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looking for a little help and or direction

my hubby has been to court for custody of his kids he was awarded visitation. his ex is refusing and the cop will not help. i am hoping there is a way i could give him some added help but in all my search  i have not come up with something suitable. if anyone has an idea nor knows someone how please im am willing to try anything. its been almost eight months since we have been able to see or talk to them. it is taring him apart. i dont normally do this. but i am out of ideas. 

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My Feelings are my God and my Soul is my Temple

Thanks and gratitude to the Universe for making clear after weeks of doubt and suffering what my true nature is. My Soul is Earth, the Earth is my Temple and my feelings are my God. I can now give my energy to a God I am comfortable with- My Feelings and Feeling Good.

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Here in this corner of the wide,wide world these last couple days have been beautiful. No other way to describe them. Very few clouds, that deep clean blue sky and little to no humidity. Almost perfect really. Hopefully if you are having similar weather you are getting to enjoy it to the fullest. Until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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The blackbirds iridescent black plumage holds the energies of mysticism and magic. Their singing puts the listener into a sleep or a trance which enables him or her to travel to the otherworld. It was said to impart mystic secrets. Those with this medicine often have a hypnotic influence on others as well as an uncanny ability to move between the seen and unseen worlds with clarity. They make excellent shamans and trance channellers. Blackbirds are timid and prefer their own company over the… Continue

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The Abuse of Women in the Occult

Tune-in Monday May 4th @ 9PM EST for a round-table discussion about the abuse of women in the Occult. Who is responsible? Who is the Victim? Shouldn't women be held accountable?…


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Well Tomas had a cardiac issue

Well Sunday we was BBQing and Daddy was down in Ohio helping someone out someone we know. Well y son's who had a ton of health issues   had  a cardiac issue that has resolved itself.



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Another day another brief one for you all. Why? Simple. My brain is to sluggish at the moment to produce anything of real substance. That said its nearly time to start conviencing myself its worth getting ready for work. Not always the easiest thing. I'll leave that alone though and wish you all well for the day ahead. Here's to yours being more gentle then mine will be. Until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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Blessed Beltane!

This week, we celebrate Beltane! Beltane occurs on Friday, May 1.  It's a festival of Fertility and Love as we welcome the flowering of Nature's Return. In our mythology Beltane represents the Mating of the Goddess and the God. It's The Original White Wedding!

So, we'll talk in more detail about the meaning and significance of May Day from our earliest history.  Plus we'll talk about the mythologies and customs that are traditionally associated with Beltane.  And, while we're at it;…


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Principles of Paganism

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Brief one today. Good vibes all around and s on. Until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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I offer my life and nothing less.

Not much of a prayer person but anyways I"ll give it a shot.

To the god of wisdom.

I wish only to serve.

I offer my life and nothing less.

For I desire, everything that is a barrier to self-actualization to be purged from my life.

I cannot describe the passion I feel. Most people do not understand what I go through. I can scarce contain ... such power.

To commit myself fully to a cause. I offer you my life. '

I offer my life for however long I…


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Success is counted sweetest

By those who ne'er succeed.

To comprehend a nectar

Requires sorest need.

Not one of all the purple Host

Who took the Flag today

Can tell the definition

So clear of Victory

As he defeated--dying--

On whose forbidden ear

The distant strains of…


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Another day another entry before I head out to do what I do. And that is that for this morning on that particular subject. Let us set it aside and send out the good vibes. Its Monday afterall. Most of those headed back to work will need them at some point today. Now I need to get myself moving along. No rest for the wicked and so on. Until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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The wolf shall lie down with the lamb. Reflections and Meditations upon humility, purpose and the like.

I am just a fool born with intelligence and gifts others do not have. I have not made full use of such skills. I am no better than most.

Despite that I am of greater value of this world due to my ability to impact it more. We are judged by what we accomplish with the traits we are given.

Had I been born in a different location I could have been Hitler. That fills me with humility.

I hope to reflect on this everyday.

Not a single day…


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Invocation to Athena

Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, ruler of Clarity and Knowledge.

Gift me with the piercing eyes of the Owl, so that I may see

what few can.

I call forth that vision, so that I may swoop from the sky and

hit the mark.

When Justice is called for, Wise One,

open the book so that I might understand how

it is best to be served. Fill me with the power to know!

Direct my business sense, my intellectual aspect.

Guide my hands as I weave the bright cords of ideas… Continue

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Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

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  • "this life is nuttin but a journey what we make of it and how we live reflect the things we do we dont die we go into the things around the livin things. The earth has many livin things so we go there the trees, the plants, animals, even stones with healin properties we all go to the place where we are usefull the people we effect in our lives are ones that we wait fer once they join us afterlife or whatever then we trutelly…


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I'm slow getting around to this today. Why you might ask? No excuse other then me being sluggish. Its been a rough couple weeks at work afterall. Short handed but in demand, a white board full if jobs fo be done. No real help other then one person. Yet that is the norm for the landscaping industry folks. Anyone who tells you otherwise has never been out here. Its a tough proffession to be in. New arrivals learn as much within the first couple hours and yes most quickly regret their choice.…


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Luckily I haven't had any more dreams, although I'm still wondering what the meaning of the last one was... The unfortunate thing about my dreams is that I usually can't connect them back to my life until it's too late because the situations shown are usually metaphorical, and the times where the events are literal I never follow my gut. I don't know if the most recent one was telling me that I should run or that I will be forced to run, and the prospect of either scares me…


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How I live my life

At fifteen my heart was set on learning; at thirty I stood firm; at forty I had no more doubts; at fifty I knew the will of heaven; at sixty my ear was obedient; at seventy I could follow my heart’s desire without overstepping the boundaries of what was right.

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