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Went Very pretty!

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Witchy Herb Names


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back to it

Well folks its Monday once again. Time to put away the toys for awhile and get back to work. Now I know full well some of us didn't stop to begin with. I for one even ended up doing some minor work yesterday but that isn't  anything worth complaining about. I'm told afterall that sooner or later our hard work pays off. We'll see won't we. With that said I need to convience myself to get ready for this latest go around. For me afterall it isn't a four day week. No I'm working the holiday.…


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How To Create a Black Mirror for Scrying

You will need an oval picture frame, black paint or sand, magnetic filings silver coloid or silver substance. When making this tool you have two options sand or paint or if you desire you can use both.

1. Black Paint

Mix silver solution into paint and paint glass so there are no blank spots.  Spray glue magnet dust onto back of paint when it has dried.

2.  Black Sand

Mix dry silver powder into magnet powder and dry sand apply in layers with spray…


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Please note: Before my ghost walks I do not research or engage in any conversations where information of the site or history is given. I walk into the situation psychically clear and open.

The latest paranormal investigation I did was one of the most intense ghost bustings I've done since Jamaica…


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Cats Bits 6-29/7-6 Spiritual Numerology 7-July-2014-Open Portal

Cat's Bits for the Week of June 29 - July 5

July 4 Independence Day USA

July 8 Celtic Tree Month of Holly Begins

July 12 Full Moon at 7:25 am EST

July 26 New Moon at 6:42 pm EST


Thought for the Week:

"The dandelions and buttercups gild all the lawn: the drowsy bee stumbles among the clover tops, and summer sweetens all to me."

- James Russell Lowell


Article for the…


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Sunday at last

This has become my one and only day off. Rest the week I'm running full tilt, all in the name of getting ahead. Whether or not its worth the time annd effort I can't really say yet. Some people say yes, others hell no. All I know for certatin is that I'm friggin' happy its Sunday. Other then laundry afterall there isn't annything that can't wait. And so with that undeniably exciting revelation my friends I'm done for the day. Until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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Where has customer service, respectful kids & plain ole' common sense gone!?

OK, so I've been noticing over the past 10+ yrs that things have been really declining at a rapid pace & we are just letting it go...!

I began to notice that people have become moe self absorbed & less considerate over the years & rather than parents, teachers, bosses & the public in general have just allowed it to happen!

Call me old fashion, (or just old), I can remember when the cashiers had to look you in the eye & say; " Gold… Continue

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I know I haven't been on in a while, but you guys can blame my laptop fucking up for that one... Anyway, I was meditating for the first time in a while and I came into something very clear, continuous and not in fragments (Which is unusual unless it REALLY means something).

It started out in the thick of a forest, everything green with not so much as a clearing in sight... But then I stopped at this one tree. It caught my attention straight away, and there was something different…


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no title

Short and sweet today. I'm out the door to work afterall. Hope you're all slated for somthing more fun. Until we meet again my friends. Blessings.

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How to make citronella candles

Do citronella candles work? Well, don’t expect a single candle on a huge patio to be your golden ticket to eliminating mosquitoes. But in a controlled area, with enough candles, studies have shown that they do make a difference. In my opinion, every little bit helps…


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here we go again

A very good morning to any and all reading this. Not much to ramble about today in al honesty. A good thing really even if it does make for a boring blog. Better then things being so far under my skin that I have to vent here. Spares you fine folks of that for the time being at least. Hang with me though. Somthing will need venting sooner rather then later. Until then to the casual passerbys I say have a good one. To those of you who for whatever reason read my ramblings even semi reguarly I…


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The Legacy of Dion Fortune

By Diane Champigny


Violet Mary Firth, better known as Dion Fortune in esoteric circles, is one of the most influential female occultists of the 20th Century. Many people today are unaware of the depth…


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 I'm sure you all saw on my profile that I am an artist and make crafts such as handmade boxes, paintings, mixed media work, etc. I've started recently making collection boxes with dividers, perfect for storing herbs, gems, charms, and more and also regular handmade boxes with different themes, such as steam punk, paintings, Pagan and Wiccan themes and more.

   I wanted to offer them to anyone who is interested here to purchase any custom art or boxes. The prices would be very…


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What Day is it Man ? Or What day is it man

 What Day is it Man ? Or What day is it man

The EDC comes to the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper  

As they walked across the McCarran airport baggage claim floor two tutu clad linebackers strolled confidently across know three tings.

They looked good in pink, outweighed the people giggling at them by at least 60 pounds and they were in the City of Sin for one thing..to dance the night away surrounded by bikini clad ravers who know…


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Beginning Blog Post

 I find writing very therapeutic and I'm glad I can post my writings here with fellow Wiccans, Witches, Pagans, and people who share my love for these practices. I really love this site because I can write and converse with everyone here without ever being judged and can relate to what I post. I'll be writing more and more in my blog here but I wanted to start out saying, "Blessings and Love" to everyone here.

"With Perfect love, and perfect trust. Blessed…


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same ol' same ol'

After work tonight I'm goin to meet with my coven. And then play dnd with them the next day

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How to make your own smudge sticks


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another day

And with this new day I again don't have much to ramble about. It  isn't a rut. More that I've just not had time to focus on much more then work this week. Exciting sounding I know but the simple truth. And with that I need to get myself moving for the day. Places to be, things to do. Here's hoping that yours is a good one my friends. Until our pathes cross again. Blessings.

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It's Who I Am

I learnt a long time ago how therapeutic writing can be.  Then once I started writing I realized how many people in this world are or did go through the same things I did and do. Then I had an awakening and I don care to elaborate about that, but I do have this passion now be a positive in this short life, for myself first and then for others. Because I know how good I feel when I think good. I contribute all my feel good vibes to my Higher Power and I hope my friends and family don’t see…


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