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Can anyone help?

Hi there..at the moment I´m studying the Theban/Honorian alphabet, and are wondering if anyone have texts or links to sites with texts written in theban?

I found a poem here yesterday, but would like more to test my skills on ;)

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Banishing Ritual: To Exorcise a House/Home

Materials Needed

- Bell (alternatively a rattle or sage incense)

- One White Candle

- One Black Candle

- Banishing Oil (alternatively, use any incense, especially frankincense)

- An item that fills you with Sacred Grace


Cleanse all tools with salt and water, consecrate in the name of your Patron God or Goddess (or to the Spirit or the Universe), bless with positive energy, and infuse with…


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My name is Tempest Wolfwalker, I’m a 23-year-old being living in Colorado, and I’ve been Pagan officially for three years, though I've been studying the faith for nine or ten.

Welcome to my mirror blog. My original blog is on Livejournal, under the username tempywolfwalker. Think about this as a sort of online Book of Shadows where I’ll record spells I write and any interesting Magickal information I stumble across. 

I live in the very…


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Free Ifa Readings

This is to announce the creation of the Free Ifa Readings group here on PaganSpace. 

The Ifa oracle is the most advanced oracle on earth, and was created untold thousands of years ago in West Africa.  It accesses an unprecedented 246 units of information.  No one today understands how such an oracle could have been created by a preliterate people. 

The various information units are called odu.  The appropriate…


Added by Dreamwalker on February 27, 2014 at 2:53pm — 2 Comments

New Things at Mystikal Crescent Moon: New Website and BIG SALE!

Mystikal Crescent Moon has a BRAND NEW website. This new website is much more user friendly with many new features. It is easier to shop with and we also have added a magical blog. Visit the website here!

Yesterday we started a new week long sale in honor of this new website. The…


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Just a little hello =)

I have just found this site, and I must say I´m really thrilled over what I find in here.

I have always had an interest in the alternative and supernatural, but I have been living the past 20 years with someone who didn´t accept the witch in me.. and believe me, that has been hard and very degrading for me...but I left him about half a year ago, and since then, my powers have just escalated. I study absolutely everything I can get my hands on, and I don´t have a spesific religion - I…


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Watch out I'm in a mood today, (this is a warning)

Watch out I'm in a mood today, (this is a warning)...lol

Dr. appointments yesterday, yep plural, sucks to be me on those days.

Any way's, ended up at the teaching hospital and of course being a strong advocate for education I agreed to let an intern help with my case, seeing I am what the Dr. calls an anomaly, translation, I should be dead and bones by now and I ain't...lol. I am not only not dead, I am still active, as in working the farm and training horses, and dogs and…


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Valentine's Day 2014 At The Truitt House

MystikalMelita's Valentine 2014 album on Photobucket

Added by Mystikal Melita on February 25, 2014 at 11:10pm — 1 Comment

Was thinking of a book tour, but...

So, my original plan isn't going to work for a one-weekend tour, but I think I will be able to squeeze the all signings into June. I should have more details later, but for now it looks like maybe 1st Friday in Topeka in June, Bookends in Hutch for 3rd Thursday, and Hastings, whenever I can get a day. 

If you want first editions of End Transmission for me to sign, you better order them from Amazon soon! If you ordered from Kindle,…


Added by Suzanne Dome, Author, Xivera on February 25, 2014 at 6:03pm — No Comments


If we don't die, then what happens? Many of us believe in Reincarnation, so that's what I want to talk about this week.

Reincarnation is not strictly a New Age idea imported from the East. We'll take a look at where it really did originate and where it took hold in the ancient world.

So, if Reincarnation exists, what's the evidence? It's not exactly scientifically provable, but there is there are people who believe they're providing evidence. So we'll take a look at that, and…


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Mardi Gras Inside and Out...Volume 3

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Mardi Gras Inside and Out...Volume 2

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Mardi Gras Inside and Out...Volume 1

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Dream of Death

A couple of nights ago, I dreamt that my older sister died in a car accident and it just felt SO REAL.  Tho, I don't think it's a psychic dream.  I receive two different types of psychic dreams.

1.) If I dream about something all the time, it is either a psychic dream, wishing thinking, or a spirit toying with me. :(

2.) When a dream is SO REAL.   Like I time traveled into the future.

Well, I still don't think the death of my sister is a psychic…


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Relation with a Goddess

 I am from India. Almost every religion worships god as the supreme father or mother. Here in India Goddess kali is seen and worshiped as the Universal mother, primordial power It is believed that the entire creation, space and time are generated from her and will dissolve into her. I have been struggling with a strange feeling. I am unable to worship her as a Divine Mother. I have fallen in love with her as a lover. No sensual feeling is attached with my love for her. I have only pure…


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Keep the Bitch Out of Bitchcraft!!!

I really despise Pagans (and people in general) that are so cynical that fig anyone suggests anything--clearly with the research to back it up--than their gut reaction is not one of openness, but that you MUST be mistaken and flat-out wrong!  The utter pedantry of them is MORE than irritating.  You try sharing knowledge with them out of the goodness of your heart and they, in turn, stab you in the back.  Case in point: Many Pagans have become convinced that Eostre was never a goddess other…


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CANADA: We Own Hockey!




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The cat talks to Herne

For Yule I bought my girlfriend a wall plaque of Herne. She loves all images of the Horned God and is beginning to take her first steps down the pagan path.

Well, I recently put up on one of our bedroom walls, above my desk, a little to the left so she could see it every morning when she awakes. One morning, as we were getting ready to take our first vacation together, my cat, Yoda, hopped up on the desk and began yowling at Herne. He actually looked  up, right at the plaque, and had…


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Nature Always Wins

Every once in a while I get a chance to stand back and look at the Earth with fresh eyes. When I do so I’m usually at peace in short order. I see things differently. Even if is a temporary respite from the horrors loose in the world. What I Perceive With Fresh Eyes and Senses 1) Nature always wins, and we, as a species aren’t very important. To paraphrase George Carlin’, “the Earth will shake us off like a bunch a fleas and not miss a one of us.”...…


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