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Happy 4rth

ok, i know i am early but I don't know if I will be back on before the 4rth

Brightest and Happy Blessings


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(S)Lightly Used - A Poem

You want me, body and mind.

You want my company.

You want to live vicariously through me,

In me.

You want to buy me dinner and a movie,

Some jewelry, a car,

An apartment in the city,

A condo on the coast.

For my image on film you will vacation me in

Santa Fe at Yule.

Are you a lunatic?

Will you try to control me?

Are you for real?

How do you love me,

Let me count your money.

I can deal with this life of… Continue

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Soulscopes... What's your weekly soul lesson?

Blessings My Readers,

I am currently running a limited time special where you can ask me a FREE question as well I am running a phone reading special. Please click on the banner for more details!

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March 21-April 19

Look Forward

Difficult as it is, enjoy the school… Continue

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the spirits are careing

I recently visited some friends and we went out to gather evps and we also had a frank box with us when we went back to the house we found that one of the spirits had siad bill dont drive your much to tired its amazing how much a spirit can be like us minus a human body

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Healing Energy

I have been practicing witchcraft for fifteen years now and every year I learn more. I have chosen to learn through experience. My chosen focus has been manipulation of energy. I was trained last year to see the energy in people and recognize places where the energy is blocked. This indicates damage in the body. The energy blocks look black. I’m still working on being able to diagnose illnesses in this way. When I point out to people where I see these energy blocks there is always a good… Continue

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Almost there. :D

After living in this apartment for 21 years it is now finally getting a makeover. We're plastering the crap out of everything and painting over the next month. I'm so impatient when it comes to getting results. I wish I could snap my fingers and have everything look perfect. Now we have to see if the lazy landlord will fix our kitchen cabinets and all should be well. ::Sigh::....Landlords.....

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Walking The Red Road June 30

Walking The Red Road June 30

I appeal to any white man to say if he ever entered Logan’s cabin hungry, and he gave him not

meat; if he ever came cold and naked , and he clothed him not. During the course of the last long

and bloody war, Logan remained idle in his cabin , an advocate for peace.

Chief Logan (Tahgahjute) ,

Cayuga , About 1774

Meditations with Native American Elders-June 30

“Words hypnotize and deceive everyone at one time… Continue

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~crone wisdom~


is the affirmation of energy

that keeps…

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Now on Twitter!

I just started twitter page! Stop by and sign up to find out when new pieces are listed, about upcoming pieces and upcoming giveaways on my favorite podcasts! Go to http://www.twitter.com/MelKickland to follow along.

Also find me on...


Earthen Creations Store... www.earthencreations.etsy.com

MoonLit Creations Store... www.moonlitcreations.etsy.com

Twitter... www.twitter.com/melkickland

Blogspot... www.earthencreations.blogspot.com

Flicker...… Continue

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Merry Meet...

A bit about me to sort of "build on".

I'm MedicineDoe. I live in New England in the USA, and have lived here all but the first year and a half of my life.

I was raised in a very conservative Protestant Christian home, attended a denominational high school, then nursing school. I've been married twice, and divorced twice. I have two children from each marriage. My daughter (oldest child) just graduated from college, and my oldest son from high school. My other two… Continue

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The Science of Initiation by: Mike j Hughes

We are now living in times of great change and development ,and for the first time in countless thousands of years we are seeing the coming into our world the elder brothers of humanity and the great instructors of the human evolution who have been overseeing our evolution since man was in its infancy.There are 60 billion human souls who are linked with this man bearing globe and therefore there are more souls that are out of incarnation than there are who are now incarnating and evolving at… Continue

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Some people are really stupid

I really try not to do negative blogs (not because I believe only in being happy for some bizarre reason, but I am usually a happy person and I know that dwelling on negativity only serves to make one unhappy. There are those who mock the love and light people, but I feel there is enough hate and darkness in the world already), but I think this time calls for it.

I was going over some of my earlier posts, particularly the ones that pertain to science, and looking at some of the… Continue

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Man, there are just so many things I'd forgotten I was interested in. I'm so excited to have found this site because now I can go back to the things I really enjoyed doing before my marriage. YaY!!

Any tips on where to start? Lol.

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The Music Of Poligraf : Leaving The Ashram part 1 & 2

(Detail from a Postcard, Unknown Artist)

“Leaving The Ashram” is the third chapter of "Entering The Stream," a trilogy describing an episode of intense introspection that will most likely open our second album.

An instrumental suite in four movements (Meditative Walk, Running The Last Stretch, The Tabla Master’s Enigma, and The…


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Slightly loosing my mind

You could say i'm getting a little cabin fever. Considering its been about 2 and half maybe 3 weeks since i've been on land. It does get teadious seeing just the bulk heads of the ship. I have my friends on the ship that do help but pretty much run out of things to talk about lol. I am always looking for new people to talk to. I like talking and meeting new people I've always found people interesting. So if you are up for chatting, just let me know.

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tarot cards

Ah yes, taking a suggestion from Queen Brunhildis, I have been drawing a card each day.....today's card was the 6 of cauldrons....hmmm we shall see what today brings. So far, I have discovered that blueberries are good in small doses but overdo....well suffice to say me and pepto are close buddies....BLAH

Yesterday was the Queen of pentacles reversed....and Sunday was the hermit....I am using the tarot of the old ways deck...a deck that i have done 5 readings on and they were soooooo on… Continue

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check this out

check this out

Body: metonymy



Inflected Form(s):

plural me·ton·y·mies


Latin metonymia, from Greek metōnymia, from meta- + -ōnymon -onym



: a figure of speech consisting of the use of the name of one thing for that of another of which it is an attribute or with which it is associated (as “crown” in “lands belonging to the crown”)

cant quite wrap my brain around that

like the royal… Continue

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changing things for the better quicker

We need to change the world - it has to be done

It has been a history of wars and hate and injustice - and it has never stopped

But do all of you realize that we as a civilization can stop these three problems that have

destroyed so much progress and happiness throughout history - and will continue to destroy progress

and happiness if we don’t join together and make our modern world save itself with modern wisdom.

The modern wisdom I talk… Continue

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Witch Hunting - of Children!! in today's age!


2. http://justgiving.wordpress.com/2008/11/21/saving-africas-witch-children-update-from-gary-foxcroft/

3. Four Corners - 22/06/2009: Saving Africas Witch ChildrenA harrowing story that reveals how thousands of small children in the African country of Nigeria are branded as witches Faced with this crisis Gary Foxcroft takes the children from the CRARN orphanage www.abc.net.au/4corners/content/2009/s2601755.htm - Cached

Saving Africa's Witch Children Reporter: Channel 4… Continue

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It could be worse...................Part One

I recently moved from So. Ca. to AR. Hey it started out good, made it here alive with 3 dogs and 2 cats. Husband got a job in 2 weeks. (Practically unheard of here!) Got a cute little house to rent, a computer at rent to own...........so what happened? One month later no work for hubby--too slow. Rent's due, utilities, rent on computer, not to mention people and animal food, gas,etc You get the picture. Yes it could be alot worse, my R/A is under control at the moment, but disability sucks,… Continue

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