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So glad for Summer

I know it isn't quite there by the calendar but my spring semester is over and I don't return to the classroom until the end of August. As soon as I shed the regalia necessary for graduation ceremonies, I have spent every possible moment sky-clad.

It was an incredibly cold and snowy winter here in the upper reaches of New York, with a total of 135 inches of snow by the time it stopped in April. Now, I can enjoy the 90 degree days because I am not cooped up in my "business casual"…


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The mythological / personified Bad & Evil of the World is THEATRE!

Pure theater!


Consider this, if all Atoms/Elemental-Matter never dies and never ends because in fact, they only always simply change, transform and they…


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Sumerian Creation myth/ ripples of water


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A submerged universe a life that is happening in the past and in the future.woven into this a perception vision of sentiment a definite meaning action reaction intelligence and stupidity the gullible clerical lays down a part of society ineffable curtain makes reaction of particular ideas.taunted by cruel infants forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.When they came to the place called The Skull, there they crucified…


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Flower Moon

Flower Moon, Corn Moon, Milk Moon, call it what suits you best, but Grandmother Moon was big and beautiful last night coming over the Eastern horizon. Father Sun kicked my ass yesterday. I spent a good part of the day working outside and it has been hotter than normal for May where I live. Father Sun is in full control of the sky over Texas. His heat and light have taken over the sky during the day. But while walking home last night, Grandmother Moon was a welcome sight. Mother Earth’s…


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Go to sleep Amber

Yo it's been a busy couple days but I was doing yoga with Lord Shiva earlier and then I got a message from the Universe so I'm here to share it:

To love the Self is to love God. 

I truly believe it, too — the Spirit of God is alive, shining in everything, as everything. We are all reflections of God, and our love a reflection of their love. And the more we practice…


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Leprechauns and Other Wee Folk

Have you seen them?


It's springtime, and Fearies abound. Let's see if we can't catch us one!


The Leprechaun is one of the major images that the Mainstream Culture has of what a Feary is, or what a Feary looks like. The other, of course, is Disney's Tinkerbell. Whatever Pagan path you may be following, I'm sure I don't have to tell you that neither of those images fullfills the whole tradition of the Fearie.


But anyway, the Leprechaun has a…


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Why we suffer

If you believe in some form of Divinity/cosmic Soul/eternal life, you May have Had the Moment where you thought, why do i suffer? What ist the purpose of my Life? Why wasn't life made, that noone Surfers?

Now when you think about it. If life would BE easy, would it be amazing or boring. You wouldn't suffer, but it would just be... Okay! So why do we suffer. It comes from within. That Feeling of not living Up to your Potential, of not being how you want to be. So actually it's the urge…


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Last night I was dreaming from my paleocortex, the evolutionary oldest part of the brain. Its what science considers to control the instinctive or habitual behaviors of modern humans. In this dream I was a snake in the jungle climbing through the branches of a tree. Looking down from the branches there was a small river. The ends of the branches were bending down to the river’s edge. A very large double-headed serpent was swimming up the river towards the tree. Upon reaching the point in the…


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Yes I Am Still Here.........

Yes I am still here, and no I am not going to "leave this place" either.......fat chance. Just like most everyone else I am over on Face Book even if its only for like an hour, the rest of the time its just being online trying to become "gainfully employed" once again.

I also just started up my new & revamped blog once again over on…


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The State of Sexuality Today

Human sexuality will soon face the overt opposition of the Masters of the Ageless Wisdom when their Master, the Buddha Maitreya, announces his presence to the world. The Masters have consistently taught that there is only one purpose for sex, namely the propagation of our species. I myself have questioned this and have asserted that sex has another legitimate purpose, for it forges bonds of relationship and thereby strengthens marriages. My ideas,…


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Pagan Space and Lost in Space

Some of you may remember the old TV series “Lost in Space”, or possibly the newer remake Netflix series with the same name. A group of people become stranded in space and are isolated from other humans. The active members of Pagan Space are similar in a way. Some of us do not use Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter, or other social media web sites and have become “Lost in Cyber Space.” Just like in “Lost in Space” we receive glimpses of the outside from creatures and persons who happen to stray our…


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Made a pic

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The energy that keeps us alive comes from dreaming to argue whether it is just food combustion or that we have a soul and the soul is what channels the energy every living form needs to dream or they die,hence all my blogs stating that the soul is formed while dreaming which channels energy ibto the crystal bone which acts like a battery i think when your born the soul has a foundation made up of specific people they are what call you back to this dimension and can not really be replaced…


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Proving the electric universe theory. All is moving (charged) and still (uncharged) Energy!

Everything we can see and touch is made of energy. When you throw a stone at stomething and it breaks, it emits heat and sometimes spreads Sparks. So you see, that this Stone contains energy, which only solidified and through Vibration/got back to it's energetic state.

Everything in this world is energy. The molecules inside your body are moving/vibrating particles, that bond with each other through the charges of their Atoms. These atoms try to get into a state of 0 charge or perfect…


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Progressive Magick

Related image


What do you want? What are you trying to accomplish? Where do you want to be, metaphorically or perhaps literally? Recognizing you have a problem is the first step, but focusing only on what’s wrong is likely to bring you more of what you don’t want. What do you want to have or do or be instead?

Many times we don’t know what we want because we don’t know what’s possible. Read! Read history, religion, philosophy, and the social sciences. Fiction is…


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Our Cauldron is opened! New members welcomed

 The Nocturnal Cauldron 

Est. ~ Nov 3, 2017 ~

Birthed on the Spruz community and founded by a Gray Witch, Lady Shadow …


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I am My Circle

Guide to Magical Paths : How to Cast a Circle, for beginners new to the Craft  


I am a Witch

I am My circle

I surround myself

In the embrace of the elements

Above Me

Luna  watches

Below Me

My Mother Upholds me

As within so without

I am Goddess

I create what I speak

As I will

My words come forth

The spell is made

So Mote it be

By the Bllade, Chalice, Fire Salt

Chant my desire

Manifest My will

I am my magick

I am…


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