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A Little Help...Please?

The past few days have been insane at best. As the date of release of Housekeeping for the Soul is getting closer, I'm working around the clock to get all my ducks in a row, and boy...that's a whole lot of ducks to line up!

Today I e-mailed many of you asking if you can forward a newsletter Dena and I have created. For some of you, however, I don't have e-mail addresses, so I will post the link here in hope that you can be kind enough to copy it and send it around to your… Continue

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A Diamond In My Crown

Enter here in perfect peace

Leave your fears at the steps

the journey you must…


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my friend barb e-mailed this to me it's great

Thought for the day:Women are Angels and when someone breaks our wings....We simply continue to fly.........
on a broomstick...We're flexible like that....

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The blade sinks deep, and cuts

into the realm of primevil.

what is more real than pain,

what is more real than…


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Dreams and Faith Ezine Ready

Fellow Domani,

The Dreams and Faith Ezine has been updated and is ready for your reading pleasure at http://www.thedomainandrealms.com/DreamsandFaith. Feel free to drop by. If you have any articles, stories, news, events, happenings, links, etc. that you'd like to contribute to the Zine, let me know. Till then, go check it out. Dream Well.

-Lord Shadow

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Just so tired...

Ok so my time at Job Corps was very short. I should have listened to the warnings. Regardless I'm back home now, and back to square one. Looking for a job and trying to find a way to further my education. The real reason I need to write right now though has nothing to do with that. I met a guy. He's great. Very much a gentleman, he's thoughtful, he stood up for me when I needed him even though he hardly knows me. And now because of certain circumstances I don't think he wants to talk to me… Continue

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For the last two weeks I have been having dreams about my husband cheating on me or in a very mean and hurtful way telling me he don’t love me, and dreams like that always mess me up. It feel like the hurt goes to every inch of my being. But anyway, like I said this has been going on almost two weeks with like only one night of not dreaming about it and that was last night. No last night I dreamed that my…


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It's been a while, strange happenings


No I will not break out in a Stand song, sorry Stand fans.

Yes it's been a while since my last blog post and if had things happen to me in that time than in my 24 years of my life, but the most came to me a couple of days ago when I was waking up. This was strange and it might seem fluffy in a way where I think I might have mystical powers and I want to tell everyone, but come on we have those moments. Like I was saying I had a weird…

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Lucifer-The Goat Of Mendez

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The Raven

The Raven-Caught in mid flight, the Raven carries the runeic symbolt of the rebirth of the Old Ways high above the Earth


- This is a strictly limited edition of a mere 300 sets, the sooner you order, the lower the number you will receive.

- Each print is individualy signed and numbered by the artist Aloysius Von Sakai.

- This print is 11" x 8", which is the same size as the…


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In contrast to the Chukchee and the Eskimo, who have whole classes of Supreme Beings (vairgit, Chukchee; kiyarnarak, Asiatic Eskimo), the Koryak, as Jochelson thinks, have a tendency to monotheism; although he considers it 'possible that all names now applied by them to one deity may have formerly been applied to various beings or phenomena of nature, and that, owing to their intercourse with the Russians, a monotheistic tendency of uniting all names of the various deities into one may… Continue

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At the time of Krasheninnikoff and Steller the Kamchadal had several names for the Supreme Being, but these writers do not give any detailed descriptions of the Kamchadal's relations to their deities. On the contrary, Krasheninnikoff thought that they paid no religious worship to their god Kutchu or Kutkhu; and Steller, taking into account their rude and indecent mythology, calls the Kamchadal geborene Gotteslästerer. The following names of deities are recorded by Krasheninnikoff:[1]… Continue

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The highest benevolent deity of the Gilyak is known as Ytsigy, according to Schrenck. But Sternberg says that they call the universe Kurn, and apply the same name to their highest anthropomorphic deity. The 'owner' spirit of the mountain, and the mountain itself, is named Pal, and the sea and its 'owner' they call Tol. Their name for the island of Sakhalin is Mif, literally 'earth', and they believe that the island is a sort of covering for a certain immense god. Natural objects all… Continue

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Batchelor says that the Ainu believe in one Supreme Being, Creator of all worlds, whom they call Kotan Kara Kamui, Moshiri Kara Kamui, Kando Koro Kami- 'the maker of places and worlds, and possessor of heaven'. Kamui means, in the first place, 'he who' or 'that which is greatest' or 'best' or 'worst'; a secondary (or more modern) meaning is 'he who' or 'that which covers' or 'overshadows'. In both meanings the word is akin to that for 'heaven', which itself has for its root a word… Continue

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According to the belief of the Altaians, the good spirits (aru neme) are all subjects of the good god Yulgen, and the bad spirits (kara neme) of the evil god Erlik. Yulgen is so kind and generous that he never does harm to men. Sacrifices are offered to him by all, but no one fears him. Every bridegroom must sacrifice to him a horse (iik) of a light colour after his marriage. The iik is surrounded with every mark of respect, red ribbon is tied to its mane, and no woman must mount upon its back.… Continue

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In his account of the natives of north-western Siberia, the Ugrian Ostyak, Vogul, and Samoyed, Gondatti, in speaking of their religion, pays most attention to the Vogul mythology. He says that the gods of the Vogul are divided into two classes, viz. of good and bad gods. The chief of the beneficent deities is Yanykli-Torilin (called also Numi-Toruni or Voykan-Toruin)..

The principal evil deity is Khul. Yanykh-Torum. is, however, not the highest of the gods; there is another,… Continue

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SHAMANISM is understood by some people to be a primitive form of religion or religio-magic practised by the aborigines of northern Asia as well as by all other aborigines in other parts of the world. This opinion is held by Mikhailowski, Kharuzin, and some other Russian scientists. Others hold that Shamanism was only one form of expression of the religious cult of northern Asia, practised in order to avert the evil spirits. This opinion is found in the writings of Jochelson and Bogoras.… Continue

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SINCE the performances of shamans as professionals called in to treat diseases, to answer inquiries, for soothsaying and other similar purposes, are very much the same among the different tribes of Palaeo-Siberians, we shall confine ourselves to giving a few typical examples of these performances. The same procedure will be followed with regard to the Neo-Siberians.


The Koryak. Professional shamanism among the Koryak is at a most primitive stage of… Continue

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When Opposites No Longer Attract

“The people who live in a golden age usually go around complaining how yellow everything looks.” ~ Randall Jarrell

Yesterday morning I received a call from a friend who’s traveling through Mississippi and stopped by a restaurant in Jackson. As she related her impressions of this restaurant and of the people working there, my friend was obviously quite impressed. As it turns out, this restaurant is part of a chain, even if one would never know it from the atmosphere it offers –… Continue

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From woman, who e're she be, there seems to emanate a potency ineffable to man,—impalpable, invisible, divine. It lies not in beauty or grace, not

even in manner or mein; and it requires neither wiles nor artifice. It

is not the growth of long and intimate acquaintance, for often it acts

spontaneously and at once; and neither the woman who possesses it nor

the man who succumbs…

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