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Ayin ha'ra (evil eye) and the eye of ra/horus

In judaism you have both tov (good) and ra (evil) inside you. Some people may know, that judaism Has a lot of connections to the egyptian religion. So in egypt you have thoth (moon) and ra (sun). So why is the word for egyptian sun god depicted as evil in  judaism?

I might understand the answer. So even if I'm wrong, it is still an Interpretation.

So the sun god ra is depicted as a falcon or bird of prey. His most prominent symbol is an eye. You could describe that in many…


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fire element

Greek and Roman tradition[edit]

Fire is one of the four classical elements in ancient Greek philosophy and…


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Urban Myths

Urban myths; why do we tell eachother such stories? They're always so extreme and fantastic that, really, the rational mind knows they can't be true. But not only do we tell them anyway; we, in fact listen to them as well. Maybe these fantastic set of circumstances just might be real afterall!


The Urban myth has alot in common with traditional myths and folklore, in the way they satisfy a need for storytelling. It may be that the Urban Myth expresses a feeling that we live in…


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Here We Go Again

It has been awhile since I’ve been an active member. Things have been a little crazy in my life but overall it has been fun. Had a couple of close calls with Lady Death and several encounters with local law enforcement. No charges were ever pressed by the way. Mr. Hyde is sleeping for now so that Dr. Jekyll can rest back up. At least Pagan Space is still alive and well.…


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Helen, the Daughter of God

In my last essay, “The Daughter of the Goddess”, I presented Carl Jung’s idea that the collective unconscious mind almost always responds to the conscious mind with an opposite. Accordingly, wherever the collective conscious mind of mankind spoke about a Son of God, the unconscious responded by creating a Daughter of a Goddess either in myth or (rarely) in real life. Unfortunately it was necessary to focus upon ancient Palestine to see the…


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The Daughter of the Goddess

Carl Jung repeatedly emphasized the idea that the unconscious mind responds to the conscious mind with an opposite. Because Christianity has given us the Son of God we should expect the opposite to come from the unconscious mind, namely the Daughter of a Goddess. Like other products of the collective unconscious mind we shall expect to find this Daughter in myth.

In my daily religion class in Catholic parochial…


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A river of molten lava hence giant pluton monoliths cherub eagle vessel shrine gated dream of creation time while sleeping is sacred a journey flashes into celestial light to regenerate brain wave alpha static in mineral bone calcium crystal battery held latent this vision one religion continuation a person begins not to function with grave physical and psychological problem the start is a miracle how all our energy is cylindrical a madrigal magical…


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Should the Empath Become Angry?

The myth of Narcissus tells the story of a youth who sees his reflection in a pool of water and is entranced by his beauty. For some time now I have objected to the name “narcissist” as an epithet for a type of person who could more reasonably be called a relationship psychopath or sociopath. But on second thought I am happy that the beautiful Narcissus was chosen to symbolize the personality type that came into prominence in the last few…


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Brain death is the complete and irreversible loss of brain function (including involuntary activity necessary to sustain life) way of determining death being irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions It is not the same as persistent vegetative state, in which the person is alive".individuals who have suffered the death of all of their brain and the death of their cardiac and respiratory systems (biological, or full, death). However, if one limits the criteria to those…


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Who is Ostara?

Ostara, or Eostre or Eastre, is the Germanic Goddess of spring and dawn. She is only mentioned once in scholarly writings of the period - Bede the monk states that during Eostremonath (the old Anglo-Saxon names for April), the pagan Anglo-Saxons help festivals in her honor. (Two hundred years later in Germany, in his Life of Charlemagne, a monk named Einhard gives the old name for April as Ostaramonath.) She is also mentioned in a number of inscriptions in Germany, and the modern holiday of…


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Expanding the understanding of male and female forces

In I ching male is the strong and bright force and female is the weak and dark one, but that female only is weak isn't right. It only is weaker, which isn't even bad. Strong needs weak for balance. Now let's see what i mean. The sun (hot fire) is extremely hot and active. It's light is giving life to everything, just like the male seed gives life. Then we have the female weak fire. A candle light is shaped like a vulva and the weak fire is keeping us warm in the darkness. It's like a mother…


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Just believe in jeebuz and you will bei saved

You can eat junkfood. You can live an unfulfilled life. You can smoke cigarettes and take drugs. You can destroy nature, cut down trees, build cities, pollute the environment. All you need to do is believe in Jesus and you will be saved. I mean he died, just like everyone dies!

For your sins? So he died, so that you can sin...

But he was the messiah. He saved the world * didn't <-he*.

We are right now at the end Tims and the devil (Who is an angel of god, according to…


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Joseph Chilton Pearce and Psychic Imprinting

The books of Joseph Chilton Pearce are waiting for me. It was as long ago as the 1980’s that I would lie awake in bed very late at night and listen to a recorded talk by Mr. Pearce on radio station KPFK Los Angeles. Every so often I think about his ideas about imprinting and I think to myself, what a shame that no one seems to remember this. Probably most of us are familiar with the idea that a newborn infant should be held by the mother immediately after birth so that the feel and smell of her… Continue

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Animal Totems; Yay or Nay?

In the general neoPagan community people - not everyone - who work with animal spirit guides talk about Animal Totems.


Purists will tell you that that's kind of a misnomer. Totems are not really spirit guides and spirit guides are not really totems.


Where do YOU stand on this immense question??


Well, I'm here to untangle the whole mess and by the time we're finished we'll all know what really is…


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Sahasara is your root chakra. The tree of life has it's roots in heaven

Let's think of your body as a tree.

Where are it's roots?

In your genitals/lower spine, in your heart?

No... It's in your head. This is where the trunk or spine grows out of! Your hair then is the roots growing out of it and your legs and arms are it's branches.

When we dream, we go inside our roots and slumber underground (unconscious) and when we wake up our flowers open, leaves and bud grow. We grow, first bodywise and when we are fully adult we grow the fruits…


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Secret Place


When sun goes down

My soul awakens

The moon lite dark sky

Enchants me

Calls me

I respond

I journey to a secret place

Where magick is

Where elves greet

Faeries work and play

A secret place

Another world

Another realm

Water is clear as…


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A Scorecard for the Virgin Mary

It has been my privilege to learn some of the carefully guarded secrets involving the Virgin Mary, whom I would prefer to call Maria. I feel that Maria is a more beautiful name than Mary, and in any case it is close to the original Mariam, lacking only the final “m”.

The scorecard in the title to this article invites us to evaluate Maria’s nature and performance in comparison to the image of a…


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Don'T be too stiff, don't be too weak

If a bow is too weak, you can't fire the arrow. If a bow is too stiff, IT breaks.

If a sword get's too much heat, it melts and if you cool it too fast IT breaks.

The strongest armor is elastic, because IT van ward off arrows or bullets just through it's buffer effect.

If your mind is too static, you miss elasticity. If it is to weak, you miss strength. Don't bei too kind. Don't bei too harsh.

If humans wouldn't struggle in life there would bei noch progress. If it…


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The New Age Doctrines of the 5th Dimension and Ascension

It has come to my attention that we now have a wonderful opportunity to ascend into a 5th dimensional world, but what this means is not clear to me. Those who believe in reincarnation understand that the ascension is supposed to mark the end of a series of lifetimes on a material planet like our present-day earth. But I would estimate that the figure is not even 1%, but only 1% of 1% of all human beings alive today who will be able to ascend anytime soon. What the 5th dimension is, is still a… Continue

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