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Picking out the dog for your family to training

When deciding on a dog or puppy for your family try to remember you can find many that need homes in shelters and at the ASPCA.  You would be surprised at the types of dogs you can find at these facilities.  from pure breed to mutt.  I have a friend that trains dogs for a living.  He has shown me some new tools to add to my tool box. 

The first tool he gave me was on choosing a dog for my family.  Not only did we want a dog that would fit our families activity level but, we…


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And so we have reached the end of another work week. Well here in a few hours at least that is. If you read my stuff even on a semi regular basis then you know what is ahead. Good vibes for you and yours to be used however you like. Before I wander off for the day however I have a recommmendation for how to spend at least some of the weekend. 'Falling skies'. I try not to push my opinions on others but I'm not above sharing them every so often. And though sci-fi usually isn't my thing that…


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Unfortunately I have a feeling these words may drive many of u away from JOY PANDEMIC…I hope not…%)There’s so much I feel the need to express im not sure where to start…ok…”near death” experiences…every one ive ever heard of was basically the same …the person having the experience saw a brilliant white light…now as some of u may know the name “Lucifer” means “bringer of light” or “light bearer”…ive often wondered (after seeing how nearly everyone ive encountered here treats each other)…


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Kefir - a medicinal mushroom from Caucasus

Kefir - a medicinal mushroom from Caucasus

Kefir is a delicious and nutritious milk drink originating in the Caucasus.…


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The Gorge

I took a walk today to the gorge. It is part of the wilderness in this area of Mexico. Standing at the top of a pathway at the top of the gorge, near a small shrine dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, and looking down at the steep path deciding whether to descend, three young men and a black dog walked up from behind. In Spanish they asked me what I was doing. In my broken Spanish I replied, “Nothing.” Then the oldest man screamed very loudly “I’m the master of the jungle.” They started…


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Kissing the Limitless


Bryan was sick on Tuesday night, so we decided to cancel our regularly scheduled show for EYE OF THE SEER.  Instead, he linked up this super special encore presentation from 2011.…


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Tarot (and beyond!)


As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts and various social media outlets, my friend +Bryan and I are teaching an online tarot class starting in March. We’re both so excited about this! +Bryan and I read tarot cards for each other all the time, and showing off our favorite decks and new techniques is a pastime we both…


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My Graphic Design Business is Open!

I am excited but yet nervous to say my graphic design business is officially running again!

I started this last year with the hopes I would be driven to results but lacked motivation and opportunities. Once rediscovering my faith and having the grace and support of Ganesha and Lakshmi on my side, I decided to rebrand it and open it once more. I have a good feeling about this.

So please feel free to like my Facebook [if you own a business I will like yours as well] and perhaps…


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A very cold good morning from deep southetn Indiana my friends. Though if the experts can be believed this is it. Once we get through today we supposedly turn that corner toward spring. I say bring it. Time to get things back in full swing rather then this whole running half speed. Not that it interests anyone out there. I digress then and hand out the day's good vibes. Until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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Good vibes all around for your Thursday. Until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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Live a good life

Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones. — Marcus Aurelius

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On being conservative.

Some people think I'm conservative in my beliefs and values, my ex girlfriend (love of my life) is far more Conservative in her belief and values, than I am, and she's a Buddhist. And when I mean Conservative, I mean Conservative in the American context of being Conservative. Defiantly NOT a Patchouli Huffer New Age Buddhist.

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Looking for Pagan Friendly Advanced Readers

I'm a multi-published pagan author, and though all the books are not specifically about pagan characters (some are) all are definitely influenced by my spiritual leanings.

I'm also very prolific, and write across several genres.

Looking for avid readers of: science fiction, fantasty, urban fantasy, and/or romance who would love to get their hands on books before they are available to the public in exchange for feedback and/or honest Amazon reviews. (good or bad…


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Dear Azealia Banks: Gay-marry me. please.

I'm not much of a celebrity nut, but when a woman as well-known as rapper Azealia Banks and all her serious hotness comes out of the broom closet, I can't help but do a little dance.. Especially when it comes attached to an anti-imperialist rant. I know a lot of people and sites are giving her sh** for, what appears when taken out of context, to be a "reverse racist"…


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Nothing all that interesting to share today. Then how is that any different then any other day? The only thing that really storred me up yesterday however was when my cell went for a swim. Dive to be percise. Completly submerged folks. A quick psa then from me to you. Don't lay your phone on the friggin' sink while you're in the kitchen. If you do remember its there. I didn't. Hence the reason I now have a brand shiny new phone. There was no saving the other. Plus I had been planning to…


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Tales Out of School; Urban Myths

.The Urban Myth is the subject of this week's show.  

Why do we tell eachother such stories?  They're always so extreme and fantastic that, really, the rational mind knows they can't be true.  But not only do we tell them anyway; we, in fact listen to them as well.   Maybe these fantastic set of circumstances just might be real afterall!

The Urban myth has alot in common with traditional myths and folklore, in the way they satisfy a need for storytelling.  It may be that…


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My phone tells me its a balmy seven below at this very moment. Yet that isn't stopping me from watching the sunrise. My opinion its somthing that needs to be done at least once. There is somthing even more beautiful about it in winter though. Especially when the snow and ice are on. Just my thought on the matter. Though I'm not sure of the value considering as I write about such I'm listening to Slipknot. Then again we are creatures of layers aren't we. Now no more rambling for today. Good…


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Just a Tuesday morning early bird

I woke up this morning to a gut wrenching feeling. The feeling is familiar to me. It signals me I'm about to have an attack, a nausea attack.. I throw myself up out of bed and bolt to the bathroom and immediately I turn on the shower and start my breathing exercise so I can calm down.. this happens every few weeks, once or twice a month I've observed.. of course at this point, my body is on reflex telling me it needs to vomit but I have nothing in my stomach. I've asked people what they…


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Losing 2 Cats: RIP Pyewacket and Charcoal

I've been trying to write this blog for over three weeks, but I didn't know what I wanted to write about. 

Now I do. A little more than a week ago, I lost my familiar, Pyewacket. She was poisoned. It was

totally preventable, if only people would be careful where they dump their coolant or anti-freeze. Dogs

and cats like to drink it, because to them, it tastes sweet. But it's toxic. I am still in the anger phase of

grieving for her. I haven't cried yet.…

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