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Reclaiming a Positive Attitude and Hope

Sometimes everything seems to go wrong at once. It needs to stop. This has been a difficult week. My mom was readmitted to the hospital with weak kidney function. My brother's wife left him. My sister is still in an abusive relationship and refuses to talk to me. Work has been demanding and stressful. And now I am going to miss my group's Beltane celebration. I missed it last year, too! I feel terrible. Beltane is being hosted by the same person and I worry she will think I am slighting her.… Continue

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Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. I love the art! I had to work in SLC this week so I didn't get a chance to check in with PS all day yesterday. It's been a weird week: my mom is in the hospital for the second time and my brother's wife took the kids and left him. So it was really nice to sit down this morning and see a page full of color, happiness, and well wishes. Thank you again to the people who take the time to wish others a happy…


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Anyone else feel this way?

I have been exhausted and cranky lately. I snap at people over the tiniest thing. It's been this way for about a week now. Today if I wasn't on here, I was sleeping. I seriously couldn't hold my head up! I have noticed this in others around me as well. Is this the whole Mars in retrograde thing?

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agrarian age

Agrarian Age

In Spring we speak of seeds

bundled possibilities

foreseeing market days hale and fair

succulent fruit, trilling herbs,

vitalizing veggies

and all the spicey chatter of conviviality

First there was the seed

plowed under to taste Earth,

swell with water,

burst into fecund brew building

cells of chlorophyll to catch the fire,

symbiotically breathe, exchanging

death for life

Sacred… Continue

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See You In Summerland My Friend

Altho my heart is sad, the day you have given me is beautiful Mother.

Just a short note to say my very good friend Boogie was killed by a car last Sunday. She was and always will be my Favorite Friend! Treat her well Akasha.

Blessings All!

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We can lift ourselves out of ignorance, we can find ourselves as creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill. We can be free! We can learn to fly!

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So Do I.....

Leave PaganSpace? Leave Wicca (because I am thoroughly sick of and disgusted by the continual.."You do that WRONG! You are fluffy" bullshit)? Or just give a hearty and collective "FUCK OFF!" to those who love judging and tricking people into this "judgment trap?" Maybe I don't worship and think the way a "Wiccan" does. But I have come a long way. I have not just read a book and said "Okay, that's how it is." I have tried out many different ways to worship and BE Wiccan. I have found what works… Continue

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Beltane, at last!

All the yearly Beltane preparation madness is underway at my home. The sounds of frantic packing, last-minute cleaning, "does this skirt make my butt look fat?!" and the like fill my house. The animals are unhappy. Those who have been here long enough to have experienced an "away" festival recognize the signs. Those who haven't are clued in by their savvy roomies. My dog is whining like a hungry newborn puppy and I think I might have to make him into a hood ornament if he doesn't stop it.… Continue

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Spiritual Path:

Witchcraft ... is a spiritual path.
You walk it for nourishment of the soul,
to commune with the life force of the universe,
and to thereby better know your own life.

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one aspect of compassion

Todays thought

The Kemetic faith upholds that one aspect of compassion is respect for others’ rights and views - it is the basis of reconciliation.

Pharaoh Barry
Kemetic Federation

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Ok so NEVER talk to your boyfriend (who works at a hotel) about the Japanese dudes he just checked, and then watch the trail for the new Twilight movie. Then head to bed after taking a Tylenol PM.... here is the result aka THE DREAM!

I was sitting at home chilling on the couch my son was off with my parents (aka his grandparents) hear a knock at the door. I get up to answer and there stands 2 japanese guys who said they are the "FBI Samurai of Japan" that they are here to…


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On The Wings Of My Guardian Angel

("Guardian Angel," sculpture by Josep Llimona, photography by P. B. Obregón)

Do you remember when

Things would…


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Just a Fast Question

Where the heck is Celticlass???? I haven't seen her here lately, and it doesn't seem as bright. :)

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So we all know that a SUFI holy man is called a Deverish. This is one of their "moral" lessons that has been handed down over the centuries. One morning in the "long ago" a certain Deverish awoke wit…

So we all know that a SUFI holy man is called a Deverish. This is one of their "moral" lessons that has been handed down over the centuries.

One morning in the "long ago" a certain Deverish awoke with an enlightment. He realized that one does not have to help a "sinner" through constant bitching or nagging. One can be more subtle and still have an effect.

In order to experiment with this concept, he thinks about which of the village sinners most needs his help, and decides…

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My New Tatt

Well I finally got it!!! lol After 2 yrs of waiting for the right time...

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I think that rain is one of the most romantic things in the world. I love to just sit and listen to the rain as it pounds the rooftops and hits the ground, theres a feeling that the whole world is being washed clean. I think sitting down to listen to the rain with hot chocolate a warm blanket and someone you love is incredibly romantic ecpesially if its in the woods under a large tree or out at an old farmhouse in an abandoned barn. there is nothing so beautiful, pure and cleansing as…

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Sometimes, life just sucks.

My mom died last year on the 22nd of May. She's buried in Arlington National Cemetary. I live in Kansas right now, 20.5 hour drive from Arlington, but we're moving the end of May. I wanted to have the movers come out on the 24th so we could make a quick trip to Arlington and visit the grave with my sister on the 22nd, then get back in time to be there when the movers get there, then head to Idaho...Yuck. Anyway...my hubby schedules the movers on the 22nd because they won't be able to deliver… Continue

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'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves

Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;

All mimsy were the borogoves,

And the mome raths outgrabe.

'Beware the Jabberwock, my son!

The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!

Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun

The frumious Bandersnatch!'

He took his vorpal sword in hand:

Long time the manxome foe he sought --

So rested he by the Tumtum tree,

And stood awhile in thought.…

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The One That Got Away

This morning after I took my boys to school I sat down at my desk here and my daughter was looking at an old photo album I had from high school/post high school days. She saw this rose I had on the very first page of the album with a heart cut out of white paper and a date on it, October 15, 1988.

"Mommy, when your done can I touch this flower?" I asked her what flower. She said "This one mommy, and she opened my album and there it was. The first rose a boy ever gave…

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Cosmic Weather Forecast -- April 28, 2010

On Thursday, we are still influenced by the preceding energy of the week. Saturn and Uranus continue to be very close to their opposition, which as I described reflects the tearing down of existing structures that may be too restrictive and prevents growth. Moreover, the Moon still continues to move through the sign of Scorpio after achieving its Full Moon status yesterday, which brings to the surface problems, difficulties, and frustrations that we may not have been aware of. In essence we are… Continue

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