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Anglo-Saxon Heathen Calendar

Anglo-Saxon Heathen Calendar

The only description we have of the Anglo-Saxon Heathen calendar comes from De Temporum Ratione, which was written by the Venerable Bede in eighth century England. The fact that he recorded the calendar has given us an awful lot of information about Anglo-Saxon Heathen culture and their year, that would otherwise be lost to us. Like the names of the months, the reason for the month names, the celebration of Heathen festivals, the worship of…


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True compassion is not just an emotional response

True compassion is not just an emotional response



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Twilight Takes Toll On Marriages

Twilight Takes Toll On Marriages

With fans turning the area outside the Nokia theater in L.A. into a

tent city in advance of the "Eclipse" premiere, the Los Angeles Times

examines the phenomenon of fans whose lives are upended by their fierce

love of the vampire books and movies. The Times found women who have

nearly lost their marriages by…

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The Site Of National Headlines: Burr Oak Cemetery by Barek Halfhand

The Site Of National Headlines: Burr Oak Cemetery

The Burr Oak Cemetery has been the subject of national headlines on more than one occasion in the last few years ...

The most recent news story involved allegations of cemetery employees disinterring bodies to sell plots in the already capacity exceeded graveyard and reselling them surreptitiously to unwitting grieving families wanting to bury loved ones in a place steeped with African American… Continue

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So hungry...

I trail my tongue over my teeth as I watch the flesh move. Such a beautiful carnal interpretation of emotion in motion. Life fluent through the energy that animates the flesh. And through flesh I can access that cosmic energy, yes? That anima, that mana, that chi, that spirit, that soul... a mimic of the… Continue

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A Memory,

You think about them at some point in time.

A Memory,

Happy, Joyful,

Yet sometimes tearful

Our memories are our past,

Our past can haunt us.

Thanks to those memories we can think about ourselves today.

with those memories we…

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Confusion and Doubt

Confusion and doubt Fill the mind...

Confusion and doubt Will make u blind...

Blind from seeing what We need to see....

Sometime its as though I'm drowning and

Cannot breath.... Drowning in confusion and


I want to stand up and shout...

If he lives in me Then why do I feel this way....

The only reason can be Is from his word I stray....

Depression knocks at my door Asking to come in...

And its so easy to let go And let him… Continue

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Nobody understands

Nobody understands how much I miss you,

I miss how much we used to talk,

and miss all the thins we used to do.

I try not to admit it to myself,

that I feel this way.

Nobody know that I still wake up

and you are the first thing on my mind.

I close my eyes and I see your face.

I lick my lips and taste your kiss.

I still feel your gentle touches on my skin.

I still hear your whispers, in my ear.

I still smell…

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You think you want

You think you want to Die, But Really, you
just want to be saved.
I gotta stop holding hands with the
memories i'm feeling...
Now i'm stuck here with the ghost
of what we used to be.
The same feeling all over again, it's nothing
new to me.

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Time and Time
again I call your
name and time and time again
you do not hear me. I rise my voice
to see if that
will work but
again you still
don't. So I get
closer to you
and call your
name once more
and still you
do not hear me.

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morphing thru life - enigma

Added by ♥septembermoon♥ on June 29, 2010 at 7:50pm — No Comments

Its crunch time!

So tomorrow is the closing on our house. We finally got everything straightened out and everything seems to be moving fairly smoothly. So that means that by 1pm we should be home owners, after we sign we will go clean the house as quick as possible, then we will come back to the apt (hopefully with plenty of helpers) and will fill up our cars and trucks and head down to unload. Shouldn't take more then two trips, after wards is pizza and soda.

After we clean it I plan on doing a quick… Continue

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Finally got hitched

well after many long years together my old man and I finally got married yesterday. It was not in the way I would have preferd to have it. but its ok. I understand that I have to try and keep my life of wicca and the craft seperate from him. He dosnt minde me doing any of it as long as he dosnt REALLY have to be involvd. haha. I would loved to have had a handfasting done but with him I am lucky to get what I got. haha. but its ok. Any who its over and donewith we now LEGALY belong to eachother.… Continue

Added by BANS (black angel night star) on June 29, 2010 at 4:50pm — 4 Comments

Needing good home

With a heavy heart, I sit here typing this blog. I am being forced by my current situation to look for a good home for, at least, my two dogs. Biscuit is a three year old yellow lab, who is extremely loyal, loving and great with people. Bear is a two year old red chow mix. Bear needs a little TLC as he was rescued from a very abusive home. I have spent the last year and a half patiently working with him, helping him to learn to trust people again. I really want to be able to adopt Biscuit…


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Davrine Yakobe, the Raziel, SPEAKS! 06-28-2010

On Monday, June 29th, about a year after I did my first intentional

automatic writing channeling, I finally managed to figure how to access

my channeling ability in a vocal fashion. If you have been to my page

before, you may or may not notice that the music playlist I had posted

is no longer there, and instead, another playlist is in it's place.

This new playlist contains two sound files, one of which is my personal

introduction and the other is an introduction by… Continue

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She gathers and inhales

hands pressed lightly to her face.…


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Ultimately, the reason why love and compassion bring the greatest

Ultimately, the reason why love and compassion bring the greatest…


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Bits of Random Fiction

Added a new page over at my blog, Goggles & Lace, to house some of my fiction. Good for a little light reading, since none of them are very long, just scenes or flash fiction. So, Bits of Random Fiction.

Thanks to anyone who checks it out. <3

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The Door Of The Law (part 3)

("Ganjoji in Izushi" by 663highland)

"The Door Of The Law" is a suite in six parts inspired by "A Parable About A Parable" from RAWilson's "…


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Was it an Accident or Pre-mediated Murder???

I know I have been gone for far too long, but I now need some spritual/magical guidance from my fellow pagans.

Two weeks ago we got the news that my significant other's sister had been in a terrible car crash and was currently on life support. For a week we thought it was a simple fact of her losing control of her car in a rain storm. (which her boyfriend had told us) Well, after some very worrying information, and recieving the copy of the accident report after her death, it…


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