouri in anticipation of this storm.

My husband in on the river, they will shut down work once it gets too bad. So for the most part I know he is safe, they have plenty of fuel and docking points that they can get to for assistance. Those tug boats are strong and have a lot of oomph although they don't look like… Continue

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New group - Bardic Order Of Music Magick-

I will start by saying this , the druids, one of the most powerful and misunderstood, not to mention almost completely wiped off the face of the earth dedicated one of its 3 orders ,known as the Bards to the study of music and poetry and the powers of magickal tones,vibrations ,song and chant .   Much of this knowledge is lost ,but not all of it . lets share together what we can so we, the bards can once again learn the power and inspiration of music,which in most religion is one of the most…


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Barri / Disting / Charming of the Plow

February (Horning) the New Moon or the 2nd

Barri / Disting / Charming of the Plow

Disting is sacred to the female ancestors, to Freya, to Frigga and to rebirth. The earth was traditionally prepared for planting at this time, and local assemblies, or "Things," met to discuss legal matters and to give the people a chance to get together and socialize.

Charming of the Plow is the date of an agricultural ritual performed in Northern Europe from ancient times. Grains and cakes… Continue

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Have to put it in a blog because my computer is being very stubbron and not allowing me to acomplish much on here today. I think its cold blooded only 18 degrees outside.

Imbolc/Candlemas Comments

Magickal… Continue

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"i know that we are young, and i know that you still love me... but i can not be with you like this, Alejandro..."


(1) five shrines that this house/i need--ancestor, legba, power shrine, st. muerte, freda

(2) clean the kitchen

(3) clean the bathroom

(4) herb smoking

(5) hit the gym...run, lift, run some more

(6) hang clothes in closet

(7) water patio plants

(8) cleanse tarot deck

(9) go collect twigs for patio…


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Introduction to Palo Mayombe


Introduction to Palo Mayombe

BY: Tata Nkisi Malongo Antonio Ashe Bey

Is Palo Mayombe the dark side of Santeria?

For many generations, our Ancient African Traditions have suffered through the persecution of colonial powers. Our traditions were oppressed, because of fear of it shining its light. But… Continue

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Fare thee well.

Feeling a little more than lost, an elephant can fit inside an envelope more than I can in the states. Since being back, I am more lost than ever before. Why is everything the way it is? I wander around this dark place I call my mind without anyway of knowing what is on the other side. I'm lost and confused, and honestly, I'm not sure if I want to be found. What do I have here? Nothing. Nothing worth anything anymore. This may be the last time I even come here, but no worries, I will live. This… Continue

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Eviction Blog

It’s over.  They’re going to foreclose on the house, so the landlady needs $3300 from the two of us:  $2200 from Stephen, and $1100 from me.  We need readings for $32, classes for $32, and research for $32, any two services for $60.  Also, tomorrow Stephen is going to lose his phone and Internet.  That means that all three of his jobs go out the window.  Donations of any amount will be happily accepted, Stephen’s Paypal is at abbotts_inn@yahoo.com…


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"Olivia : Priestess of Isis " DVD release notes



I just got my copy of this new Documentary and its wonderful. I highly recommend it to anyone who has seen "The Occult Experience" and has a interested in Lady Olivia Robertson. This has wonderful production value, shows interiors of the Castle, Temple room and Lady Olivia kitchen and home. She even goes on a walk with…


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Cranky? What'cha Gonna Do About It? (Speed Blog)


"I'm a perfect example of the

grumpy, old man.

 I'm really good at it."

Ned Beatty



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Children of The Night....oy vey!

So I'm noodling my way through Konstantinos' "Nocturnal Witchcraft".  Some of it rings true...then we get to the section on..and I kid you not here..."Your Dark Mystique".  And here we've entered into "Teenygoth posing 101".  It was like every night I spent as an 18 year old observing others at Vortex, Die Maschina, and even at times,  Hellfire at the ripe age of 26.

Frankly, I'm amazed there wasn't a section dedicated to "Getting Your Eyeliner the mandatory 3 inches thicker than…


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Fire Soul Love

a lyrics to one of my favorite songs that i thought I would share by the voice actress of sailor mars from sailor moon:


Fire Soul Love


Love that's extreme is OK (with me)

I don't like sweet words!

Pupils burning (the maessage)"Go mad Love"

A scar from the past aches

When time passes, it fades

I'm not used to living a lie

It's breaking the body! Go for break

My necklace came off in the city

I wasn't alone when I lost…


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*Its Almost February*

It's almost February, which means it's time for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere to celebrate Imbolc. This festival of candles and light falls on February 2nd, and in some traditions is a way to honor the Celtic goddess Brighid, who watches over the hearth and home. If you're one of our readers below the equator, you're in the midst of high summer, and you're looking at Lammas, or Lughnasadh, which is the first of the harvest holidays. Like Imbolc, Lughnasadh has a deity to honor -- the… Continue

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The chronicles of Emerald Dragon #33

Shortly after getting out of jail John had quit working for the gay couple and was drifting in and out of jobs. I was trying my best as far as not drinking or drugging was concerned. I was on the wagon…my son made it hard to do, what with his smoking crack and pot every night and blaring his music, pissing both me and my downstairs neighbor off. I finally got tired of it and called the police to see if I could legally kick John out of my house. They said, sure I could, so he and I had a long… Continue

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Manners -- Today's Tarot Speed Blog

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others.

If you have that awareness, you have good manners,

no matter what fork you use.” …


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Magical Name

When I was young I didn't like my name and told my mother so. She suggested I change it.  I tried out Jackie (Jackie Kennedy was the first lady then) but ended up keeping June, my name.

     Having the same name as a month encourages a lot  of teasing. I've heard all the jokes about that plus being serenaded the  June songs i.e. "June is bursting' out all over!" And, June Bug - pllleeaaazzzz.

     There was a big hoopla…


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