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Astral Projection: a beginners Guide

I get asked all the time about astral projection.

Astral projection video

I have had OBE's (…


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best dam witch book out so far....

The Master Witches Manual

best book, explains more then any 50 books... but

well its my teacher so.....

if you want more read the last 2 pages..

and best of all its totally free...


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From the Indigo, Rainbow and Beyond the  Indigo books, I wonder what color was my kid?

What color was I in the 1950's? And what the heck is it all about, dear Pagans, Witches and Goddess & Gods

The color indigo is associated with the middle eye chakra, the left eye of Horus the Egyptian god and represents abstract information,…


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Erratic thoughts

Looking out at the trees where I live often brings a sense of wondering to me.  These trees have lived a long long time, they have been through much in their time.  The stories they could tell.

The ground in which I live I have only recently discovered was a Native American battle ground where many died.  The land still holds many of the souls here.  There have been many days when someone would run by my window and yet when i would look out no one would be there.  Both my…


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Michigan Witches Ball 2014




"Into The Woods"


7:00 PM - 1:00 AM



Come join us at the 20144 Midwest / Michigan Witches' Ball for a magickal night of music, food, and dancing with Pagans, Witches, Druids, Goths, Vamps, Faerie Folk, Magickal Folk and others who defy description.

Our DJ will be…


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As I sit here in a dimly lit room, watching the tarantula web, letting the scent of incense calm my mind, listening to my daughter move about to her music, I realize I am truly blessed.

I have survived through much in my life, and the challenges continue to come at me, whether physically, emotionally, mentally or now even financially.  I have survived it all and I will continue to do so, and in doing so I have taught my daughter inner strength as well.  In wondering if somehow…


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Bright blessings to all my friends On this wonderful day

My new laptop Is now working fine but with anything you do out of fear; there is a price. I will admit I bought the laptop only because the fear of XP not being supported from Apirl and me not able to safely get on the net.

BUT now have manged put Ubuntu OS on my desktop PC in conjunction with XP, so have a duel boot system. I can keep XP for all the software I have bought that is not compatible with windows 8; still have use of my old printer and if need to go on the internet I can…


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Incompetence of the Town of Smithfield

Incompetence of the Town of Smithfield

Smithfield is a small community that is a nice quiet place to relax, play and live. Our town was incorporated on February 29, 1840 making it "Maine's only Leap Year Town". There are many things that make this town an enjoyable place, but lately the people hired in the town office have made it a difficult place to live. Specifically the selectmen Richard A. Moore, Dale M. Churchill, and Justin S. Furbush have chosen to neglect their responsibilities…


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Frugality of the artist kind

I'm cheap.

Not because I want to be.

I don't have tons of cash laying around.

So I'm gonna show up at my events with my home-spun tablecloth and my self-printed poster that is regular 8.5X11 because that is the size of printer I have and my self-designed bookmarks with my self-edited books and self-designed covers and in two cases self-taken photos...

There are tons of projects would like to do, tons of things related to the books I would like to see happen. Things that…


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There is WAY too much excitement over this.

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Leprechauns and other Wee Folk

It's springtime and Faeries abound. Let's see if we can't catch us one!

The Leprechaun is one of the major images that the Mainstream Culture has of what a Feary is, or what a Feary looks like. The other, of course, is Disney's Tinkerbell. Whatever Pagan path you may be following, I'm sure I don't have to tell you that neither of those images fullfills the whole tradition of the Fearie. But anyway, the Leprechaun has a pretty interesting story by itself (or Himself - come to think of…


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Haven't blogged in ages...

I use to love blogging and opening my self and my life to others.  I have learned that lesson the hard way.  Been hurt and torn apart by the one who was suppose to love and cherish ex husband...thus the term ex.  

It has taken my a long time to heal and recover.  It has been a slow process. I am however succeeding in the healing process.  Much of this is due to my spirituality.  Without that and my daughter's love and support...I would not have had the energy or desire to move…


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Moral Quality of a Medium

I was asked once about the question of a Mediums Life and reliability

I answered--

This question can sometimes be very difficult to answer. A medium can only attract to themselves those of the same moral and spiritual development as themselves. If you have a medium who is an alcoholic, or sex addict, a swindler, narcissist, or depraved in…


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Dialogue with authors should happen more often

What would be even better than a review is a dialogue, a conversation. I had several really good answers to my last contest question. In response to your comments, here is what drew me to science fiction:

I grew up with Star Wars. It was always on during the holidays and we always watched it, though I didn't really know what it was till I was 10. At 8, mom handed me Jurassic Park(yes, sci fi--extrapolated scientific problem) and I read it 11 times over the next couple years, with other…


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Bright blessings to all my friends.

I'm in favour of evolution as it means growth but I wish some one would explain this to those at MicroSoft.

When you up grade a OS(Operating System) It must be better than the previous addition. After years of getting the bugs out of XP so it would be secure and stable. MicroSoft force people to not only upgrade the OS by removing support for the old one but you need to buy a whole new PC to run their latest edition OS. To say I'm not happy would be an…


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Prairie Land Pagan Radio Has A New Home

You can now listen in and participate with each show at our new location each sunday afternoon at 1PM Central Time at 

 Then on the left, you will see the link for the chatroom and the phone number to call in to chat with me and my special guests.

 We have alot of great shows coming up!!!

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Child-free Pagans by Choice group

We've had some new members join recently.  I'd love to see more activity in this group.

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Ostara 2014

I've ended my solitary Ostara celebrations for the night, but I'm still sipping on my last glass of sauvignon blanc and nibbling on my yummy garlic jack cheese.

I feel very fortunate that I was able to do so much for the Spring Equinox this year. Honestly, I didn't know it was happening until about 1pm when I saw some other posts on FB. It was a very quiet, lonely day at work so I read up on Ostara, looking for something I could do tonight and kicking myself for not planning ahead for…


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The Rulez

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