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Special Greetings

A blessed Beltane to all :)

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Southwest Frith Moot

Announcing the third annual Southwest Frith Moot being held in the Kaibab

National Forest of Arizona - just outside of Flagstaff. We are hoping to once again

make this a great heathen community building event for the general southwest and

surrounding regions.

This is a free event which is open to anyone that wishes to attend. Frith will be maintained at all times. This Moot is geared towards participants meeting more Asatru & Heathen folks in the Southwest and…


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Tough Days...

1st I just wanted to say that I'm very impressed with Pagan Space using a wonderful tool such as amember. I've used it for years on my pixel/graphics membership area websites.

I'm feeling down & in need of talking. Talking for me is really hard. Its really hard for me to release my inside thoughts to other people. Maybe its just that by writing them out will make me feel better.

My husband is disappointed in me. And now I wonder if I'm just living in a fantasy world.…


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A Blessed Beltane

To all my wonderful PS friends

Blessed Be


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As a newbie I would appreciate any suggestions on books/websites. I have a pile of 5 books to read plus one I am currently reading and two I have allready completed. :) I am excited that I am graduating in a couple weeks and finally have time to set aside the college texts and dive into books for me. :) I would love to hear any experiences you have had when you first started your path whether it be Wiccan/Druid/Paga/Eclectic etc. I am leaning towards Eclectic…


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T-Shirt Idea????

Hello my lovelies,

I have a friend that started up a T-Shirt biz. and he was wondering what kind of Pagan/Wicca, etc., slogans/art/etc., we would like to see on T-shirts, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much

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A Dream Within A Dream

   Last night I had a very odd dream, in my dream i had another dream, in this dream me and some friends walked across a bridge over an abyss to a house on the cliff, we walked into the building and saw the ghost of a woman in the mirror, when we turned around she was there, we ran from the house and to safety. I awoke from my dream within the dream remembering the events, I went to the same place, and saw the ghost but instead of leaving I approached her and spoke to her, she was suprised…


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Poetry Intro - Balance

This is the thread where I will be uploading the poems I have written. Any initial questions can be answered by my post about a coming flood. Some of poems here are religious based and others are spiritual based. The religious based will be specific to the Neteru and the spiritual ones will have some religious connotation but will not be as explicit as the religious ones. I will start off with the polished version of one of my automatic writings. 





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Flood of Postings Coming Soon......

I have been collecting all of my writings and analysis' for a couple of months and have compiled most of them in categories. I have been urged and pushed to post many if not all of them on my blog here on PS, which is empty at this point in time. I will be posting everything from writings, some of my divinations, some of my prayers, and crafty projects with updates of where I am at with them. Rather than explain my disclaimer on each original post, I'm going to post a blanket disclaimer…


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Rooks (It's a tribal thing)


Intelligence, communication and problem solving come naturally. The society of the tribe is important, and the individual flourishes within it. Loss of these qualities brings ill. Change and death may be frightening, but can also be foreseen, and guidance found to pass through.



Photo by…


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Does "stoner" mean the same thing it used to mean?

I have another quote from my adopted nightmare kid.  Does the term still mean the same thing it used to mean?

"im a stoner for life hahaha b**** atleast i dont go around f***ing every guy i see"

Any opinions?  She just turned 16.

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The enormity of her lies leaves me speechless

It is almost 3:00am, and I am up drinking grapefruit juice. I found a page a few minutes ago where my adopted kid is telling everyone she has a serious heart problem and her dad makes her take medication every day.

She gets annual physicals, so I am positive she is healthy and strong as a horse. There is not now and never has been any medication. There is not now and never has been any heart problem.

If there is a silver lining, it is that she is only preying on sympathy and…


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Rain I love you but please go away for a bit!

Another wet day, I'd love to get out in the garden a bit more. I have so many seedlings to plant out..I am getting itchy fingers! LOL

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I would like to announce the soon to be launch of my newest book, THE IHMAYRAN CHRONICLES TRILOGY. If you like stories that tell of myth and magic, prophecies and portents, maids and monsters, then you might like THE IHMAYRAN CHRONICLES TRILOGY, which is a story in three parts. Each story is separate, yet all are a part of a whole.

For Mayna Phayris, every day was pretty much the same. She got up, ate breakfast, then, after…


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my weight loss journey so far

in february 2011 i began a dietary program aimed at losing weight. when i started i weighed in at 340 and had a bmi of 50.4%. i have several medical conditions that made losing weight particularly difficult. i have tried in the past with little or no success. this time seeemed no different. the difference was the doctors i had supporting me. when it became apparent i could not lose the weight by diet and exercise alone, i undertook the decision of weight loss surgery. i did not want surgery,…


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Believe in MAgik for Magik come in Yur Life ...


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My thoughts for this blessed day

Merry Meet

I thank all my wonderful PS friends for your kind words over the last 7 days

It was bad for a few days as I could not stop the tears from flowing but I think my life changed when I bought my set of Tibetan singing bowls; When I do have a hicup in the positivity I feel, I now sit and listen to the sound they make. The simple circular movement of the striker around the edge of the bowl is a meditation in it's self. An hour of that sound and the marta "Om Mani Padma…


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The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 10 : South Side Of The Sky

Chapter 10 : South Side Of The Sky

The tenth episode of the Threshold Bookcast focuses on Jake Harvey, the popular leader of the New Light Party.

At the start of the chapter, the rookie politician is enjoying a stargazing break on the observation deck of the space station his team and him are visiting.…


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