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The Benevolent God

In the three religions that are based upon the prophetic tradition of Abraham we find many claims that God is benevolent. In Islam, for example, a frequently recited prayer speaks of Allah as “the beneficent, the merciful”. But the Koran belies this optimistic description of God by continually referring to hell and hellfire. I do not know if anyone ever counted the number of times that the term “hellfire” appears in the Koran and compared that sum with the…


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Tales Told Out of School; Urban Myths

The Urban Myth is the subject of this week's show.


Why do we tell eachother such stories? They're always so extreme and fantastic that, really, the rational mind knows they can't be true. But not only do we tell them anyway; we, in fact listen to them as well. Maybe these fantastic set of circumstances just might be real afterall!


The Urban myth has alot in common with traditional myths and folklore, in the way they satisfy a need for storytelling. It may be…


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Multiverse and the Magickal Panes of Existence

A few nights ago on How the Universe Works, one of the things they discussed besides the Big Bang and the birth of the Universe is the theory that the Universe is still expanding, and not even a universe at all, but a multi-verse.  I got to thinking about it and realized that this must be where all the planes of existence of magick and the Craft are. The Urkutsk shamans of…


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My shadow work progress

I’m doing shadow work for the first time. Something I’ve been needing to do for a while now. My choice of divinities to aid me in this has been Leviathan, Ba’al, and and guide. My last meditation was an interesting one, saw several shadow creatures respectfully. Some appreared to be humanoid others were more animal but yet I feel deal with with Kether in some matter. I’m not entirely certain yet.
I feel with more work I may recover these answers.

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Dramatic Thoughts

Swirl Of My Thoughts 

I hold, I hold, I hold this eternity.

This world spins while the machine ticks.

A world highly protected, kept secret from those who wants it’s delicacies.

Blind those who wants to see outside, trying to reach out a connection they not understand.…


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Sometimes it’s just

I am well aware that some people view hexing as a no go and I respect that. As for myself I have no issue doing such an working after taken in mind am I just angry with this person, is this person going through something to cause them to behave negatively towards me, and other valid questions I’ll consider. After all these questions if there is an just reason for the working then I’ll do it.

Other times I’ll simply do an binding on that person, or perhaps an reversal on them.

More… Continue

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Animal Totems; Yay or Nay?

This week here on The Spiral Dance, we're discussing Animal Totems.


In the general neoPagan community people - not everyone - who work with animal spirit guides talk about Animal Totems.


Purists will tell you that that's kind of a misnomer. Totems are not really spirit guides and spirit guides are not really totems.


Where do YOU stand on this immense question??


Well, I'm here to untangle the whole…


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Decrees For Creator Realization By Steven Hutchinson

Decrees For Creator Realization By Steven Hutchinson…


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At The Cross-Crossroads A Hub & A Meeting Place

Do you see what is above, below, between and beyond

I swirl my finger from the middle, around counterclockwise into the center of your thoughts.…


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70 years old and still awesome.

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The Male Growing stronger in me and influence

So some "spirit" has been trying to get between me and my incubus for like a year and now I have been adding up in my life- I am going for my Masters in Healthcare Administration in Houston and stuff- So get this - The spirit has been coming on to me telling me he is "God" or my "conscience" and since I was brought up strict Christian I should know better than to bet on a male spirit to firmly bond with me because " they always leave and act up and they cant be trained and stuff. Obviously…


Added by Elisabeth Cartwright on February 15, 2019 at 12:57pm — 1 Comment

Mystic Dream Academy- Warning.

Merry Meet Everyone,

I am posting this announcement while it is still in my mind to do so. It was brought to my attention by Amethyst that the exercises in the program she was going through at The Mystic Dream Academy called The Black Rose Coven had started to resemble Mind Control more then it did a Spiritual Learning Experience. Although the ideas they initially present to you seem valid and good, the deeper she traveled into it, the more her spirit recoiled…


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Fun Hobbies I Enjoyed


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Love Notes for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day will be here on the 14th. Let's pass a couple love notes!


Some people believe that the Ancient Roman holiday of the Lupercalia was the forerunner to Valentine's Day. That's not actually true, but there are some associations so we'll take a look at what the Lupcalia was all about.


Then we'll talk a bit about the Christian St. Valentine - or ValentineS, plural. There was actually more than one Valentine - but were they all…


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Pan throwing a fit:(

Last night I slept really well mostly with my pan and spirit friends in the room, we are starting to push the negative ones out and I look forward to my life in texas with a group of determined friends who wish to coexist. So this morning 90 percent of US went on to the bus - it was 5:30! THIS MORNING, had to catch early bus to not be late for class. One of the lesbian bully ones unfortunately was up and waiting for me as I got dressed and forced me to walk with her down the street , my…


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aliexpress.com Diamond Arts- Stay away.

Merry Meet Everyone,

I wanted to take some time to give a warning about a company that I've recently ordered from. This company is aliexpress.com I ordered this poster …


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The Pan trip that just wont quit!!!!!!!

So anyway , I have been lighting candles and incense for about 3 days, hoping to cast some of the negative energy out of the house... It works sporatically but it also seems to make the most childish immature one even worse. Basically one of the more bossy entitiies is about 14-17 years old, only wants to talk about sex and gossip and LITERally pushes me out of the way when I am trying to get into my makeup or bathtub or do my choirs. Almost every night when I go to sleep some of them get…


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FACE THE NATION: ..State of the Union Address:

FACE THE NATION: ..State of the Union Address:

My Hometown - The Billy Jones Band



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Steam Bath

Sweat baths are a good way to cleanse your body. Your skin pores open and the sweat not only flushes out blocked pores, but it also carries away impurities from within your body. When I had access to a sweat bath, I would go straight from the hot sweat bath to a cold shower. I was imitating the Japanese practice of going from a sweat bath to a bank of snow.

Sweat baths were used extensively in Mesoamerica. Across the areas of Mesoamerica, from the Aztecs to Zapotecs, the…


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More Stories from the house

So basically there is a spirit or something in my tv, sigh , this is sometimes my life for weeks :( It is obsessed with "jumping from the screen " to me etc. Also it totally takes over the tv characters and then obsesses itself with driving me away from the tv screen. The laast couple days it's number one topic of conversation  is  basically trying to make personal conversation about  what I have let my friends in Pan do?? I mean they eat sleep and live with me? Why is it some strangers job…


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