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Satanism, Satanic Ritual and Magistra Tempi Rex Blanche Barton

“Who wrote the bible, Who set the laws?

Are we left to history’s flaws?”

Nikki Sixx

Disparate Satanists

In the world of Satanism, opposites play a role in the everyday following of…


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weekly rant!! from granny twi :-)

Weekly Rant!

I love that the members of Pagan space have named my blog post J

Right ok let me start... Catholics first do not believe in using contraception, this is not allowed; you take this to prevent pregnancy you are going against your chosen religion and are committing a sin.

Christians... No sex before marriage and the 10 commandments...10! (i will write more posts on this) Why not 20? Under these commands those who do not conform are committing treachery (not…


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The paths ahead

Being able to see the paths ahead means I can chose to follow that path or change my route. But I still feel the guilt and pain as if I have already made my choice. I see the results of my actions and I still must chose if this is the proper course. Many have told me that I have been given these visions to avoid this outcome. Sometimes I feel it is the correct choice and sometimes I chose a different one. But I still feel all the guilt from every course I see. My mind and my heart hurts.…


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i have a question for those who live in the south i have recently moved to Georgia & all i keep hearing is how difficult the south can be for a pagan can 1 b pagan openly or do i have hide what my be…

i have a question for those who live in the south i have recently moved to Georgia & all i keep hearing is how difficult the south can be for a pagan can 1 b pagan openly or do i have hide what my beliefs are. I came from the west coast & have not been here long. when i joined this religion i had many friends already in the religion so they were able to help me with dealing with the bullying i got from others but now that i am here with no friends & family members who are strong…


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New to paganspace!

Just wanted to say a formal hello to everybody here.  I just got approved tonight, so excited!  So I guess I'll let you guys know a bit about me.  I've been practicing magic since I was about thirteen.  Recently, me and my friend LeeLee have been helping each other get better at reading the tarot.  We're both getting very accurate at the art!  I'm also very into the Azrael Project!  I've been learning about necromancy since 2011, and I call myself a necromancer because I relate most with…


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The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 6 : It Can Happen

Chapter 6 : It Can Happen

In this week's edition of the Threshold Bookcast, we follow Jake Harvey as he visits the illustrious Mistress Aeira for a private consultation.

At the beginning of the episode, the former businessman reminisces some of the events that have lead him to the political arena, and ponders what…


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Anything Goes - Quality vs Profit

The short and sweet of it:

Just how much babbling bullshit and ads does one have to sift through to find the golden nuggets?

I finally resolved to drop out of another community this morning because every single time I visited I found nothing but the most unrealistic off the wall BS from some of the most stereotypical social rejects to ever grace the green earth AFTER I had to close 3 separate ad windows that somehow made it past my pop up…


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BG Undead Blog Entry 1

After Action report Day 1: Status: Still alive

So I was up for the first 23 hours of the game, and didn't die. Didn't fire a shot in anger, in fact. Just been living by my wits, going from safe zone to safe zone, not moving 'till odds were at least likely for me to get away. I've seen a few good players go down already, and a few more die while I've been off campus on errands. Apparently Whitty, one of our best, died while I was sleeping after my 37 hour day that was yesterday. The…


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Would You Support Another Pagan Being persecuted?

There may be an equal amount of pagans who prefer to remain anonymous and those who do not.

Some of us have experienced persecution first hand.

Personally, it wasn't a fun experience but it brought about positive change where I had once worked.  I would still be working there if we had not moved to another state.  

I was surprised at the support I received from non-pagans.  Some did not judge me on my path, they knew my character and work ethic.  I guess they knew more…


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Angry Aries.

I posted a discussion earlier about how I have been extremely angry for about a week now and I am not sure why. I have however been thinking that it might be tied to me being an Aries and the recent polarity shift that comes under Aries this time of year. 

I was born on the cusp of Aries, cusp being the point where a new astrological sign begins. I tend to have…


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Obama Health Care Bill.

Obama Health Care Bill. Jail to the poor and low middle class. The people that can not afford health insurance will pay a fine to the government every year, it will be put on there taxes. If that bill gets passed. The price of Health insurance will go up. Just as the…


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New Wiccan

I am new to Wicca, Wicca has been something I always been interested in for a very long time. I came onto this site to get some information on which is the right books to read. I've been looking around and have not found any books...and there isn't a shop/store to buy Wiccan supplies. If anyone knows what I could start reading and where I could get supplies could you please let me know.

Thank you


Blessed Be


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Energy Manipulation, Natural or Nurtured

I believe that all things are made up of energy. It seems to be a general notion among the pagan community. So I guess I’m not alone in that thought.

What has interested me and I attempt to put it into words this day, is energy born to be a thing/intent or is the energy molded into a thing/intent.

Let me try an example. Was an Oak tree from seedling on, the energy of a table and chairs, just waiting for the furniture maker to bring out that energy into a table and chair or was…


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Summoning a Succubus - My Special Story

summoning a succubus or incubus can be a life changing experience and very desire charging done correctly.

Because I believe in teaching by story telling :)

I would like to share mine

My story:

I was so lonely I could die when my wife left me 5 years ago. Even though our marriage was on the rocks for some time, when the divorce papers came, it hit me like a truck traveling at 97…


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Lyrics to "Tumbleweed"

"Tumbleweed" is a powerful ballad about the fight between dark and light.  Here are the lyrics to read, interpret and sing along to!



It’s a full moon again 

And I can’t help but act like a freak 

When things turn they won’t be the same 

They won’t, they won’t and then they will 

Then when everyone you love just leaves 

And you might as well put me in a vise 

And hey say it’s okay…


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New Song of the Week: Tumbleweed"


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The Problem of Pagan Bullying

Most people, when asked why Paganism appeals to them as a spiritual path would cite as part of the reason the tolerance, compassion and acceptance that they found from others in the community. Generally speaking, this would be a fair statement - most Pagans are like this. Unfortunately, as in all religions, there are some who are not as interested in the spiritual aspects as they are in gaining and keeping power over others.…


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New Witches' Ball Sponsor Livingston County Pagans

 Livingston County Pagans

 Meetup for Pagans in Livingston County

 Meet up group for pagans in Livingston County. A time for like minded people to get together and talk about anything pagan/wiccan/Celtic/Druid, etc. A time to network with other people on this path. A time to share information with others and to ask questions, to seek answers for those who are…


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New Witches' Ball Sponsor Cauldron of Changes

 Cauldron of Changes

 Home of Janet Callahan - priestess, author, artist

 Author and priestess Janet Callahan has had articles published in several anthologies and on various websites, as well as on her own blogs. She’s also published an eBook on being a Pagan Parent in the NICU, and has written a mini-course on…


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