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Geeking out with the element of Air

Throughout the Spring (from spring equinox to summer solstice) my study group will focus our inquiring minds and witches hearts on the Air element and how it touches our lives. 



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Crane flies hate humans why is because building on their land and how these creatures die is that our reminder that we are infested integrity drawn together by frequency eternal rite that confound emblem of soul illumination that sets design codes of particular species individualized by shape size and skeleton structure ever moving around and around the universal vacuum re-existing periodical a comical satire fools…


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Happy Ostara everyone!

Ostara, AKA Easter, is a very important, and exciting time of the year. its a time for new beginnings! and the time for planting. i thought i'd post a really good planting ritual, for those of you who don't have anything special that they do at this time of the year.

my favorite plants for planting, are herbs, because they have so so many uses in cooking, teas, health, and magick, and they are so easy to grow. you can grow them inside, or…


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My daughter had a miscarriage...

I found out my dear daughter had a miscarriage the other day. I felt awful that I couldnt be there for her and that she was alone at the hospital for hours all by herself. She was only 5 1/2 weeks pregnant but still, it was devistating for her. This wouldve been her 2nd child, however Those Above decided otherwise.

Please light a candle- or say a prayer for her as she is having a difficult time with this.


Thank you and Bright Blessings...

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A stitch in time

The Benedict miracle twin architect where it all started bay of Naples there is a ocean current like the gulf stream that makes shipping easy in this area an Egyptian monk traveled to Salerno called Constantine and lived next door to my family the person who invented cement Vitruvius that started building of complex monuments



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Fun filled spring day!

My family   went  to antique store it was cool very expensive stuff I made sure to hold Tomas hand tight.

I really liked some of the furniture they had which , was what most of it was.

I  always wondered what, the stories these pieces have, to tell...

Then we went to the park were my son played...    I played with him and Dan said we seriously need to, get in shape lol I was like did I not try to this last year and you was not on board...? I am like totally awesome :)…


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I am now on Youtube!

Me talking about how writers have lives beyond their words, and readers can get to know authors.

Added by Suzanne Dome, Author, Xivera on March 29, 2013 at 4:02pm — No Comments

If anyone wants to see some of the pictures i posted of the pendulums i have made look at my profile

If anyone wants to see some of the pictures i posted of the pendulums i have made look at my profile


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I make my own jewelry I have rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, pendulums, and circlets I will be posting pictures when I get them taken and onto my computer.  So far i have made over 20 pendulums and 5 circlets.  I hope you all like what I have and comment on my stuff when I get the pictures uploaded.

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Green Crafting

I design my gardens with the metaphysical properties of the plants, vegetables, and flowers in mind. More practically, I also want to grow plants, vegetables, and flowers, however!

I'm interested how others with limited space, incorporate their practice into magickal container gardening. Do you organize by properties and correspondences, or do you determine plant location with regard to sun direction, intensity, and ley lines? I use a combination of all of the above, but I…


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Storm Moon

So, I'm really interested in hearing what other did yesterday for the full moon, the Storm Moon. Quite accidentally, and without planning, I set out ferns to gather the humidity that is coming... repotted seedlings whose first efforts had produced little... potted together geraniums and marigolds for their metaphysical properties (what an inspiration and delight they are together, red and yellow, fire and fellow!) The cold and wind chilled my hands and feet, as the clouds were pushed apace…


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Personal Poem: 

The Womb

It is life and death

It has it’s own blood

It is the soil that grows and the rotten leaves.

It’s a wyrd of it’s own, cycled  with the Moon.

It is pregnancy and barren.

It is birth and miscarriage.

We are sisters, we are the key holders.

It is terrible and beautiful.

It is a gift.  We are one.



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Horray for Metal!

Lindsey Sterling/Linkin Park/Apocalyptica/Daft Punk/VNV Nation playlist built. Pop corn popped. And the new shipment of books arrived today! I'm so excited every time I pick up copy--It feels wonderful knowing I am actually in print. 

Yes, as stated above, I like to snack and listen to music while I write. Most of book 1, Empty Space, was written to the tune of Def Leppard, Van Halen, Kansas and Journey, and more from that ilk…


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This is the evil i feel driven to by being woken up all the time on purpose by individuals who expect reaction just satisfy them here is the description i am in hammer sounds and drill are not blocked out with ear plugs please tell them i am getting some sleep so the torture plan won't cause my death but that is their intention meet my demon in transition a rabid insect flesh eating transmutation that seems like family…


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Coloring and Paper Doll Fun

Take it for what it's worth, but I found these, thought them interesting, and wanted to share:

Goddesses Coloring Book

Goddesses Paper Dolls…


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New Witches Ball Sponsor Paradise Music

 Paradise Music

 Like Ripples of Water, the waves of a tune can spread and touch people, affecting them in ways we never imagined…



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New Witches Ball Sponsor Samaritan Counseling Center

Samaritan Counseling Center

 An Interfaith Pastoral Counseling Center

 Pagan Psychotherapist, Vanessa Brown, PsyS, TLLP.

 29887 West Eleven Mile Road

 Farmington Hills, MI 48336


 Samaritan Counseling Center of…


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New Witches Ball Sponsor Magickal Earth

 Magickal Earth

 Step Into a World of Very Special Music, Meditations and Workshops


 Welcome to Magickal Earth where you will find a selection of…


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I think that the stress put upon me by my job is starting to manifest physically while I am there. But then again, as soon as I walk in I'm told we're short staffed, so everyone is "pitching in" in addition, the prep work didn't get done completely so if something is missing just do that work. Oh and I'm the first to discover we are completely out of things....and people take…


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Dreamweaver's Dreams-1: Tea Ball Air Freshener

Here is a way to turn one air freshener into multiple ones

Added by DREAMWEAVER on March 26, 2013 at 10:07pm — No Comments

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