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Manifesting Destiny #26

Moon in Gemini

"It's not that I don't want to be self-disclosing. I just think no one wants to see me disclosed." Celia told me. The last time I was living with her, after the whole adolescent rebellion thing that kept our conversations minimal, after my whole wrecking my life thing, yet again, stalwart Mama stepping in to take me home and care for me. After I got sufficiently bored with my self-pity, we had some good, deep conversation, now and then. I tried to let her know that what…


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POMBA GIRA QUEEN OF HELL a.k.a. Underworld/Lower Astral Regions ( In the Slower  & Denser Time-bands / Locations of All the Creation for this Species )


After having seen four…


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Cat's Bits April 30-May 6 The Beltane Fire

Cat's Bits for the Week of April 30- May 6
The Beltane Fire

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Manifesting Destiny #25

Moon in Aries

I know I'm letting it get to me, but it hurts. In my gut, in my heart, in my mind I really do feel the pain of all the ugliness. People behaving viciously; there's no need. There's no reasonable reason. Yet it happens everyday, all the time, in all manner of horrid manifestations. People beat their small, defenseless children. People plot against supposed friends, stab them figuratively, sometimes literally, in vital places. People use the love others feel for them as…


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Manifesting Destiny #24

Moon in Aquarius

I can hear Patty Smith in her intro to "Gloria" emphasizing "Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine."

People talk about the troops -- and where did that designation come from, simplifying human lives into uniform units -- fighting, sacrificing, dying for my freedom. I am so very sorry for all this horrendously stupid suffering. I never wanted it. I never condoned it. My freedoms get stomped on all the time with or without anybody's sacrifice. It's up to…


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Manifesting Destiny #23

Moon in Sagittarius

We are the stuff that dreams are made of. Every little fleeting thought, sensory input, synaptic connection is raw material for literal dreaming and the surreal expressionism of art (writ large or small). Something is impinging on my sense of equilibrium. I'm not sure what. Perhaps it will work its way into my dreams, or my art, unconsciously; perhaps that is its purpose. Maybe it's just the rain and celestial fireworks making me edgy. Maybe it's the impending…


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The Emancipation of Galatea

There is an ancient tale, told in Greek myth, about a sculptor named Pygmalion who carved a statue out of marble, naming her Galatea. Lusting after the shapely and comely figure of the woman he had carved, he begged Aphrodite to bring her to life. And so Galatea was given life. I have a different take on the myth. Galatea, refusing to be Pygmalion's prize, his possession, takes flight and travels a starry path of her own choosing. 

This painting is available for sale in my…


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Manifesting Destiny #22

Moon in Libra

All this talk about "the economy" as if there's a war between capitalist free market and governmental programs, or as if any policy could be one size fits all. People get so caught up in ideologies and competition, putting down viciously any idea defensively seen as contrary to our preset mindset. Well, obviously, not everyone, but enough to be an enormous unnecessary obstacle to real world optimization.

What makes more sense to me is a kind of two-tier economy.…


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Manifesting Destiny #21

Moon in Cancer

Those narrow-minded pro-capital idiots. This must be why I rarely watch tv. Then I think I ought to be more aware of the wider political world, to inform my writing and probably my somewhat political opinions. So I have to be made aware yet again of the incredible stupidity that calls itself practicality. I mean, Mr. Smarty-Pants Business Man, you are not the Crown of Creation. Profit is not the be all/end all measure of worth. Some of us only minimally deal, out of…


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Celebrating Beltane

This week, we celebrate Beltane! Beltane is happening on Monday, the first of May. It's a festival of Fertility and Love as we welcome the flowering of Nature's Return. In our mythology Beltane represents the Mating of the Goddess and the God. It's The Original White Wedding!


So, we'll talk in more detail about the meaning and significance of May Day from our earliest history. Plus we'll talk about the mythologies and customs that are traditionally associated with Beltane.…


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Manifesting Destiny #20

Moon in Taurus

It's about the grounding, the safe and sacred place to release the charge. Feeling inadequate, out of focus. Yeah, the deadlines get tiring, their continual obligation, too tiring and I send in work not up to the standard I expect. No, no one is calling me on it. We all seem to have entered some summer space of lazy disregard or hyper-giddiness. Lots of our community energy is dissipated on far-flung festivals, self-finding excursions. We who are left behind far from…


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Invitation to Take Part in a Service Oriented Group Meditation

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Manifesting Destiny #19

Moon in Capricorn

We stopped at some generic fast food place to get some take-out grease on our way to an afternoon concert in the park. The staff seemed pretty spiffy, alert, working as a well-oiled team, with cute smiles and calm speaking style to deal with the milling clientele. Hobbled old folks, snarling young folks, brawling children, drawn-eyed parents, an imbroglio like some surrealist comedy. Spending so much of my time safely ensconced in my little fringe community, I forget…


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Food for Thought

From "Drawing Down the Moon: Chapter 1" by Margot Adler

...... Magic is a convenient word for whole collection of techniques, all of which involve the mind. In this case, we might conceive of these techniques as including the mobilization of confidence, will, and emotion brought about by the recognition of necessity; the use of imaginative faculties, particularly the ability to visualize, in order to begin to understand how other beings function in nature so we can use this…


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Manifesting Destiny #18

Moon in Virgo

My refuge, my sanctuary.

When Daddy Danny left us, Celia was inconsolable and resolute, the way she can be. In some ways she clung to me as all she had left of love and family. Still, she had, what I now realize, an acute awareness that I had my own issues of abandonment, anger, mixed with fear and loss. She wanted me to have my own space to work it out in, not entangled with her grief.

My mother is at heart a woman of the written word. Her safe haven and…


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We're Being Evicted

Well, the other shoe has dropped.  Yesterday we received a certified letter stating that because they want to renovate the house, (code for tear it all down and build a new house), it will have to be vacated by June 20th.  She CLAIMS that she sent it on April 19th but it was returned.  Well, that is patently a lie, because nobody here saw it before yesterday, the 21st.  I got busy, and filled out 2 applications, one last night, one just a few minutes ago for the SHRA (Sacramento Housing and…


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Manifesting Destiny #17

Moon in Taurus

These preachy Christians give me a pain. All this warning about the homosexual scourge, I guess a subset of the general sexual scourge plaguing mankind. You'd think we somehow invented biology in defiance of the Lord.

Yeah, Lord, the metaphor that says we are a race of serfs, making our living at the pleasure of the owner of the land. So it's okay if you are a sorry excuse for a friend or lover or whatever so long as you make the right sacrifices to the protector…


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Manifesting Destiny #16

Moon in Aquarius

Summer Solstice. The Sun reaching its peak performance. We certainly gave a peak performance at the Goddess Center tonight. Despite all the nervous energy attacking our community lately, or maybe because of it, finally finding an outlet to feel good in release. I, of course, was brilliant, dazzling in my presentation, recitation, expressive movement to elegant improvisational music, as well as my bit parts in ritual incantations. It was a living dream, despite or…


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Manifesting Destiny #15

Moon in Scorpio

It's like I'm consolidating. I feel myself moving into a deeper version of me. I'm drawn to examine where I've come from, who I've been, roles I've tried out, tried on for fit -- consolidating data to make the leap into a more fully informed identity.

I have this body I inherited not from one person or another, but an amalgamation of DNA. Thick, long, abundant red-gold hair that I sensuously enjoy flinging against my skin, a gift from my father and, as Marie…


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Manifesting Destiny #14

Moon in Libra

I was an adored child. The grown-ups in my life may have been totally screwed up, but they always loved me unconditionally. Somewhere I always knew that. I mean, I was a total pariah in my neighborhood, but the people who counted knew I was amazing. Imagine my guilt when I kept screwing up, big time. Yes, out of my large-scale self-expressive hubris, I, an inexperienced young woman with big chips on my shoulders, managed to keep showing myself to be a fool. Probably no…


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