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having a moral dilemna

my ex boyfriends girlfriend called me last night. my husband intercepted the call. apparently my ex was talking about me in his sleep again. she knows that hes still in love with me. and she knows i still care about him. she tried to talk my husband into letting my ex have some sort of relationship with me. i love my ex too but i love my husband and i want to be faithful. i dont like the idea of hurting either one. my ex is only my ex because my parents did not like how close that ex and i…


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I was a lion

At least in my dream.  I am not really into dream interpretation and I haven't worked with totems in ages, but I did find my dream this morning to be very interesting.  I do not usually have vivid dreams, so the fact that I 1) had a good dream and 2) that it was vivid is almost huge.  I thought it might be interesting to see if anyone can help me figure out what this dream means either interpretation or totem wise.

In my dream is was in a slinky little red dress at a party…


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Somethings should stay sleep while others awake.....Bless be

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New 2012 Midwest Witches Ball Sponsor & Vendor Pagan Presence, Inc

Pagan Presence, Inc

Serving You Since March 1999

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Pagan Presence, Inc. was founded in January 1999 and began as an online retailer in March 1999. Originally we offered two musical artists, a small selection of jewelry and books. From that we have grown to a wide selection of metaphysical and…


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New 2012 Midwest Witches Ball Sponsor & Vendor Ties That Bynde Designs

Ties That Bynde Designs

The artistry of the perfect fit 



At Ties that Bynde Designs we believe that the perfect fit comes from spending time with, and getting to know our clients. The art of one of a kind garments has disappeared in our busy and rushed society, resulting in a cookie cutter feel. Corsets…


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New 2012 Midwest Witches Ball Sponsor & Vendor The Silk Road

The Silk Road

Garb for Festival or Everyday Wear

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Historically Inspired Silk Clothing and Costumes. Silk Road designs and hand-makes renaissance and Victorian inspired clothing. We do everything - cloaks, shirts, pants, chemises, dresses, scarves and more. All out of hand dyed 100% silk. (Except where noted) (If thou does not see it, we can make it for thee. Custom orders…


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The Key...

The Key...

Physical reality is very dense in its energy, thus many times making it difficult to create.

A more advanced soul may find the challenge interesting. Those with less experience in the linear often feel depleted by seemingly endless difficulty.

The important thing to remember is how powerful your energy really is. A miracle or two resides in each and every one of you. Often it cannot be forced. It comes forward naturally direct from your higher self. It can be…


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Love and Confusion.

I am almost 21 years of age. I am married. My husband is in Canada and I'm from/in the USA. I love him truly don't get me wrong i really do. But a month ago i reconnected with a friend of mine she is now married to a wonderful man.... but... the man and i feel the same way that we are soul mates... but since we are both married we don't know what to do.. his wife has a kid on the way.... He tells me the only reason hes still with her is cause of the baby... and my husband well... his words…


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The Witch Doll

I made the witch doll as a gift for a witch.  I have about 12 hours in her and I just hope she carries it off when I give her as a gift later this week.

I bought the nude doll at a craft shop. I…


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The water swirled, slowly, as first a slender pale limb,

broke the surface of the river. Inch by inch rising

gracefully she appeared, skin of alabaster, eyes of violet,

hair the color of the sky above, a gently curving nose

turned up at the tip, full pouting lips, wrapped in a

heart shaped face. Her clothes were of gold that formed

themselves to her body giving the illusion that she wore nothing.

The hem cascading around her…


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Axis Sanctuary and Chapels Newsletter

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Terrible Things, Silly Things and a Paradimes | February 28, 2012

By Royal Hopper

 I often talk about the wonderful apathy of the City of Sin. This week’s happenings in Sin City emphasized that paradigm in dramatic  fashion.

First there was the eccentric gentleman who proudly stood on a Sin City street corner on Flamingo Road with a bright yellow sign proclaiming the Evils of Zionist domination of the world and how Jews were evil or short or something equally nonsensical.

Anyway in keeping with the standards of that wonderful…


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Conservatives' Nixon-style Dirty Tricks Leads To Bush-style Win In Canadian Election: "We Only Cheat When We Might Lose"

The House of Commons is expected to erupt yet again Monday as opposition MPs take aim at the Conservatives over allegations they carried out a sophisticated automated calling campaign to confuse Liberal and New Democrat voters on election day 2011.

The Liberals and NDP are both claiming their voter turnout was affected by…


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Spirit Dancer

Spirit Dancer

Sumbers fitfully

Tossing and Turning

Dreams of Darkness

Cold hands Grasp

Flashes of Light

Scretching Howls


Protected by the Wolf

Running across fields

Feet light as Air

Lifting me Up

Skipping from Star to Star

Listening to the winds


Floating to the Earth

Orange-red glow of Coals

Soft warm robes

The steady beat of the…


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More bath salts !

Monday is my day for making new supplies. So making some bath salts today

==Sleep/Dreams bath salts ,  into a blend of seasalt , dead sea minerals salts and baking soda  in a 2 cups jar , I  mix chamomile tea from 7 teabags , 2 tbsps dried lavender flowers , 1 tbsp mugwort & 1 tbsp dried rose petals and 1 tbsp dried yarrow powder

The dried yarrow powder is from www.baldwins.co.uk

The rose petals , mugwort and lavender are from…


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New 2012 Midwest Witches' Ball Sponsor Witches Of Michigan

Witches Of Michigan

Witches for the Witch Family




Hi and Welcome, we hope that you will make many new friends as well as be an active member of our community. Please…


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New 2012 Midwest Witches' Ball Sponsor Detroit Area Vampires

Detroit Area Vampires

A Vampire Meetup Community 


Meet other vampires near you! Come to a local Vampire Meetup to mingle with the awakened and share sanguine tales and dark greetings with your fellow kindred. This group promotes Unity, Tolerance, and Acceptance. All open minded souls welcome. We are real vampires, No RPG Gamers need apply. If you're coming to us with…


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New 2012 Midwest Witches' Ball Sponsor Undercover Wear

Undercover Wear

Lingerie, Spa & Romance Accessories

Your Agent Brandy Wilson


(586) 610-6248 


I am excited to share with you our wonderful products at your very own Unique Boutique. We have many wonderful items for our Spring 2012 line. Please browse the website and contact…


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call to submit "Gifting Gaea" Emerging Visions #22

EmergingVisions#22 - Gifting Gaea

Gift the Goddess with your most mind and heart opening art
Embrace Her with our beauty

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