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Cat's Bits 6-1/6-7 The Divine Feminine

Cat's Bits for the Week of June 1 - June 7

June 10 Celtic Tree Month of Oak begins

June 13 Full Moon at 12:11 am EST

June 14 Flag Day

June 15 Father's Day

June 21 Mid Summer/ Summer…


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I'll make this quick

Have to leave for work in a few so no rambling from me today folks. Lucky you. I'll simply leave you with this. Hope it's a good one today, so until we meet again my friends. Blessings.

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Making New Out Of Old

If you are like me, you have candle stubs laying around and they still have plenty of wax left.  Most of the time, jar candles will burn out their wicks long before they’re out of wax. But don’t throw those yummy scented candles away – Reuse them! It’s…


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Was trying to create something for personal use:


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Almond Breeze Almond Milk Hint of Honey

Damn, that stuff is SOO DELICIOUS!!!!  It is so fucking YUMMY!!!  I'm crazy about that stuff.  It is so delicious and it's ONLY 50 calories.  And Almond Milk is so much better for you than Cow's milk.  Not only is Almond Milk better for your health, but it tastes better too :D

I LOVE almond milk SO MUCH!!!  Almond milk is the BEST!!! YUM!!!

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My Native Spirituality

This you may find is more of a rant than a blog, but it is my blog, so I reserve the right to rant. I am also sure I will add to it as the notion hits me.


A lot of people on here wish to follow what has become known as Native Spirituality. That is fine; actually I think it is awesome. If done with honor and honesty in your heart.

Now for the few things I wish to rant about.

Not all Native tribes are the same.  If you learn something…


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feels like a good day

No ranting today I promise. Just good thoughts, at least until I really get to work. Even then I'll be feeling good. It just had that feel today. I have been wrong before though and Karma afterall is a moody lady. Yet if she decides to smack me around a little no big deal. I do deserve most of it. Alright all of it. The upside is if she works me over just maybe one of you out there gets a pass for awhile. Hopefully though this feeling plays out the whole day. Trust me Karma will get back to…


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Take A Walk With Me?

Come with me this morning and we will take a walk through the yard and into my beloved forest. As we start off the temperature is in the 80's and party cloudy skies. There is a little breeze blowing and the humidity is pretty high. I do see off into the distance some thunderheads that means storms later today. I made a slideshow to share with you. Just click on the slideshow at the end to come along with me.

As we enter the forest, we stop and listen to the birds beautiful song.…


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Evening Gardening

Here where I live, it can get extremely hot and humid during the day. The older I get, the less of the heat I can stand. So, I've begun to go sit on my porch after the sun goes down. But, that don't mean that I can't enjoy container gardening that not only looks good but smells heavenly and blooms in the…


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I'm the youngest of three and for obvious reasons the undisputed black sheep. No apologies there. I'm meant to be like I am even if that doesn't sit well with those closest to me. Thing is I tend to be honest about myself. Careful but honest. Can't exactly say everything that crosses my mind being surrounded by bible thumpers day in and day out. They are the majority though aren't they? Most simply clinging to what they have been force fed for years. Their right and everyone needs somthing…


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Mom and Pop on the Boulevard


Mom and Pop on the Boulevard _ Photo by Royal 


Rising temperatures in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper


In the City of Sin temperatures and tempers rise with the onset of summer as does the consumption of cheap alcohol and the display of young athletic bodies and memories…


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Almond Milk

Almond Milk is SSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO addictive.  I do wonder if it's healthier than regular milk.  It does have sugar in it.  

Is Almond Milk healthier than regular milk when almond milk has sugar added to it?  And even with some regular milk.  I have noticed that Horizon had 12g of sugar in it.  WTF? 

This is why we Americans are SO FAT!!!  But it's hard to resist Almond Milk.  YUMMY! YAY!!!

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Purely selfish

Pardon me for not having some deep, prodding thought to contribute to the progress of man kind, but....

I’m tired of floating, having no direction. I have 2 young children, active and intense, so why aren’t I fulfilled? Why does bland, day to day existence seem to be so hard for me? The morning comes, the afternoon passes and then the evening ends. Then it’s all the same the next day. I can’t wait for the next 10 years of my life to just be over, and that’s sad.

Even when I had…


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Sooner or later we all have to come to terms that this flesh granted to us isn't eternal. It's common sense. You are only slated for so much time per go around. My opinion at least. Not trying to force feed it to anyone or bring you down. Just being philosophical if that's what you want to call it. Happens when death visits someone close to me though. These skins of ours are not eternal folks. All to soon they run their courses then it's on to the next chapter. Be that an afterlife, another…


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Firefly Memory

Here in the South where I live, there is a magical thing that happens every June. Starting at sunset and continuing through the night until daybreak for about 6 weeks, we have a little bug that comes out and their rear lights up. He is a harmless little creature. Don't bite or sting or any of that nasty stuff,…


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Too big for here--my New Mexico travelogue

Well, i posted 44 photos and a long travelogue about my most recent trip to New Mexico!

It's easier to post the link than try and upload that many photos again. Enjoy!

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Lilith vs Angels

So, I was reading a book on angels.  And then, somehow I accidentally made an extra purchase that I don't remember making.   And what was this extra purchase? 3x books on angels.  Fortunately, there was time to get a refund.  But it makes dealing with angels a pain in the arse.  Even if they are egregores.  I mean, what the Hell?  I spent money on 3x books on angels without my waking consent.  I guess my knees must've made the purchase of the 3 books on angels.  You know like how people can…


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I'm so hungry

But my number one rule is DO NOT EAT UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR BODY IS CRAVING.  The human body is very smart. When you pay attention to your body, you know when you are supposed to eat fruits, veggies, or meat.  The human body is JUST that smart.

Craving sugar?  Eat an apple or grapes.

Craving something fatty? Drink milk, eat eggs, eat fish

Craving something light or refreshing? Eat salad and drink water

See? Isn't the human body very smart???…


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Cool Martial Arts Video :D

Added by Fiona on May 27, 2014 at 4:55pm — 2 Comments

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