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rambling onward

Look like the rain is out of here for awhile. Left behind 5 inches in it's wake but Lady knows things could have been worse. Prayers for all those who have seen that firsthand. Here's hoping you and yours made it through in one piece. Later. Blessings.

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Blessed Beltane!

This week, we celebrate Beltane! Beltane is a festival of Fertility and Love as we welcome the flowering of Nature's Return. In our mythology Beltane represents the Mating of the Goddess and the God. It's The Original White Wedding!

So, we'll talk in more detail about the meaning and significance of May Day from our earliest history. Plus we'll talk about the mythologies and customs that are traditionally associated with Beltane. And, while we're at it; just what the heck does…


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BUYING A HOUSE (oh so hopeful)

Well we did the walk through, made and offer (accepted) tried to go the traditional finance route etc... 

As you can probably guess IT DID NOT WORK! As this poor old house is on the abandoned property list no one will finance,,,cash only. Does anyone have any ideas how to scare up a meesly 50,000??? 

If it's ment to be it will happen right? Sure , but surely there must be ways to influnce the outcome?

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back to rambling

More rain again today in this corner of creation. Could be worse though. Here's hoping that doesn't apply to anyone reading this. Until later all the best and blessings on you and yours.

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Send them the way of our sisters and brothers in Arkanas and Oklahoma. They need all they can get. Blessings.

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So in the month of April, I attended a total of three (3) out of the 5 scheduled Pagan Meetups with The San Diego North County Pagan Meetup Group in Vista, CA. The distance and travel time for these Meetups were between 33.4 (39 minutes) and 36.5 miles (45 minutes). So in the past, I've only made about one Meetup per month. However, I made a promise to myself that this…

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still going

Looks like rain for most the day here in southern indiana. Crap for my work but I can't be annoyed. Just somthing about the rain that I love. Not that anyone wanted to know that but there it is. Take it easy. Blessings.

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I'm excited that this week I will finally be able to go back to vlogging. I haven't had time or energy to talk about the writing process and the trials and terrors of indie publishing during the school year. Being a para is exhausting mental and physical and emotional work. Soon, my preciousesssss, Soon!

the hobbitsis will die...lololol.

Topics on the list:Reviews versus Critiques, and who to take seriously; Being a writer with friends and the tribulations of feeling like "an…


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This path has helped me have courage struggling with my disability

The last month has been a diffucult one, and now I'm having to use a walker temporarily...but what that does to your mind. I know that if I had not been on this wonderous path and completly trusting in the love and care of the Lord and Lady...I don't know what I would have done.

I am disabled yes...but I'm fighting it every step of the way and with the love of the Gods I know I will win! It easy to become depressed...I think of the love in the goddesses eyes.

It's easy…


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*pokes at it*

*pokes at the PaganSpace thing*

*it pokes back*


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same rambling

Nothing much to say today other then have a good one. Later and blessings go with you all.

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job interview:

"Explain the gap in your employment."  Because non of you rat bastards have hired me yet, jerk.

No, I didn't actually say that.  but i feel so tired.

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always rambling

No clue about where you are but here in southern indiana it is ridicolously beautiful today. Here's to hoping it's the same for you all no matter where you might be. Later. Blessings.

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ever rambling

Sarcasm just doesn't translate through tech but I promise that was what I was going for. I'm well aware ' normal' is an entirely subjective concept. Mine is mine and yours is yours. Here I like to think we grasp that fact and accept one another even if we disagree on points. Our open minds are what make us unique afterall and personally I like it that way. Until later my friends. Blessings.

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I am moved by my spiritual beliefs in something greater than myself.

I am moved by my spiritual beliefs in something greater than myself. Which means I tend to meet the right people at the right time, everything is done in good timing. I do know what I want and have learnt it is okay to say No to what I don’t want. Just these 4 truths alone have created an inner peace and the reason I smile on a daily…


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Looking for pagan who live in or near lake city, in north florida

Just wanted to do a quick post to see if there are any pagans living in north florida who would like to meet and share fellowship. I would really like to meet other friends in the area who share our spiritual path. I am a writer of pagan fiction and am animated films so I have a lot of neat stuff going on...lol.

Well everyone have a beautiful day...and be excellent to each other!



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still rambling

 I'm doing this for no one in particular other then myself. If you're reading it welcome. Forgive me if it wanders down any wierd trails. Then again we're the weird ones aren't we or so the 'normal' people claim. That aside hey have a great weekend. Eat,drink,be friggin merry. Me I'm sleeping off a very long work week. Peace and Lady bless.

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A Charlie Brown Beltane

In honor of the mirth part of Mirth adn reverence, I wrote this piece many years ago as a spoof based on "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

A Charlie Brown Beltane   By Drake

(With sincerest apologies to Charles Schulz. May the summer land treat him sweetly.)

Please do not repost without permission


(Exterior Charlie and Linus are walking. Apple Blossoms fall like snow.

The soundtrack plays "Beltane time, Light the fire. Beltane time, Feed…


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A Beltaine verse

Beltane Comes......

Beltane comes on the hooves of a deer,

The racing of your heart when the God is near.

Beltane comes with the bellow of the stag,

Routing the winter and the icy hag.

Beltane comes with a primal roar.

The waves are crashing on a distant shore.

Beltane comes in the Bel-fire’s light,

A flickering haven in the dark of night.

Winters gone and the spring is here,

Away with hunger!…


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For our Asatru Solders

I am reaching out to all of my friends for a little help with something that is very important to me. I don’t need any money, just a letter to your congressman, and its already been written. Please read this post and if you feel that your OK with our goals please send a letter to your congressman. Our solders deserve equal recognition like everyone else.

"The Open Halls Project has begin an endeavor, and we would appreciate any assistance and support that we can muster. Recently, the…


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