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The Red Path

In addition to studying the druidic path, I follow the path of the Red Branch...which is that of a warrior. I consider my path a literal path, meaning I follow the path as a physical and spiritual warrior. I am definately a raven (I think current political term is hawk) meaning that I agree with using the force needed to remove a threat. Maybe one day we will live in a world where deadly force isn't needed and wars dont exist but we aren't even close to being there yet and if I am killed by an… Continue

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Soon To Be Unveiled ~ Aspects of the God ~ !!!

I'm so excited to announce that I'm working on. Aspects of the God. This little guy is about 3" in length. His beads are bone, wood, tiger's eye gemstones. He brings on the aspect of Wisdom. He can be worn as a pendant, hung in your car for protection or in a sacred space. I'm going to make large sizes as well. Anyway here's the premiere! (Soon to be posted on Be Good 2 Mother Earth.

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A True Church

I found this on the internet! A veiw of Stone henge as I think it should be. A place of Worship, should always be. Enjoy

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yet another update

just called the hospital they didnt take james off the vent today...his lungs arent clear they gave him more sedation and pain meds so he wont be irritated....went to the lawyer and lets just say it will be taken care of...i miss my baby husband is taking this really hard as well..last night he read a sweet little book called "guess how much i love you" it was really sweet...hes a daddys boy....thanks for your support

Blessed Be

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The Gremlin's Diary

Santa Monica Mountains 2


The Gremlin's…


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Every Time She Smiles

Tears that burn like acid rain,
Suspended from her lashes,
Defiant webs of dripping pain,
Drown pallid cheeks in slashes.

Crumpled parchment paper skin,
With signs of use and year,
Countenance some found beauty in,
The only witness to her fear.

Bitterness roots in a heart of snow,
Angry memories burn in piles,
If you sat and talked you'd never know,
She dies every time she smiles.

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The Daughter of the Destroyer Speaks

Let all who would listen hear,

The daughter of the Devourer speaks.

The voice of the Scribe cries aloud,

Lifts her voice in the high places,

in the lowlands.

An anthem of joy and peace for the lost

and lonely.

A poem of love and of beauty for the

weary and the hopeless.

A song of light and forgiveness for those

entrapped in the darkness and unable to

forgive themselves.

A promise of retribution for any who would

practice harm upon… Continue

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Deep Waters

Deep Waters

I am the hurricane.

I am the deep.

I am the nightmare monstrosities that call the inky abyss home.

I am the rippling, laughing waves.

I am the murderous tides,

the currents that rend flesh from bone.

I am where the horizon sleeps,

and where the sun wakes.

I am the amoebas that swim in the roiling nocturnal cauldron of evolution.

I am steadfast life to the prepared,

and certain death to the unwary.

I am typhoon and… Continue

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Into the Spring

Back from Spring Break and heading into my last quarter of college! I had a fantastic time traipsing around Seattle and Medford/Ashland with good friends and much-loved relations. The main point of the journey was to scout out apartments and places to live in after we (my husband and myself) get booted out of our place on graduation day.

Saw my brother and sister-in-law and their beautiful baby boy. My nephew is the most adorable child on earth. I swear that he could make even the… Continue

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The Role of Fox, Lynx and Wolf in Mythology

The role animals play in mythology might be one reason why people seem to be more frightened of the wolf than of the lynx or the fox. The lynx is hardly non existent in mythology and the fox is a well known cunning figure in fables. But the wolf plays various different roles, ranging from a demonic, evil figure and werewolf myths to the nursing wolf of the city founders of Rome.

The study of the public acceptance towards the wolf is another part in the research of existing or lacking… Continue

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Meaning Wolf

Meaning Wolf

All cultures have myths that embody a basic belief system about nature

John Williams / 1996

All cultures have myths that embody a basic belief system about nature. Often myths originate from things encountered in nature and how they relate to man's existence. Myths can take many forms though and are not limited to the exploits of gods tossing lightening bolts, pieces of stone having special powers, or the stories of creation, but embrace any cultural… Continue

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My Life As of now

I have had alot on my mind up till now, wait what am I saying I still hae alot on my mind. so to let some off my mind i will put it in this post.

first and formost Of corse is my bills. those are always on my mind, trying to figure out how to pay for them and so on. I am still working with my father but since it is spring there isnt alot of work yet for us up here. we dont have grass yet so no lawns, and we dont have alot of snow so no moving snow. I have been working on my store… Continue

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7th Annual Pagan Festival Pagan Festival Hosted By:: Pagan Alliance When: Saturday May 10, 2008 at 9:00 AM Where:: Civic Center Park 2151 Martin Luther King Berkeley, California|5 94704 Unite…

7th Annual Pagan Festival

Pagan Festival

Hosted By::

Pagan Alliance


Saturday May 10, 2008

at 9:00 AM


Civic Center Park

2151 Martin Luther King

Berkeley, California|5 94704

United States

View Map

7th Annual Pagan Festival – We Are Changebr /Saturday, May 10, 2008br /10:00 am to 5:30 pmbr /Martin Luther King, Jr.

Civic Center Park

Please RSVP to this… Continue

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If You Want To Control Something Try Controlling Yourself

Over the weekend I was at my son's guitar lesson. As I was sitting in the waiting area a woman and her daughter came in and sat directly in front of me. That would ordinarily fine, but as I sat there reading my book, the woman's daughters teacher came in. The woman announced that "Annika wasn't feeling well, that she might even have strep!". I was like what the hell are you kidding me? So, I grab my stuff and take off out the front door. I stopped long enough to complain to the owner. I said to… Continue

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Act Of Sin:Act 6 The way

Siam solo dei morti che corrono su un fiume di specchi cercando l'illuminazione eterna

Cerchiamo la via negli altri e perdiamo il senso di noi stessi

Cerchiamo la sicurezza per noi stessi per perdere gli altri

Perdiamo noi stessi per trovare l'immagine perfetta del nostro male

Siamo il male che regna in ogni fiume e ci rispecchiamo meglio nel nostro piacere

vogliamo la risposta giusta a ogni perche senza sapere

troviamo la risposta negli altri per perdere ogni… Continue

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Crisis With some christianity advertising

Its because of christianity being pushed down my throught that i started looking more into the things they called evil. you can call me a rebel but I always questioned the chistian ways. they wanted you to beleive what they told you and never question. I couldnt take that. I asked my teacher one day

" If the bible teaches us that god is alpha and omaga yet science tells us everthing begins somewhere, then how did god come to be?"

I myself dont believe in the christian ways any more. I… Continue

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The Value of Friends

I enjoy having friends. I enjoy having friends that have the same beliefs and values as me. Yet, why is it, four years after graduating high school, that it is so hard now? I had friends.....4 years ago. We all drifted apart. Some went into the military, some went to college, and some took care of their families. I have a family of my own: one smart son and two beautiful daughters. And I have a very loving wife. It couldn't get any better than this!

Or could it?

I have… Continue

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The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of the Summer Land,

is a place called The Rainbow Bridge.

When an Animal dies that has been

especially close to someone;

that Animal Companion goes to

The Rainbow Bridge.

There are meadows and hills;

cushions and catnip; tires and tug rings

for all of our special Friends.

They can run and play,

drowse in the Sun and dream lovely Dreams.

There is plenty of food, water and… Continue

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Unblocking The Ally

Habitual Anger

Sometimes when we feel anger, it is coming from a deep place that demands acknowledgment and expression. At these times, it is important that we find healthy ways to honor our anger, remembering how dangerous it is to repress it. However, anger can also become a habit, our go-to emotion whenever things go wrong. Often this is because, for whatever reason, we feel more comfortable expressing anger than we do other emotions, like sadness. It can also be that getting… Continue

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