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Magick is Dangerous

Magick is dangerous. It's about change and transformation. It isn't about conformity and fitting in, it's about getting past the blinders of conventional society and manifesting your Will, sharing your dreams, expressing the essential truths hidden within each of us--to go beyond the pale or past the point of no return and Know what lies outside the confines of mass consciousness. A magician is the consummate outsider, one who walks and works on the fringes of other people's awareness, on the… Continue

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Time to make some changes

K so I dont know if anyone is going to read this but i just need somewhere to vent. I have been with my fiance for about 2 years, we have been engaged for a year. So I guess I am writing this because I am so beyond the point of what I can take. Lately this is getting out of control. From finding links in the web history on his pc showing that he had been cruising craiglist. Which of course I was snooping in his stuff. Honestly I needed to go back to a page and didn't save it so I used the… Continue

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Swine Flu! RUN!!

I honestly don't see why the media is making a mountain out of a molehill. They're making it seem like its the end of the world! Swine flu will kill us all! I think if they keep us all this stressed out about it our immune systems are going to be low because we are stressed we will catch it.

I know we should all be very cautious and take extra steps into keeping ourselves healthy, but aren't we taking this a little too out of proportion?

If caught early, there are… Continue

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beltane ritual, and my little sister, how we became close.

yes i remember how 1yr ago my little sister amy asked me to go with her to a beltane ritual; she was doing a school paper on the wicca religion; i of course said yes, and was excited that my sister was wanting to go. for we were raised differently, i was raised with our mother practicing witchcraft along with our grandmother, my sister on the other hand was raised with another religion, that downed anything to do with the craft, and scared her into believing that all craft was to do with… Continue

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four Walpurgis Night pictures

I originally posted on the Cult of Cthulhu forum.



Just took these.

Hail the many planes and…

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Thank you, friends!

Wow, I can't believe how many people stopped by to wish me a happy birthday. That was very nice of everyone. Thank you very much! Gotta love the people of PaganSpace : )

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life is funny, but fun, with the utmost blessing's.

i have 12 turkeys, 8 baby turkey's, 2 grown turkey's, and 2 pure white double breasted turkey's that are actualy crazy, lol, they everytime i feed them, they are the same age as my other baby turkeys, 1 1/2 months old, but like 5x's bigger than the 8 other ones, they just attack me and the food before any of the other ones can eat, i wounder why? they eat more than any of the other ones do!; just now one of my white turkeys grabbed onto one of my other baby turkeys leg and would'nt let go,… Continue

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My Lyme Dis Ease update!

I always know when it's time for a public blog/note/update. AND thank you all for the emails/phonecalls and text messages asking how I am. The last 10months have been rough and at times, I would say a living hell. So thank you for the support, love, words of encouragement, carepackages, prayers and the whole shaaaa'bang!!!

So here I sit, after 7months of daily meds and treatments, 9days off of all meds and treatments. I appear to be doing okay. My energy levels are like a…

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Medicine Chief Silver Bear.

It is only through the spirit that you can come into contact with the Life Forces of rocks and plants and animals who will be your allies, and with the ancestors and enlightened souls and higher Cosmic beings who will be your helpers. For the spirit is the being. It is be-ing. It is be-ing that which is in the process of becoming - of coming into that which is greater than it is. That which is in you is thus able to communicate with that which is in everything else.

The individual Life… Continue

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Swine Flu and Holistic Medicine

This came to me in my email. It is from someone I trust and contains some really great information. If you are not into the science part, just read the rememdies to use and to avoid. As always, if pregnant, nursing or taking any medication (prescribed or over the counter), talk to your healthcare provider first.


Dear Friends,

Paul and I both had a severe "flu" last winter which lasted 3 weeks, we started with respiratory, coughing, pneumonia like symptoms, which… Continue

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Your Element Is Air You dislike conflict, and you've been able to rise above the angst of the world. And when things don't go your way, you know they'll blow over quickly. Easygoing, you tend to…

Your Element Is Air

You dislike conflict, and you've been able to rise above the angst of the world.

And when things don't go your way, you know they'll blow over…

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Night comes like a velvet blanket and spreads over the land. It covers the beautiful as well as the ugly.
The astronomical bodies shine above, creating pictures in the depth of space. The moon women does her dance under the night sky and offers homage to the peace and serenity the night mother brings.
The moon sheds the suns light or hides her face. In the darkest of times are when her magic is at it's peak. Hail to the crone moon!

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A return to my green home

Life is so full of ups and down, a necessary part of the balance that fate hands us. This Irish Scorpio, seasoned by lifes trials, warmed by the joys brought to me by those close, and the majesty of nature, has seen an abundance of both the urban existance, and the calming serenity of natures green majesty.

forest mist Pictures, Images and Photos

Was raised in a forest enviroment, by a Mother devoted to our beloved Goddess, as… Continue

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how did your family grow?

,its kinda funny how i got her. i had been visiting the local pound right befor valentines day in 03. she was a puppy and their was a long waiting list for them so i knew my chances wernt good but i still went to see her. the last day i got to visit was a thursday and when i went to leave she put her head down , i told her it would be ok and i wished her a happy life, as i was leaving she tried to get under the door and got stuck , it broke my heart but we got her back in and i told her to be a… Continue

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I am posting this becasue I am wondering if any who reads this can interpret Dream! I have been dreaming about this same person for a while. well ever since we broke up. he is my Son's father (who has moved on and married recently and has another son on the way) I am just wondering what it means I dont really want to disclose the whole store with out talking to someone directly who is a dream analysis. if any of you think you can help me piece together this puzzle feel free to message me!

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What are they thinking???

Well it all started with a interview that I had on monday, hoping to get the position (there is still hope) that I want, since at the moment I doing the job. Yeah that what happen last year they gave the position to someone else and with in a year that person was moved to other dept. When they hired this other person last year, I was the one that ended up training that person for the position that I was going. Well this year after the person that I trained had been moved to another depart, they… Continue

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I must have heard fifty people speaking polish this week then they build more houses destroying what remains of nature or locating future mental dispositions due to overcrowding and poorly constructed homes a place of sanctuary to grow old quietly not a factory solution for the working mass stop over that envisage flats as tools of productivity for various reasons namely to move on after reproducing young couples not…


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i could be wrong but...

today i felt the need to make a new drawing in my sketchbook. in the middle of my drawing, which was turning out to be some sort of woman's face up close, i got the feeling that she was a goddess. my exact thought was "this is a goddess"

i don't know if it's any particular goddess calling out to me or anything. just thought it'd put it out there in case anyone decided to read. see if they and any ideas.

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Criss Angel EXPOSED!

By David J. Stewart

"Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved." -2nd Thessalonians 2:9,10

Criss Angel is of the… Continue

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