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Witch Cottage

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Trying to find information on Loki.

The library has exactly three books, one is romantic Loki porn  (really!) and two are childrens books.  Interestingly enough, at the end of the book it says Loki is dead, all of the Old Ones are dead, they died in Ragnorak, and we worship the New God now...

Then in the editors note it said that this book was edited and changed years ago from the original author.

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Odd Dream

I had another dream, but it's not as simple as the one where my car over heated. This time I'm standing in a pasture, with my old best friend (she passed away in 2006), was standing in front of me, shaking her head "No." she was also saying something, possibly a lot of something but... I couldn't make any of it out, except when I could read her lips saying "No..." and that was it.

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IS anybody else having weird dreams ???? Another odd dream aobut, my dead aunt being pregnant?

  I had a weird ass dream aobut my Dead elderly aunt being pregnant and she was younger and alot friendly. I remember  in the dream we all had a role to play and  we was arguing  over who,  going ot deliver the the baby then, some how I got left behind and had ot find my way otthe hospital  I got on the wroung bus I wentot this tourist down it was really wooodsy  we stopped ot get candy? I kept seeing al lthe shops and saying this town  would, look goroeous come fall? It was Summer there and…


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An Open Letter To All Mankind


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Make a Tarot Bag in 10 Minutes

Make a pretty, custom tarot bag for your favorite tarot or oracle deck.

Here's a quick how-to video...




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So today I am working on my book of shadows...I've had one for a long time but I had made it with a simple three ring binder and labeled dividers inside, lined paper....it doesn't resonate with me! It doesn't feel like a book of shadows; it feels like a classroom binder. I want a nice thick leather one, with parchment paper only inside, that I can latch shut. However, they are all soooo expensive, I just can't afford it right now! I'm technically a single mom, I don't take advantage of my…


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4th of July

It's the Friday before Independence Day (4th O'July next Wednesday), and I know. Most people celebrate the weekend AFTER the holiday, but around here no one cares. Before, after, as long as they get wasted they're happy. So this being said, I know that today my day is bound to be ruined by someone or some thing.

Here are my 4th of July plans.

One: on my way to work today, traffic is going to be hell-acious. Two: the bridge is going to be crowded. Three: I work in the… Continue

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What Are Politics?

"I am extraordinarily patient,

provided I get my own way in the end."

~ Margaret Thatcher


Today, I pondered "politics," and whether people just being mean-spirited constituted politics. I wanted to say…


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False Greatness by Isaac Watts

'Tis true my form is something odd,
But blaming me is blaming God;
Could I create myself anew
I would not fail in pleasing you.

If I could reach from pole to pole
Or grasp the ocean with a span,
I would be measured by the soul;
The mind's the standard of the man.

Poem used by Joseph "Elephant Man" Merrick to end his letters.

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Wiccan Poems

Know Thyself

Author Unknown

Close my eyes and it begins

The world unfolds with hope within

Captured by the hidden rhaspody

Of which I wish I could always be

Ensnared in the feeling of hope

No longer needing to just cope

A circle cast amongst the star

From which my heart is never far

Calling upon the five elements' grace

Feeling as though I'm finally in place

Air, I call, come…


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New Witches' Ball Sponsor The Magickal Realm

The Magickal Realm

 Where Anything Is Possible

 Brandy Hudson


 1044 Bellefonte Ave

 Cocoa FL 32922




 I hope you can find everything you need. The Magickal Realm is focused…


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Dream Me a Dream

Last week I kept having a dream, all it was, was an image of my temperature gauge in my car hitting 260. That was it, just that image. Because last summer when it hit 107 around here in Southeast Oklahoma, I was always having problems, and so I got a brand new radiator.

But everytime it even acted like it wanted to overheat, I would get nervous and panic because I hate being stranded, matter of fact I don't know anyone who enjoys it... unless they really don't want to go to work, or…


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weird dream blog again very detailed

One I was  ina  research facility and I was a suubject of  this facility. I was I say a teeenager?

I was told I was going ot get   numbing   medication this , time I tried to fight it but  was unable ot do so.  I reember the nurse person saying you can not give this to her  she has asthma. The doctor  said he could  not do the  extraction with, out  it.   It was odd cuz I  saw everything in  total detail. Odd instruments  like form sicfi show. I  I honesltyl tohught it was…


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Further Explanation....

Ok I have more room now to expand on my beliefs. I feel I fall under the Christian Witch catagory but I will normally just say I'm an ecclectic Wiccan. Here's why, true christians believe in Jesus Christ as their savior, I do not. I do not follow the christian bible. I do, however, believe there is only one God, and that we are made in his image.....which brings me to the Goddess....I believe in her too; I feel she is the feminine aspect of God. After all, if we are all made in his image…


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I am pretty new here and came on here to find new people that I can relate to but have found that there are some groups of stuck up people on here that need to pull their heads out of their asses.  They think because they have been doing this longer than some of us it gives them the right to talk down to us and treat us like imbeciles.  If I add you or you add me, don't be rude then delete me.  We are grown ups here or at least I would hope so!

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Tantra For Witches

In our universe,  male and female join together to create new life. Likewise, particles of positive and negative electrical charge are necessary to form matter. And just like electricity, magnetism, that other fundamental conduit of energy and enabler of life, is reliant on the interplay of apparently opposite forces. The power and alchemy inherent in the union of opposites is central to many spiritual traditions-- even those that themselves appear "opposites" at first glance, having…


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Yeast Infection in Dogs

Well, I been sitting here doing some research on yeast infections on dogs.

It is a pain in the butt.

When I took my three girls to get their surgery the vet said that Zahara had a yeast infection and Luna was starting to develop one. At that time, I asked the vet for medication for the yeast infection since she had diagnosed it.

The response was:

She will have to get a skin test ( $130 per dog ) to diagnose the infection. Mind you. She had diagnosed the infection…


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