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Cats Bits Jan 31-Feb 6 Rituals for Magical Living:Imbolc, A Ritual to Welcome the Light

Cat's Bits for the Week of Jan. 31-Feb. 6
" Rituals For Magical Living - Imbolc, A Ritual To Welcome The Light "
Feb. 2 Imbolc / Groundhog Day
Feb. 8 Chinese New Year: Monkey…

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Pagan Planet

A book plug, for a book that contains many Pagan voices and ideas. It's a book of hope, action and inspiration, expressed through the real-life stories of Pagans who are walking their talk. Many voices, one planet.

I had the remarkable honour of getting to help put this book together and to ush it into the world. Today, it is officially…


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New Psychic Services - New Adventure

There is three of us who are also on same communites and found we are gifted, and have similar passions, and experiences. We also have desire of truly serving others with our gifts We are also frineds. 

 We have newly birthed a  new buiness but more than that a service and community also offering a few grouops and down the road maybe classes.…


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Happiness is the topic for this week!

Are you among the Shiny Happy People? Or does the thought make you fear that you could be labled a fuzzy bunny Wiccan?

Perhaps you are genuinely happy with your Dark Magicks!

Happiness is amorphous. It's hard to define, and sometimes it's hard to know if we really have it. But when we DO have happiness in our lives it truly is a Shiny thing.

So this week we're going to look at just what is meant by "happines", and we'll look…


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The properly authentic ancient Druidic wave

Hello Paganspace. I found you quite entirely by accident, which is how I generally organise my life. As I have an obsessive/compulsive blogging habit, I saw the 'my blog button' and here I am...

The properly authentic ancient Drudic wave is of course total fiction. I have something of a fascination with the gloriously crazy people of the Druidic revival, and the comedic possibilities of emulating them. I do also take my Druidry seriously, having done all three grades with OBOD…


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Observations From A Former Southern Baptist Part-1


My spiritual evolution began at a young age. From eight years old I sat in a pew every Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday night. And in that time, I was able to come to a few conclusions. One being that while I do still believe in The Father The Son and The Holy Sprit, and though for some at the church It was a way of life, being a Southern Baptist wasn’t for me, and two being I had very little in common with the majority of the people I met at the church.…


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New to this website

Going to most likely make some blogs in the near future about the trouble I get into.

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Cats Bits for Jan.24-30 Belly Dancing and the Goddess

Cat's Bits for the Week of Jan. 24-30, 2016
" Belly Dancing and the Goddess"
Feb. 2 Imbolc / Groundhog Day
Feb. 8 Chinese New Year:…

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Merry Meet!!

Hi! I am from Delaware, I am a Medium/Psychic and a Wiccan. I own a brick and mortar store in a small resort town and I have a online store at www.mandiesmagicalmarketplace.com

I love to educate and learn myself on the light filled ways of being wiccan.

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The mistake of Artificial Intelligence

I Just got done watching the movie: "uncanny" and I was right! Artificial intelligence is dangerous not enough people understand that; I dont get it. when will they learn? Don't worry I didnt spoil anything the ending will surprise you. Artificial intelligence is a mistake don't do it...

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2016 starting out good and I was surprised

This year has already started on a positive note I am pleased to have help a newly awakened person so its good to help others like yourself...

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Real Goth verses Lifestyle Goth

I have been in the goth scene longer than I have been in the Vampire scene in fact I believe Goth is not just music but Art and personality type which is about what you are as well as how you carry yourself from inside. Just like in the Vampire community the Goth community also has lifestyle Goths who dress the part to go out and have fun but are truly not Goth to the core of there being. I myself was born the…


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Egyptian Tigerlady

Beth David-Hower took a turn for the worst last night. It appears the mass is pushing into her lung. Her pain is back and she is weezing and coughing. Right now they have her drugged pretty good so she is out. She probably will pass in a day or two  (that was nine hours ago()

and hour later

Dr. He said she is being kept sadated to keep her comfortable. Its very close to…


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History of TempleUVUP and Vampyrian Spirituality

Original Link: http://vampyrian.spruz.com/pt/History-Of-TempleUVUP-and-Vampyrian-Spirituality/wiki.htm

History Of TempleUVUP:

We are a United Temple in Ohio Since Dec 18, 2003 with members everywhere for freedom of beliefs and spirituality. Our main belief is that all religions…


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Gravity is the god of individual species and planetary mechanism what is obvious also makes boring observation in principal how mass variation became fragments so then mortals living forms shifts in axis design rapid changes solar destruction impact fusion a bit like television as it happens what acceleration or intervention remains the question most modern technology is based on the same inventions,in principal how mass variation became fragments so then mortals living forms shifts…


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changing my theme on my profile

i am trying to put a new theme on my page but when i go to the appearance page to do so and click on advanced it wont go to it to change my theme, did they block us from changing our themes or is it a site issue, can anyone help me please

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links to my community websites

well i am back online and ready to get my sites active again, i am looking for new admins and members to join so we can get them active again, my co-owners and admins didn't keep them going after i went offline, its been 3 years so if anyone is interested in helping or just joining as a member let me know and ill go accept you to them once you join, you must complete the entire profile to be approved and not say fill in later etc, and if you want to become an admin on the sites to help add… Continue

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All Along the Watchtowers

For this week, we talk about The Guardians of the Watchtowers.

We've all done it; we've created Sacred Space by calling the Spirits of the Four Directions. We stand at each direction and draw the appropriate pentagram and we Invoke the Spirits that have the appropriate character.

But where does all that mumbo jumbo come from? Some say Gerald Gardner, which is correct to a point. Others say that Witches have been doing that on their own and in secret, like,…


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Goodbye Letter to My Old Church (Ward) and TBM Family

I have had a mind many times over the years to write many of you individually but each time found that revisiting my past was too painful. It has been twelve years since I have stepped foot in a LDS church. During this time I have met others who have had similar experiences to mine and it has been very difficult for me to discuss my own story. Some have become the best of friends, and we offer support for each other in any way we can. In my recent conversations with others, I have been…


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