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We Need Your Help

Here in Lubbock, Tx, the local pagans have no where to gather, shop or socialize other than private homes or a couple of really small coffee houses. The community has slowly been dissolving and people are becoming more solitary. Many covens and groups have already disbanded due to inadequate meeting space.

I wish to change that. I've partnered with to finish off my fundraising goals to get a self-supporting artists co-op and pagan community center started. Featuring… Continue

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my decision....

hah! no big deal! I've decided to go with Gypsy Demetria. I did not want to pick a dumb corny name, I have already done that several times. lol. good memories. anyways, I chose Gypsy becuase they have always fascinated me. Besides I am used to being looked at and feared. *shrugs* And I truly like Demetria. I used it as my S.C.A. name. So Finally after several months floating here with my birth name, I will choose a name I want to grow into.

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Getting By with the Grace of the Gods

Making the most of Grace

Like some of you, the last couple years have been tough. I'm fast approaching two years without work - the professional kind - and have been virtually homeless for over a month. Sounds scary to some, I know. I say virtually because I've been living in a tent in campgrounds, so as long as I can keep some earth under my tent I'll have a roof over my head.

But this isn't my first rodeo. I went through a similar…


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Random update

Well I hope no one has felt lonely with out my bright sunshiney face here. lol. I THINK I am doing OK. Moving sucks. I hate packing and unpacking. School is good. For some reason I keep over doing it. The overacheiving is driving me insane. I was told to do a presentation. I created a whole 10 minute slideshow, only to be told I just needed to read my report in front of the class. Which was 5 pages instead of the required 3. See my point. FINALS!! UGH!! LOL!! I just have to laugh at myself 'cuz… Continue

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A Forced Exile

Thank you Mother for the nice warm sunny day!

Well I would have been here much sooner iffin the phone company had not made a snafu. My phone line hasn't worked right for over a week, and it took em 3 days to fix it. Apparently there was some problem with the main cable. Things seem to be good now (hope it stays that way). Now that I'm here tho, don't know what to say eh.

OK, just thought of sumthin haha.…


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Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Buoy Of Rhythm

(The player contains a live recording of this message and includes discussion segments on Cycles of Life and ascension symptoms.)


I greet you, Dear Ones, as always, with love, respect and gratitude from the Most High. My message this week will find many of you in a state of mild confusion, courtesy of the very intense saturation of…


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Cosmic Weather Forecast -- March 31, 2010

In like a lion and out like a lamb; or so they say! Well, I will say that the last day of March will be rather busy. First, we have a sign change. Venus will move out of Aries and into the sign she rules – Taurus. This is a very sensual Venus who is concerned about values and enjoys the best things in life. Taurus is the show me sign, and when the Goddess of Love returns to one of her homes (she is so sophisticated she has two houses) she becomes more interested in traditional structures,… Continue

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Hello Got A Question

I have something on my page that says i am using *central* what is it and how do i get rid of it ????

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Howdy From Oklahoma

Merry Meet My Friends:

I have been very busy with kids and Helping on my daddy's farm. I haven't spent much time on here lately. I will be on more often here soon when life calms down some. Hope every one has a wonderful easter and Ostra and is doing well.. Blessed Be

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It strikes me that one of the things religion views as crucial in its

success is the formation of a cohesive world view. The existence of a

world view is a cornerstone of religion itself. A worldview attempts to

explain the nature of the world, and if compatible with its particular

belief system, the nature of the universe… Continue

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Stay Away Pest Mojo

A pleasurable spring cleaning activity is to put away the darker-colored heavy woolens and dense cottons of winter to make way for the lighter silks and linens of spring and summer. Once my clothing is clean and folded I put it away until fall, and I'm sure many of you do the same. Try including this sachet mojo. Tucked into the closet, the bag is… Continue

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Benny made it thru surgery

My very sweet disabled bunny went in for surgery on his neck yesterday. I had taken him in on thursday and was told he had an enclosed pasturella infection. It seemed to have started in his ear and worked down to the neck. This Bunny has had antibiotic after antibiotic to find out why he had the head tilt and was scanning so much. We had finally thought he had a stroke because his symptoms would diminish when he was put in his cage. This poor bun was flown from west coast to east coast maybe…


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What I Learned From A Sour-Apple Worm

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. -- Albert Einstein

Of all the things my children were blessed with, curiosity is certainly the trait that brings home the prize. They never tire of asking questions, and charge everything with a genuine interest to learn something new at every turn.

Even if their unbridled desire to always find out different things… Continue

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Cosmic Weather Forecast -- March 30, 2010

Not much astrological news today. The Moon continues its trek through relationship Libra, and makes its last aspect of the day – an opposition to Mercury late this evening. This could cause communication issues in relationships, and business negotiations are not favorable. Be sure to be careful of what you say today, as it can be construed or misunderstood by those that we want to understand us the most. In addition, with Mercury still in Aries impatience could be a major issue especially when… Continue

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An Interesting note of encryption

Avalon 45

The Avalon Project entry 45, is a web-doc of the 45th Federalist Paper,

thought to have been written by James Madison. It's purpose was to

soothe the anti-Federalists regarding the federal government's right to


This position was "devalued" in the 20th century, as the cost of

Roosevelt's "New Deal" forced the government to impose the Social

Security tax.

Hmmmmmm....I guess the "cross-dragging punk" picked the… Continue

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Wondering about the quality of life for our young people

This morning while sitting at my computer looking outside at the grey day I read an article about the funeral of a young man I knew and it got me thinking about all young people and the qualitity of the lives they are living.

Here in Australia its a good night out if you get so drunk you can't stand or have as much sex as you can even if you don't know the person your having sex with and breaking the law is not such a big deal and is something like a rite of passage for some of… Continue

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Spring Break Traveler's Spell

When I was growing up, people seldom took spring breaks. Today, it is something in which so many people partake. Many young families find it a convenient time to get away. Others find ways to take advantage of this break from school and work schedules by doing fun projects at home or in their community. If your journey happens to cross water (or even if… Continue

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Planning A Vacation?

Let the knowledgeable and friendly staff at TSC help you plan and create a vacation getaway that will last a lifetime. Simply e-mail

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