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Religion and Philosophy ramble

I have come to the conclusion........

Warning: This is a serious blog, and a long blog, an intellectual and philosophical piece. If you're interested, read on. :)

I have come to the conclusion lately that there are only four basic ideas that people base their beliefs and faith upon.




Matriarchial/Patriarchial together

Okay, so obviously the first one is the ability to find in oneself the ability to draw from… Continue

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I hurt myself. Ooops!

I hurt my hand at work on Tuesday. I had to be rushed to the hospital. I cut it open with a box cutter an cut an artery. WOW! it was gross. So I have untill at lest next Friday off. Woo Hoo! So I'll be around if anyone needs me. Thank the Gods for great pain meds.

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LunaBar is your friend.

For anyone out there who hasn't already seen and availed themselves of this very useful little program, for anyone who pays attention to the interrelated movements and patterns of sun and moon and star as another language by which to learn and plan and feel and act, go to this link:

(copy and paste if necessary).

I just went and updated my LunaBar to the latest version which was only just released. It's only changed a little but it still… Continue

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Murphys law Sucks Big Time

Well I worked untill midnight last night and came home to listen to my youngest moaning and whimpering in her sleep.

She came into me about 3am and she had a raging tempreture. This morning I took her to the emergency doctors to find she has severe tonsilitis. She is now on Antibiotics and hopefully the will bring her temp down and she will still be able to have them out on tuesday.

Poor little kid is so sick at the moment though.

I am tired and have a pain in… Continue

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Dream - the Tarot card before all

I had an interesting dream last night. It was suddenly triggered and I decided I'd quickly write it down on ehre and see what people thought of it.

Someone gave me a tarot deck. I shuffled them and then drew the top card. I did not recognise the card and it had no number on it. It was quite a dark coloured card. There was a robed man, a dark blue robe with dark yellow lining and a red garter. He had short brown hair and was bearded with a moustache. He was standing on a dark grey… Continue

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Come and join me at ESupernatural you can download ebooks everyone is welcome either follow the link on my profile or go to Hope to see you there.

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New Pieces and 20% OFF SALE for the month of June!!!

Tree with the Sun

Turquoise Horned God

MoonLit Creations is celebrating our 2 year… Continue

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Victorian Bustle Jacket Auction

Thats right our first auction in months! We are auctioning off the Victorian Jacket that we made for a customer. Dont worrie she has a nice new one that she is satisfied with.
Click Here to visit our Auction!

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End of May

I know I know I haven't been around in over a month.

I took a trip with my sister to Kitchener and Niagara Falls Ontario.

Have been dealing with other areas of my life in Second Life, mom moving, looking into university courses etc. The stress of day to day can get the better of anyone.

But it is the end of the season, as we head into summer so things are starting to brighten up some.

If you want to catch some of my thoughts alittle less censored (sometimes) then here is the… Continue

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Buffalo spirit song

Hau kolas, I am the mighty Buffalo ...

My spirit is with you, I did not go

We remain few under Grandfather's sun

But the plains still rumble as our spirits run

In herds, I roamed the plains wild and free

Buffalo is part of Mother's Earth's family

I was the Great mighty beast

that ancestors Blessed at their feasts

Buffalo supplied ancestors with food to eat

Our pelt furs warmed their tired cold feet

Buffalos and ancestors were… Continue

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~*~The Alder ~ March 18 ~ April 14~*~

The Alder was believed by the Druids to link both male and female principles, thus helping to create a balance between the two within each individual. It is also associated with courage and represents the evolving spirit. Considered to be a tree of death and resurrection, it may have been used (along with the Poplar) in the fe rod which was kept in pre-Christian cemeteries for the measuring of graves and corpses. The fe rod was handled only by an appointed official and was believed to have been… Continue

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~*~The Ash ~ Feb 18 ~ March 17~*~

The Ash was a sacred chieftain tree, believed to "court the flash" since it was prone to be struck by lightning. The wood of the Ash was thought to be enchanted and was used by the Druids to fashion wands and spears. Its twigs were placed in circles as a protection from snakes, while witches would use the timber as handles for their broomsticks. Children would be passed through the branches of an Ash in order that they might be protected and to cure them from illness. Ash leaves were placed… Continue

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~*~The Rowan ~ Jan 21 ~ Feb 17~*~

Rowan trees were planted near doors and gates to ward off evil influences and branches were attached to barns in order that the cattle housed inside would be protected from misfortune. This tree was also believed to guard the gateway to the spirit world and its boughs often used for dowsing and deflecting spells. The Rowan is sometimes called the "Whispering Tree" and ancient legend tells that it has secrets to reveal to those who would but listen. The Rowan has been associated throughout… Continue

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~*~The Birch ~ Dec 24 ~ Jan 20~*~

To the Druids, the Birch (often referred to as the "Lady of the Woods" due to its grace and beauty) represented renewal, rebirth and inception, since it was the first tree to come into leaf after the Winter Season. The Birch along with the Elder were said to stand on either side of the one "Nameless Day" (December 23). This slender but determined tree, which represented the seed potential of all growth, is hardier than even the mighty Oak and will thrive in places where the Oak will fail to… Continue

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~*~The Elder ~ Nov 25 ~ Dec 23~*~

To the Celts, the Elder (also known as the "Tree of Faeries," "Old Gal," "Pipe Tree" and "Lady Ellhorn," among others) was the symbol of both death and rebirth. Its twigs were said to enable the wearer to see spirits and experience visions. Justice was dispensed by the Druids beneath this tree. Much like the Winter Solstice itself, it highlighted a time of evolution. The Druids believed that it was during this period that their Sun or Solar Spirit was being held prisoner. It was also considered… Continue

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Working on the Next Issue

Ramping up the Lugnasad issue of the magazine. This one's going to be great! Got a great freature artist - Kenny Klein. Got some fabulous music and book reviews. Oh, yeah! New feature in the mag; book reviews! Woo hoo!

I'm excited about it. Would love some input from teenagers, though. I need some good, gothy, pithy, angst-y teen poetry. Know anyone who writes it?

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Missouri - The land of ticks, chiggers, and fleas…..short for door stoop to hell.

I live in Missouri. The nature is beautiful. The lakes are bountiful. Taxes are low, very low. The schools were great for my children. But Missouri has a deep dark little secret. Nooooo……it is the other secret beyond a people that are massively naïve, and think Iraq was responsible for the terrorist attack of 9/11.

It is the land of bug hell. It is infested with ticks, chiggers, and fleas. And the next Missourian to tell me the reason there are so many of these bugs here is… Continue

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~*~The Reed ~ Oct 28 ~ Nov 24~*~

The Druids believed the Reed to be a tree because of its dense system of roots. Cut reeds were used as pens and symbolized wisdom and scholarship. Identified with the submerged or hidden Dryad, the Reed was representative of the mysteries of death. It was associated with being both a saviour and a custodian as well as a symbol of royalty. It was used in the making of instruments such as flutes and pipes. Pan, the Greek God of Herds, Fertility and Male Sexuality (whose name is the root word of… Continue

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Our Relationship Myan Dreamscape Oracle

White Self-Existing Wizard


Tone 4: Self-Existing - Measure & Discipline

White Wizard is your Conscious Self - who you are and who you are becoming.

White Wizard is the Magician, whose powers are activated by wisdom that emanates from the heart. Such wisdom is not the intellectual… Continue

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My Boyfriend's Myan Dreamscape Oracle


Day tone. 2 is Lunar, Polarize Challenge-Stabilizing

White Mirror is the Guide of the Day, effecting Outcome.

Yellow Warrior is the Antipode of the Day, the Challenging focus. (Lunar) White World-Bridger is the Seal of the Day, Destiny. Red Skywalker is the Analog of the Day, the Like-Minded power.

Blue Eagle is the… Continue

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