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To all my friends

As of 3/6/09 I will be closing my Etsy Shop and my cafepress store because of lack of traffic. I'm closing them in-favor of my new sites
Check them out!
I will repost some of the hard items to purchase on myspace.com/kyramoonunique. Keep checking back to zazzle because i'm adding new stuff everyday. :)
Kyra Moon

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Oginalii Tsula - My Friend Fox

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The Red Fox has been visiting me for quite some time now, for maybe a year or two. But it had been infrequent until recently. Within the last few weeks I have had the honor of Red Fox visiting three times. The first time I was riding my bike along a river path during midday and I looked up and maybe100 feet away there was a great horned owl sitting on a branch watching me. Now I have a very good friend who has an animal totem of… Continue

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Europe’s last pagans defend their faith on the net from allnewsweb.com courtesy of the Spiritual_Deism Y Group

Europe’s last pagans defend their faith on the net


Europe’s last pagans defend their faith on the net

Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

When one thinks of pagans in modern day Europe one generally thinks of teenagers rebelling against Christian upbringings or older alternative type people referred to as Neo-Pagans. Many readers would be surprised that there remains one corner of Europe where at least in some areas Christianity never… Continue

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You SHOULD know this by now....

You SHOULD know all this by now....REALLY.

Nikola Tesla: The Missing Secrets


pt 2… Continue

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Some spells you may like....

Here are the links to 5 spells that I thought that you all would like to… Continue

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My Weird Dreams

It all started on September 13, 2008. I started to have my vivid dreams again. The fun thing is; is that I started dating Chad Enlow on that day. We had dated for a few months and he got me to join this site called Vampyre Kingdom. Nothing really happened at first, but after I started to get to know people on there I started to have dreams that seemed to be like real life. I mean to the point that I could see every ones’ true face and everything about them; well not everything, but mostly like… Continue

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My poems....


Tears falling, blood dripping.

There’s a whole in my heart.

He says that he loves me,

But is it true? No one


Why do I always have to

Be so stupid and ugly?

Why can’t I be smart

And pretty?

Please someone make it all

Stop. The Pain is too


Can he see that I’m hurting?

Does know it’s not all his fault?

Only You

You pulled me out… Continue

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Doing better Today

WEll to day is better. I had a horrible night of it though. On top of trying to grieve i had idiot friends who live next door. They were fighting, and he was drunk so she kicked him out. so of course my luck he comes here. i told him he couldnt stay cause he gets loud and sometimes violent when he drinks and all of my kids were here. And my two boys tend to be a little protective, if you know what i mean so he leaves. Next her she comes with all the kids saying hie is pushing them around can… Continue

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Pagan Lore for Today, February 28

In ancient times, a Chaldean Sabbat known as the Sabbatu was celebrated each year on this date.

On this day of the year, the Earth-Goddesses Ceres, Demeter, Gaia, Ge, and Mauri are honored by many Pagans and Wiccans around the world.

Also honored annually on this day is the ancient Pagan deity Zamyaz, who was worshipped and offered sacrifices by the ancient Chaldeans and Persians.

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The Poet

The Poet

I write.

Sometimes I write like a

flooding river raging

against its banks, sweeping

everything in its path far away,

swirling, muddy water

in whose depths meanings

jump and hide when sought.

Sometimes I write like a

mountain stream bubbling from

a rocky gap, moving slowly at

at first as I savor the flavor of

everything new and wonderful

on my trip to join the rivers

and flow of all… Continue

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My mom is visiting this weekend

We are planning to do some freezer cooking, that's making a bunch of food and freezing it. We are making chicken burritos and cheeseburger and fries casserole. She's also bringing some cloth to make a saddle for my two hens. No, I'm not planning on riding them, a saddle is a protective cover because my rooster is riding them too much and he's puling out their feathers on their back. Roos are quite mean, and not really content unless he has 10 hens, and mine has only six. Next year we will breed… Continue

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I'm out.

MM all. I got the 2nd Twilight book last night so I'm out reading for awhile. Let you know what I think when I'm done.
Peace & Love

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Walking the Red Road February 28

Walking the Red Road February 28

Make everything straight and strong.



Did You Know?

There are many well-known Hollywood celebrities with claims to Native

American lineage.A few examples include A Martinez, Brian Austin Green,

Burt Reynolds, Carmen Electra, Cher, Chuck Norris, Della Reese, Elvis Presley,

Heather Locklear, Hunter Tylo, James Earl Jones, James Garner, Johnny Cash,

Johnny Depp,… Continue

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Jefferson Starship- Jane

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Gary Jules - Something Else

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The Meaning Of A Candle Flame

The Meaning Of A Candle Flame

Observe what the candle is trying to say to you. Open your mind and

allow the candle to talk to you in it's own language.

* Strong Flame: The power that you are calling fourth is moving into

your desires for manifestation. This strong flame shows strength in

the user of the object of the spell.

* Weak Flame: On a figure candle, theis could mean that the subject

is losing the battle and should consider other… Continue

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time moves too slow.........

OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH my Goddess!!!!!!!!!!

I am exhausted, at work, and i have two more hours to go!!! Coffee just isn't tackling this one!!!

I just so want to close my eyes, and drift away..........floating on a cloud.......sun shining on my face and making me warm........

Must not think such comfy thoughts. Must.....stay......AWAKE!!!!!


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I've just been chilling today. Working on getting my head straightened out. I pretty much do have my priorities straight to a point. Still a few things i need to work on but that shouldn't be a problem. Decided to hit up Tokyo last night. That was fun except for the long ass train ride home lol. Do have to say though that their transportation system is efficent except for the fact that most trains stop running around midnight. Other than that i'm still playing the singles game pretty much. Does… Continue

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March Issue is Available

Greetings and Brightest of Blessings All,

The NEw Issue of The Cosmic Cauldron is available:


Please take particular attention of my most recent editorial as I am sure it may offend certain people.


May Your Gods and Goddesses Watch Over You and Yours

~ The Wayfinder ~


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What I have learned from Egyptian Paganism for Beginners [Pt.1]

As I have stated in my profile and in a few other places I am still a Novice and Learning. I recently ordered a book and got it finally in the mail called Egyptian Paganism for Beginners :: Bring the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt into Daily Life By Jocelyn Almond & Kieth Seddon.


Now this is in no part a review of the… Continue

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