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Fool's journal

The Earth screams

People die before their time

Or never get much life

Species die, their music silenced

Crazy theories of wealth

belie obligation or simple seeing

the laws of consequence

Scream Earth!

Pierce the cosmos with your

terrible cry

Acid rain burning through gold



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In the write that is....

     Well, what's new with me???? Well, I'm in my 23rd week of my pregnancy...very exciting. And we just found out yesterday that we are blessed with a baby GIRL!!!!! Yay, everyone has been really excited. Going out and buying clothes. I picked out my Stoller/carseat combo today from Target. It's so cute!!!! Now I'm trying to pick out my crib bedding...i just dont know yet...…


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Illuminated Tarot Video Review

is the property of certain surfaces which appear to change color as the angle of view or the angle of illuminaton changes.


Added by Donnaleigh de LaRose on March 31, 2011 at 4:54pm — No Comments Announces Free Lesson and Book Giveaway!

It used to be all the rage … the style of music known as New Age. Soothing and relaxing, New Age music hit its peak in the mid 1980’s but is now making a comeback.

And it’s why pianist/composer Edward Weiss, owner of the website is becoming so popular.

Weiss says…

“People will always need a way to relax and reduce… Continue

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Weird bug dream and water park...

Well another weird dream.....


Sci fi channel strikes again....


I had a dream that I was  bieing chased by this guy who trying to catch us and we  in these outfits red and blue striped? we split up and this car small  compact lady said get in...

Next I know ima  nurses  uniform and she says I help out nurses.

Well  next i know she invited me inside and offered me Pizza and I ended up eating a salad she had this with her family. These huge…


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Integrity and Beyond #28

Greetings and love dear and precious readers..Last night Carol (my home aide) and I went out of town to an Ostara Sabbatt celebration. It was truly wonderful and well attended. It was my first time to be honoring our Goddess with other Witches. The ritual was a bit silly.. It all revolved around chocolate. I will just highlight a few things. The most significant was towards the end of the ritual a pair of red-tail hawks gave us the honor of visiting and circling our ritual. They screamed with… Continue

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Lords Of Salem

Lords of Salem' Director Rob Zombie Scouts Locations

The musician and filmmaker visited the City last week to scout locations for an upcoming feature film.


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was today a day worth remembering?

today started like most days i went to sleep alittle earlier than normal about midnight, woke up at zero two and that's where it starts,  from ther ei've done three hours of pt mainly abbs, 30 minutes of deep meditation and vocal exercises to help change the tonality of my voice. and then i came to the office where i have finished three classes and spent six hours online. . . . nothing remarkable about my day nope nothign at all.


i've not smiled once today, i've not managed…


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Drawing down the Moon

Drawing down the Moon (also known as drawing down the Goddess) is a ritual central to many contemporary Wiccan traditions. During the ritual, a coven's High Priestess enters a trance and requests that the Goddess or Triple Goddess, symbolized by the moon, enter her body and speak through her. The High Priestess may be aided by the High Priest, who invokes the spirit of the Goddess.

During her trance, the High Priestess speaks and acts as the Goddess.

The ritual through… Continue

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Goddess Diana

As pagans, Goddess Diana is the eternal Mother of all creation, the first that is and the last will be. Diana is the Huntress, she is the Moon, She is the call of the wild, the beating of the forests, the animal spirit within, urging us to remember our origins. Diana awakens our spirit, our dreams and goals. She awakens nature within us, that we remember the howling of the wolf and the sacred circle in our lives and…


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Other incident Cat one ANother black and white cat showed up at my door step lolol hahha

A nother black and white cat  has showed up at my doorstep YEs pregnant again Iam now know as the crazy cat lady or the  house ofr unwed cats hahahha


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Weird dream about POOP! and this fruit from another world

I had to weird dreams 


First dream was about me ina public restroom with the restroom having kind of like fading beige  walls there was people in the bathroom.


I missed the toilet? in the dream Ido not know how Idid that?


I was cleaning up the toilet with a wipe....  I as saying Iwanted it be clean for the enxt person...

I know is there waqs some light colred poop on the  floor saurrounding he toilet and it was light colored? People kept…


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Keeping it simple missy

So I am getting ready to teach and am rereading a lot of begining witchcraft books and notes.  I am realizing that You don't have to have a fancy athame, wand or cauldren to be a witch.   Everything we do starts with our greatest tool ourselves the other tools just help us focus our energies.  I am loving going through the basics doing everything I would ask of my students and learning a new thing or two from the Spirits. 
I have reread the CHarge of The Goddess and…

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Gone for a bit

I will be gone for a bit getting a new hard drive  for my laptop put in and I do have access to hubby's computer  but I have not work there and it is ot setr up the way I like it ... hope to be back up and running again soon



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Grand kids.


    Sometimes I have been so busy taking care of my granddaughters that I forget what hour of the day it is. Now that things have settled down I have a little more time. Sorry I haven't been here lately.

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What I have

When I was growing up I had a.d.d. or was it a.d.h.d. I forgot.. but when I turned 14teen.. I started having seizures. I don't have them some what under-control. Ever since I started having them and the meds they gave me made me depressed alot..

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My Love

I can't wait to see my love.. She's the better part of me..  I love her to death.. She's fighting for her rights back from some of her family members. Right now I have to wait until everything works out on her end and I have to find a job.. :(.. It will be worth it to have her in my arms..

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March Legends & Lore (Mar. 29)

March 29
The annual Festival of Ishtar is celebrated by many Wiccans on this day in honor of the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of love, fertility, and battle.
As a Triple Goddess, Ishtar represents birth, death, and rebirth.
On this day, an annual masquerade ritual is held by the Bobo people of Africa to restore the balance of Nature and to ward off evil spirits. Special prayers and offerings are made to the gods of rain and the gods of the harvest.

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*NEW* Release - Sojourn With A Stranger - Paranormal/Historical (ghosts)

Sojourn With A Stranger

Available Here: 1 Place For Romance:

Books We Love Spice -


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